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Friday, June 27, 2008


And thank God too, after being subjected to repeats from AIT and GALAXY for ages before it was replaced by the current Cuerpo Del Deseo. It’s now on MBI (at 8.30 pm on Tuesday to Friday) and a few things have happened since Lorenzo and Silvia’s breakup caused by that over made-up barracuda, Isabella, who had showed her a doctored photo of her and Lorenzo naked in bed. Silvia still refused to tell Lorenzo or anyone else why she decided to end the relationship, too full of pride. Her cousin Nattie, meanwhile, is devastated to find out her boyfriend, Giacormo, was gay.
For those who don’t know the whole story, it goes like this;
Lorenzo is happily married to Laura. Or so he thinks. Laura is actually bored with her husband and has no plans of giving him the children he wants so badly. She then starts an affair with Alex, an opportunistic personal trainer and decides to divorce Lorenzo. But she remembered that if she did, she’ll lose any chance of acquiring half his estate, according to the pre-nuptial agreement. So she decided to make a way of Lorenzo to be the guilty party, by setting him up with the perfect woman.
First candidate was his personal secretary, Nattie but she was nursing a broken heart after her break up from Orlando, Lorenzo’s lawyer. At the same time, she didn’t want Isabella, Lorenzo’s vengeful old flame (and ex best friend) just returned from Europe to get her hands on him, so the final candidate was Alex’s own twinkle-eyed girlfriend, Silvia, a gym instructor several years younger than Lorenzo.
Laura constantly pushes them together, not realizing that Alex had been paid by Isabella to seduce her and break up the marriage. Silvia and Lorenzo, having a lot in common, become close friends meanwhile. Isabella sends Lorenzo photos  of  his wife in bed with Alex and he and Silvia are heartbroken at the deceit.
As the divorce proceedings begin, Lorenzo and Silvia give in to the attraction they’ve held back for so long, realizing they were in love after all. But evil Isabella has her own plans…

Lorenzo: Main character, Laura’s now ex husband, in love with Silvia
Laura: Lorenzo’s now ex wife
Evil Isabella: Lorenzo’s ex fiancée and current business partner, villainess of the story
Alex: Laura’s lover but the affair is now over
Silvia: Alex’s ex girlfriend, now in love with Lorenzo
Nattie: Silvia’s cousin & Lorenzo’s secretary
Conan: Silvia’s cousin and Nattie’s younger brother
Hercules: Silvia’s uncle, Nattie and Conan’s father and owner of the gym where Silvia instructs.
Empetriz: Hercules’ landlady, Alex’s mother and friend of Isabella’s late mother
Mimi: Alex’s younger sister and Conan’s best friend
Lysette: a model, Conan’s girlfriend
Orlando: Lorenzo’s lawyer, Nattie’s ex boyfriend
Giacormo: a fashion designer, Laura’s former best friend and Nattie’s current boyfriend
Tony: Giacormo’s son and father of Mimi’s unborn child
‘Horsy’ Gloria: Orlando’s former lover, Lorenzo’s personal assistant and Isabella’s Henchwoman/accomplice in her schemes.


Laura’s lawyer, Alcazar, succeeded in getting a huge settlement from Lorenzo by telling lies against him in court, although she had been the one to cheat on him with Alex, who is now trying to win Silvia back. Conan and Lysette on the other hand, have repaired their relationship, much to Mimi’s displeasure.
Out of anger and spite, Laura arranged with her lawyer to ‘take care of’ Giacormo, who completely knew of her affair with Alex and had threatened to testify against her (to pay her out for telling Tony about his homosexuality) but had a sudden change of heart and decided to end the operation as the time grew near, but it was far too late.
Giacormo showed up at the office to humbly apologize to Nattie, saying he didn’t want to lose her friendship but Nattie coldly told him to go away. After he left, she got a phone call from a frantic Laura, asking where Giacormo was. Laura managed to find him herself and called out to him but he turned his back on her angrily and got run over by the hired men. Before running away, she called an ambulance to the scene of the accident.
Nattie’s phone no. was found in his wallet at the hospital, so she was the first person who found out. Filled with fear for Giacormo’s life, Nattie sent Conan to find Tony.
Conan asked Mimi where he could find Tony; she and Empetriz were informed of the accident, the silly woman called Isabella to tell her about it.
At first Tony didn’t want to go with Conan (still feeling repulsed by his father) but his conscience got the better of him and followed him to the hospital where Lorenzo, Nattie, Silvia, Hercules, Alex, Empetriz and Mimi were already gathered. The doctor informed them that he was still unconscious. Evil Isabella showed up (merely to be with Lorenzo), glared at by Silvia. Nattie was so full of guilt over her last encounter with Giacormo, very afraid he’ll die. Empetriz criticizes her son’s solicitous behavior towards Silvia, wondering what he saw in her. Tony, who sat by his father’s side, begging his forgiveness for his behavior towards him. Laura is furious with Alcazar for not cancelling the order, but he shocks her by saying it would be in her best interest if Giacormo died. Alex confided in evil Isabella that he really didn’t care about Giacormo, but had merely used the accident to be around Silvia, whom he hopes will overlook his affair with Laura and reconcile with him. Evil Isabella informs him Laura had received half of Lorenzo’s estate, which interests him. Alcazar refuses to go with Laura to see Giacormo; Laura suddenly feels dizzy and decides to go to see a doctor. Although Lorenzo and Silvia didn’t speak to each other, the lingering looks they exchanged said it all; they missed each other very much. Nattie is frightened that Giacormo would die but Silvia urges her to be positive. Laura also appeared and exchanged unpleasantries with Evil Isabella. Tony arrives, insistent on seeing his Dad, who is unconscious. He begs him to forgive him for his bad behavior the past few days.

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