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Friday, June 27, 2008


Tony tells his father that Laura told him Lorenzo and Orlando tried to kill him because he refused to testify against her in court; but Giacormo dismisses it as rubbish, they could never do that to him. Nattie arrives and the couple reconcile. Lorenzo angrily confronts Isabella about the news paper article. Tony is asked to film a commercial, featuring Mimi, Lisette and Conan modeling Silvia’s clothes. Lorenzo gets a shock when Laura returns the bearer bonds. She reminds him he had made investments abroad to ensure their children were provided for. When he points out that they had no children, she then tells him she was carrying his child.

Lorenzo accuses her of lying since she had been taking birth control pills and sleeping with Alex(besides, after discovering the affair, Lorenzo in turn started sleeping with Silvia), but the results prove otherwise. Tony films the commercial. Empetriz and Alex visit Giacormo at the hospital Giacormo asks Alex to fetch an address book from m the boutique. Lorenzo angrily tells Laura he wouldn’t want to have a  baby with her if she was the last woman on earth. Laura tries to excuse herself, that she had slept with Alex because she’d felt alone, which he scoffs at, refusing to accept her apology or excuses. Laura begs him not to let their baby suffer because of her mistake.
Nattie wonders why Lorenzo looks so pensive. Gloria overhears Nattie telling Orlando Laura had come to see Lorenzo earlier. Gloria then phones Isabella to let her know. (By the way, Gloria reminds me of a horse, with her long face). Alex shows up to get the address book and is very rude to Isabella when she congratulates him on the baby. Empetriz laments over her debts and calls Silvia an ‘unintelligent idiot’ when she enters with Mimi, asking her to move her sewing equipment somewhere else. Lorenzo finds it difficult to accept Laura’s news. Alex accuses his mother for telling Isabella, who insists it was accidental. Orlando is very surprised at Lorenzo’s news, visibly relieved that the tests reveal it is Lorenzo’s.(You know it isn’t his, Orlando, you slept with her last).

At the hospital, Giacormo asked Nattie how she’d found out about his accident, she told him about Laura’s call after he’d left that day.
Lorenzo apologized to Isabella and shocks her by telling her Laura’s pregnancy was his. Isabella insists Laura was lying, angrily breaking into tears, begging him not to believe Laura as she was just using him; she, Isabella was the only woman who really cared about him.
(Lorenzo is really in a dilemma, a pregnant ex-wife, an evil obsessive former fiancée and an ex girl friend he loves dearly but who refuses to talk to him)


  1. Hi A. A,
    u're doing a good job, but pls wend the the full story from A to Z, and if u can tell where to download the entire soap - in english if possible - or where to buy! my e-mail:
    Thanx babe.

  2. click in the label for the full story and try if you want to buy it. good lucj


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