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Saturday, July 05, 2008


Giacormo recollects everything now that Laura had been there when he was knocked down, but had denied it when he’d asked her at the hospital. Lorenzo asks Nattie to call Isabella, Orlando and Gloria together for a meeting. Lysette complains to Tony about how Mimi clings to Conan too much; Tony on the other hand is worried Mimi doesn’t pay him enough attention and is distant all the time around him. Empetriz does a little research over the contract she’d earlier signed with Isabella and finds a clause to her satisfaction. Silvia and her reach an agreement; Silvia will be in control and Empetriz will allow her to use her premises, but she must stay far away from Alex (pooh, who wants him again, I like to know?)Which Silvia completely agrees to. Evil Isabella is very rude to Nattie at the office. Giacormo does a little investigation and discovers it was Laura who had called the ambulance.
Empetriz invites Isabella to Mimi’s baby shower. Lysette is sure the baby will be a girl but Tony wants a boy. Silvia informs Nattie that she’ll be moving to Empetriz’ place to do her business (which I still think it’s a dumbass idea) AND about Lorenzo’s visit. Nattie still insists Isabella was the culprit behind the breakup but Silvia stubbornly refuses to discuss it.
Isabella invites a broody Lorenzo for a night of fun ‘as friends of course’, but plans to go to the shower for a few minutes first. Laura’s maid, Antonia insists on Laura eating more. Mimi receives a lot of baby things from her guests. Isabella shows up, much to her displeasure. Isabella apologizes (not sincerely) to E.P for what she’d earlier said to her. Silvia turns up and is introduced as her ‘new associate’. Isabella immediately declares she would never work for ‘this little diva’, and Silvia angrily says the same thing. But E.P tells Isabella that since she didn’t update the contract after returning from Italy, they were no longer valid, she will return her money when she can(in E.P’s language, it’s never). Isabella vows she hadn’t heard the last of her and leaves. Silvia is furious with E.P, asking her never to do such a thing to her again. Hercules and Juanito pack up Silvia’s sewing machines. Tony plays the edited commercial he’d shot to everyone, who all approve of it. Lysette is angry when Mimi hugs Conan too much. Lorenzo and Isabella go for a drive. Antonia welcomes Giacormo back and tells him Laura refuses to eat well. He goes up to her room and confronts her about hiring someone to run him over. She’s speechless…

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