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Friday, June 27, 2008


An angry Silvia doesn’t believe him until he mentions the DNA test which proved he wasn’t the popsie. Giacormo insists he didn’t want Isabella in his boutique and decides to get Conan to replace her. Nattie finds Silvia crying and is disgusted she had believed Alex, but after she’s informed about the DNA test, Nattie realizes why Laura had come to the office. Empetriz is furious that Mimi and Tony have no plans of getting married. Orlando pays Laura a visit and she asks him to get her money back from Alcazar. He agrees but asks her if Lorenzo is really the father of her child. Nattie is cold towards Alex and doesn’t allow him to see Silvia, who is still crying in her room. Conan tells Nattie that Mimi told him that Giacormo suspects someone had tried to murder him. Nattie remembers how that day of the accident, Laura had called and called asking for Giacormo. Conan gets a call from Lorenzo and agrees to run the shop until Giacormo is discharged. Empetriz visits a broody Isabella to clear up the misinformation, who then admits she loved Lorenzo (not love, obsession), during her time in Europe, she had hoped she could get him back at any time. Empetriz again suggests she date Alex (yuck) but Isabella tiredly replied he wasn’t her type and is more determined to get Lorenzo back.
Tony feels a lot better now that he’s put his rage behind him and asks Mimi to be his girl again but she prefers they take it slow this time. Nattie suggest that Laura must have gotten pregnant before Lorenzo started going out with Silvia. Silvia refuses to consider going back to him, since it would mean him abandoning his child; her own father had abandoned her and her late mother.
At the office, Lorenzo asks Nattie about Silvia, furious that Alex had told her about the baby and wondering out loud why she’d broken up with him in the first place. Full of guilt, Nattie confessed about the tape she had given Silvia to listen to, the conversation between Isabella and Laura, which she apologizes for. Lorenzo is angry about it, and decides to talk to Silvia. Isabella runs into him outside and apologizes about her emotional outburst. She is offended to learn that Conan was to replace her. Orlando tells Laura that Alcazar has left the country, much to her distress. Lysette hopes Conan will have his own line one day but he prefers working in Silvia’s factory. Lysette feels he’s merely wasting his talent (that girl is beginning to show signs of narrow mindedness). Lorenzo finds Silvia at the gym. She isn’t pleased to see him and asks him to leave. He tries explaining about the tape and insists he loved her but Silvia replies the tape was merely detail, refusing to believe him. Even if it was a lie, she couldn’t go back to him since he was now going to be a father. Alex comes up and Lorenzo ominously asks him to step outside, he has several things to ‘discuss’ with him. Isabella runs into Tony, asking after his father, who comes out, wheeled by Mimi. He doesn’t fall for her insincere concern, accusing her of sabotaging his catwalk show and criticizing his designs. Isabella insinuates Laura had something to do with his accident and indicates she wants him to be her ally. Tony returns to say the discharge papers were ready. Alex is asked if the results were real or they were manipulated by him, but he denies it. Lorenzo sharply warns to stay away form Silvia; Alex hotly reminds him that Silvia was his girl friend once and will be again. Lorenzo comes to blows with him but is stopped by Empetriz.
Giacormo and Mimi get to the boutique and Conan and Lysette warmly welcome him back. The doctor reminds a tired Laura to take her medicine, to treat her anemia. Silvia comes to visit Giacormo and acquires him as a new client for her business, after showing photos of her clothes. Giacormo asks after Nattie, hoping she had really forgiven him (you can’t expect it to be easy for a girl to find out the man she’s been dating is gay) but Silvia assures him Nattie loved him very much and was really sorry for what she had said to him that fateful day. Neither of them is pleased to see Laura, who came to tell him about the baby. Silvia wants to leave but Giacormo stops her. Laura insists she came to apologies to him, and to Silvia for sleeping with Alex and trying to manipulate her into falling in love with Lorenzo (too late for that) but Silvia replied she sounded like Alex.
Nattie asks Orlando if he really believed Lorenzo was the father of the baby. Giacormo suggests that Lorenzo had the DNA test also, but Laura is confident they’ll both make good parents. Silvia leaves in disgust. Giacormo tells her what Nattie had told him.
Lorenzo is not a 100% sure he’s the father; perhaps she had another lover besides Alex, something Orlando is visibly uncomfortable talking about. He’s surprised that Nattie had found the tape, which he had locked up. Lorenzo is depressed Silvia left him, but refuses to go back to Laura or start a relationship with Isabella. Mimi suggests they throw a baby shower. Laura is angry to find Isabella in her house.

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