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Friday, June 27, 2008


Isabella asks her why she was still there after she’d told her to leave the country and enjoy her money with someone else. She refuses to believe the child was Lorenzo’s, vowing to expose her. Laura orders her to leave and tells her maid never to allow Isabella into the house again. Orlando accuses Nattie if taking the tape from his office but she tells him Horsy Gloria had given it to her to make copies. Lisette is overjoyed when Conan tells her Giacormo is going to use his own designs for his new line. Orlando confronts Horsy Gloria about the tape, Gloria admits Isabella had taken it but asks him not to tell Lorenzo. Orlando demands a kiss from her but doesn’t kiss her after all.
Empetriz tells an impatient Isabella about what Lorenzo nearly did to her precious boy. Isabella lost her temper when she suggests Alex was better for her than Lorenzo, calling him ‘an X rated gigolo who would sell his body for pennies’ (true story) and that Empetriz was a ridiculous, pathetic idiot. Lorenzo drops by the house to see how Laura was doing. Silvia is told by Alex his mother was planning on closing her business.
Orlando accuses Isabella for snooping around his office and using the tape to break up Lorenzo and Silvia, calling her an evil woman (and in a polite tone too). Isabella replied she’s merely took back what was rightfully hers, but he can’t prove a thing. She sinisterly warns him not to cross swords with her or he’d seriously regret it, she’ll take him down no matter what. When Orlando pointed out she nursed a sick obsession for Lorenzo, not love, she snaps that he didn’t know the meaning of love and orders him out of her office. Silvia surprisingly proposes that she and Empetriz be business partners (a dumb ass idea if I’ve ever heard one). Laura is hurt that Lorenzo cared more about the baby than her. Giacormo hobbles to the scene of the accident alone (Nattie will half kill you if she knew) and recalls everything; that Laura had yelled out to him before he was knocked down.

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