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Friday, June 27, 2008


Laura informs Alex and asks him to take a paternity test. Alex has his own plan, to blackmail her if it turned out he was the father. Tony prepares a tape for Mimi. Isabella takes over the running of Giacormo’s boutique until he’s better. Maximo, Mimi’s record producer leaves town with Mimi’s tracks; it turns out he’s a con man. Empetriz is really angry and is excited when Alex tells her about Laura’s pregnancy and the amount of money he’ll make if it turned out to be his child; she is warned not to tell anyone. Lorenzo has dinner with Isabella, not knowing that Isabella had hired a journalist to photo their date. Laura is told by Alcazar that the police are investigating the accident. He demands for his 30% share as he wants to leave the country, Laura accuses him of being a spineless coward but angrily gives him the check. Lorenzo checks on Isabella at the boutique, reminding her it was temporary until Giacormo comes back. Isabella criticizes Giacormo’s designs, but Lorenzo insists Giacormo will remain head designer. Mimi and Silvia come up with advertising ideas for her garments. Empetriz informs Mimi on what Maximo had done and drops a heavy hint to Silvia. Mimi listens to Tony’s tape.
Alone with Giacormo, Nattie slips her hand into his, tearfully asking for forgiveness for her unkindness towards him. He suddenly squeezes her hand and regains consciousness; asking her what had happened to him. Mimi is overjoyed at Tony’s recorded message; he’s now ready to take responsibility for their unborn child. Tony calls Mimi to tell her his father was now awake and apologized to her for his bad behavior towards her.
Alex informs Silvia on the good news, but she pushes him away, telling him not to touch her. Laura prays the baby is Lorenzo’s (nonsense, the last person you slept with was Orlando, who Lorenzo will kill D-E-A-D if and when he ever finds out). Nattie phones Lorenzo to inform him about Giacormo.
Silvia has a dream, where Lorenzo is kissing her passionately, but wakes up suddenly. Nattie asked her what was wrong but she tells her it was a nightmare. Nattie prepares to visit Giacormo. Laura receives the DNA tests.

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