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Sunday, June 15, 2008


I recently watched ‘MISSION TO NO WHERE’, which is with no doubt, the BEST Nollywood film I’ve watched in years and usually the only Naija films worth its salt in my own opinion are the ones directed by Amaka Igwe (FOREVER, VIOLATED, TO LIVE AGAIN, RATTLE SNAKE), Tade Ogidan (HOSTAGES, RAGING STORM, DAIMOND RING, OUT OF BOUNDS, DANGEROUS TWINS) and Tunde Kelani (O LE KU, TI OLUWA NI LE, THE CAMPUS QUEEN, ABENI, IRAPADA) and let me not forget a few exceptions like SITANDA, KEEPING FAITH and the unforgettable AMAZING GRACE directed by Jetta Amata , which starred British actor,

Like AMAZING GRACE, MISSION TO NOWHERE was filmed in 35MM, directed by Teco Benson (DANGEROUS PROPOSAL 1 &2) who is a good director but I remember how his films’ plots dragged. But he did a very, very good job with ‘MISSION TO NOWHERE’; a very good plot, full of suspense, carefully researched, a dramatic twist in the end , plus a well themed soundtrack(not like the silly ones we are subjected to these days).

THE PLOT: A wealthy and well connected woman (Barbara Soky) is murdered in her study late one night and her body was later discovered by her daughter Pamela (Stephanie Okereke) on getting home from a party. The investigating officer is A.S.P Roger Williams (solemnly portrayed by Sam Dede) assisted by a very efficient partner(Yahseph
Ananaba) whose investigations lead to the discovery that the deceased had been a promiscuous woman and all evidence points to a tall man in a hat and black trench coat(seen leaving the scene of the crime) who turned out to be a gold digging lover she’d later dumped. After an important witness is killed, the trench coat guy was caught but though he admitted (under torture) he had killed the witness who had told the police who he was(the witness was the dead woman’s driver), he was innocent of Naomi’s murder. According to his story, he had gone to the house that night to kill Naomi for dumping him but she was already dead by the time he got there, so he’d turned tail and left.
The climax was the real culprit turning out to be the most unlikely suspect(personally, I thought Pamela had done it). For those who haven’t seen it, I WON’T tell who it was but I’ll tell you this; the viewers have to decide whether or not the person was justified in killing her or not. My Mum(who watched it with me that evening) said even if the person hadn’t done it, Naomi would still have met with a violent death from her jilted lover that night.
I’ve always loved Sam Dede’s acting but his time he surpassed himself- he reminded me of a less cold Daniel Craig(CASINO ROYALE), and Teco Benson deserves lots and lots of kudos for this FANTASTIC work. I STRONGLY endorse this movie, especially those who love detective stories. Congratulations Mr. BENSON!

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