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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Thank you to my visitor who left a caring message, I’m much better now and very sorry for the abrupt break. Luckily I have a way of putting together my posts that covers what’s been happening in a program for a week or so, like I did in CATALINA y SEBASTIAN posts. So this is what’s been happening until today’s episode…
Tony accused Mimi of being difficult, she replied that she had many reasons for not wanting them to be a couple just yet. They get into an argument over the choice of the baby’s name, making Mimi to leave in a huff.
At first Isabella tried to deny the accusation but after Lorenzo tells her to stop the stupid games, she admits she did what she did, because she loved him. He in turn angrily said if she truly loved him, she’ll want him to be happy, instead of using doctored photos to come between him and the girl he loved very much, how dare she take a photo of him during that mistake they committed? (Lorenzo slept with Isabella the night he and Silvia found out they were being played by Laura and Alex, he was drunk and Isabella had manipulated him, much to my everlasting disgust). Isabella hotly reminded him she hadn’t forced him to sleep with her and tearfully leaves the table. Lorenzo instructs Nattie to get Silvia to go to a certain address, he’ll meet her there. Silvia and Conan discuss their new orders and plans for a new campaign when Nattie calls her to ask her to meet her at the address, which is a photo lab. Egged on by Alex, Empetriz tells Silvia, as she’s on her way out, that the condition about her staying away from Alex was revoked, but like I predicted, Silvia couldn’t care less; she told Alex she’ll never, ever go back to him and walks out, Conan laughing.
Isabella sits in her hotel room, morose but without remorse, she says to herself that she didn’t care what Lorenzo thought of her, the damage has already been done and she’ll just have to find another means of revenge. The investigator she hired to find out who had been sending letters to Laura from Venezuela shows up and hands her his report, the person is Laura’s popsie and he’s a convict.
Silvia is furious to see Lorenzo at the lab but is forced, at his insistence, to see how the photos she’d seen were doctored in a computer. She then asked if he and Isabella had truly slept with each other, yes or no.
Embarrassed, he admitted that he did but it was long before he and Silvia started their own affair. Silvia reminded him that on their first date, he had told her he’d been attracted to her for a long time before admitting it (it started the night he had saved her from a cheating wrestling opponent, I won’t go into that… long story), Lorenzo replied he’d been drunk and had regretted it the next day, insisting that it was her, Silvia, that he truly loved. But Silvia replied if he really loved her, he’ll leave her alone and attend to his pregnant ex-wife and walked out. (pls comment, my people, what you would do if you where in Silvia’s shoes).
Conan taunted Alex over his strenuous work out; Silvia wasn’t there to be impressed and gets angry when Alex threatens to start toasting Lysette instead. Lorenzo tells a shocked Nattie about what happened and asks her to make Silvia see reason and come back to him, which she promises to do.
Isabella receives a surprise visitor, it’s Silvia.
‘what are you doing here, you’re not welcome.’ She asked coldly.
Silvia regards her enemy for a second then slaps her across the face! (Considering she used to be a wrestler, I’d preferred if she had decked the bitch, personally I would have done that). Isabella holds her cheek, glaring at her…
Silvia informed her she now knew the truth and thought Isabella was the most desperate and pathetic woman to use such devious means to break a relationship, just because Lorenzo was in love with her, instead of Isabella, who of course shows no remorse.
Laura is escorted home by Gloria, who finds Alex outside the house and gets a lift, plus lunch. Silvia goes over what Lorenzo had told her but is very angry with Nattie for tricking her and refused to talk to her for a while. Lorenzo goes to see Isabella later and informs her while he will not break off their partnership yet, they can no longer be personal friends; from now on, no lunches, no dinners and no questions concerning his personal life. Isabella accepts this with very bad grace and asks what she called the final personal question, was he and Silvia getting back together? Lorenzo coldly told her no; Silvia insisted he attended to Laura and their unborn baby. After he left, she picked up the phone again…
At the gym, the family watches the commercial Tony had skillfully filmed on the T.V, Alex constituting a nuisance as well. Nattie is unhappy Silvia is cold towards her and receives more flowers from her ‘secret admirer’ (she’d better not go back to that idiot, Orlando).
Isabella sneaks into the house and exchanges Laura’s vitamins with a set of harmful ones, escaping through the window. Nattie decides to resign, telling Lorenzo she was fed up of Orlando, Gloria and Isabella; Lorenzo assures her she could come back whenever she wanted. Horsy Gloria and Isabella are pleased at her action. Laura bursts into their meeting, calling Isabella a disgusting woman; she throws down the doctored photos (she had sent them to Laura). Lorenzo is furious but the shameless bitch insisted she had sent them before they had had their little talk. Orlando and Gloria were very embarrassed. Silvia forgives Nattie who wants to now work for her. Empetriz isn’t pleased Nattie left her job and warns Hercules she still expects her rent when it’s time. Mimi is obviously in love with Conan, who doesn’t notice since he’s too wrapped up with Lysette, but Tony is getting more and more annoyed Mimi is consulting Conan all the time. Laura feels very tired all the time; she’s been taking the switched pills! Gloria is with her when she suddenly faints. She phones Lorenzo and gets an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Giacormo is also informed when Conan is with him at the boutique and goes there as well. Conan informs Silvia, Nattie and Alex about it. The doctor tells them Laura was in critical condition and could lose the baby. Silvia is very concerned about it since she knew Lorenzo always wanted to be a father. Isabella hears about Laura from Gloria and has the audacity to go to the house to try and switch the pills back but Giacormo enters the room with Antoinette and finds her there; she lied she had come to see Laura. Alex tries to butter up Silvia to get back with him but she informs him he was irritating her very much. Nattie gets more flowers, with a note; ‘come back’.
