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Friday, June 27, 2008


Laura now knows who the father is. The doctor reminds her to come for check ups to treat her anemia (why won’t she have anemia, with her stupid dieting). Nattie is very anxious to see Giacormo. Conan is shocked when she tells him Giacormo’s secret but Nattie added that Giacormo had said he had feelings for her and could possibly sleep with her after all. Giacormo and Tony reconcile. Empetriz borrows more money from Isabella and accidently tells her about Laura’s pregnancy. Mimi and Tony discuss their own unborn baby; Mimi isn’t pleased to see ‘that witch’ (Laura) as she called her, who asks her about her pregnancy. Lorenzo can’t imagine why anyone would want to kill an easy going man like Giacormo. Silvia is furious when she sees the picture of Lorenzo and Isabella in the paper. Alex is told by Laura that he wasn’t the father of her baby!

(It’s most definitely Orlando then)

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