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Saturday, July 05, 2008


E.P isn’t pleased no one gave her anything. Laura denies having anything to do with the accident. Giacormo decides not to have her charged with attempted murder, only because of her unborn child but threatened to have her jailed if she had an abortion; Laura insists she’ll never do anything to hurt him , but he doesn’t believe her. Silvia and Nattie come home to find Hercules and Juanito asleep, tired out from their work. Nattie is skeptical about Silvia’s partnership with E.P, since the woman can’t be trusted. Isabella and Lorenzo return from watching a play, but it’s obvious Lorenzo didn’t pay attention to it as his mind is too full of Silvia. He refuses to have dinner, pleading tiredness. Tony tries kissing Mimi but she reminds him they had both agreed to take it slow and makes it clear she doesn’t want them to be a couple just yet, asking for a little more time. Tony goes out and accuses Conan of turning Mimi against him. When Conan wants to go and check on her, Lysette doesn’t allow him. Lorenzo still refuses to go inside for a drink when Isabella tries to insist so she says goodnight instead. The workers resumes to E.P’s factory for the day’s work. E.P tries flirting with Hercules, who ignores her. Tony is furious that Giacormo resumed work so soon. He also told him what Mimi had said but his father is sure she’ll get over her resentment.
Isabella goes to see Laura’s doctor, pretending Laura had recommended him, complaining of dizziness. When he goes to fetch something, she hurriedly goes through Laura’s file. They go for the test.
Orlando places a rose and a card on Nattie’s desk (I know her current is gay but if she goes back to her ex I’ll never watch this telenovela again, he’s a pig), Nattie finds it and suspects Orlando when he teases her about it. Tony is a bit cold towards his father when he speaks over the phone with one of his friends, who is also gay, but insists it no longer bothers him. (right…)

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