Laura begs both Lorenzo and Giacormo (separately) to forgive her for her past actions; she deeply regretted it and their forgiveness would hasten her recovery. Giacormo suddenly informs Lorenzo that he was going to New York for treatment on his leg (he was still using a cane) and will leave Conan in charge of the boutique until he got back, Isabella overhears the conversation. She enters to visit her enemy and more or less informs what she’d done to the pills, to Laura’s horror. Hercules goes to the office to collect Nattie’s last paycheck and is cornered by Orlando, who confides he was the secret admirer and formally asks for Nattie’s hand, (once again, I swear I’ll stop watching this telenovela if Natalia dares go back to that pig) much to Hercules’ disgust. Lorenzo tells Isabella to stop coming to see Laura; everyone knew they hated each other. Tony promises his father he’ll cooperate with Conan in his absence. The doctor informs Lorenzo they might have to abort Laura’s baby, which fills her with terror and begs Lorenzo to ask the doctor for another alternative, actually she also wants to be well enough to get her revenge on Isabella. Conan agrees to look after the boutique but insists on holding the fashion show when Giacormo got back from New York. Orlando is getting very suspicious about Isabella’s Italian ‘connections’. The doctor informs Lorenzo Laura has been taking the wrong pills but a transfusion could save her and the baby. Nattie goes to see Giacormo at the boutique, asking him why he didn’t inform her of his trip, was he going to go without saying bye to her? He told her he was going to but had been feeling bad about what happened between them (dating her but not telling her he was gay until all of a sudden); Nattie insisted she had forgotten the whole thing and saw him as nothing but a very good person. He promised to call her over the phone often while he was there. Isabella threatens to close down Silvia’s factory and have Empetriz thrown in jail for tax evasion if Empetriz didn’t pay her back her money. Silvia coldly tells her to bring the vital documents and orders her to leave her premises. Nattie isn’t pleased when Silvia tells her what she and Conan had seen earlier… Hercules and Empetriz are now sleeping with each other (YUCK!) She tells her popsie he could do what he liked but didn’t want to hear the word marriage (oh, GOD FORBID!)
Alex goes to see Isabella, threatening to tell Lorenzo what she was planning to do to the factory if she didn’t leave Silvia alone. Isabella taunts him; would Lorenzo believe someone who had seduced his wife?
Alex in return reminds her she’d been the one to hire him to seduce Laura in the first place, if Lorenzo found out about THAT…
Lorenzo thinks things through and tells a amazed Laura he’s decided to get back together with her and be a family with her and their baby, which she happily agrees to, feeling she was starting her life again and promises to make him happy from now on. He kissed her hand and tells her to get some rest. Isabella threatens to send Empetriz to jail and tell Silvia what he had done in his past if he dared open his mouth to Lorenzo and offers to pay him, but he refuses. She wonders out loud what Silvia had that made Alex and Lorenzo trail after her. Nattie thought Orlando had a lot of nerve asking Hercules for her hand but feels flattered all the same. She however said she won’t go back to him even if he turns a new leaf. Silvia agrees Alex seems to be changing and might forgive him but will never be his girlfriend again, but still will not go back to Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells Gloria and Orlando Laura was getting better and has forgiven Laura, he’ll be living with her and their baby when it comes. Gloria receives a phone call from Evil Isabella, who asks if Laura had died yet and is shocked to hear the two have reconciled. She cries, ‘he can’t do this to me!’
Mimi tells Tony what she’d promised his father that they won’t fight anymore. Isabella vows that ‘Lorenzo will pay for this’ and calls her friend Estephano, telling him ‘there has been a change of plans’. Mimi and Tony walk in on Hercules and Empetriz cuddling and are told to move to the gym to watch their video. Orlando asked Lorenzo if he had checked the contract Estephano had signed with Isabella since he can not confirm the name of his company on the Internet. Everyone watches the video clip Tony recently filmed; Tony wants to now be a professional camera man. Silvia worries over what Isabella said but Alex informs her Isabella will not bother her again, which she casually thanked him for. Lorenzo assures Laura she was out of danger and will soon go home. He tells her Nattie was on her way to visit her and is asked to leave her in private when she comes; she wanted to apologize to her(pooh, more likely to take style in telling her she had reconciled with Lorenzo, so that she’ll pass it on to Silvia). Nattie finds Orlando in the waiting room and scolds him about the STUPID thing he had told Hercules, what DID he hope achieve?

(Giacormo, if you truly don’t want to lose Nattie to Orlando, better start sleeping with her, and as for Orlando, Conan beat him to a pulp when he first cheated on Nattie- he’s merely asking for more trouble, especially since he was the last person Laura slept with. As for Silvia, Lorenzo is now doing what she asked him to do, what now??? My people, pls leave your comments on this).

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