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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Daniel went to the mansion to see if Raquel had resolved things with Tonio and finds Martha alone in the living room, smoking. She tells him Tonio had gone upstairs to talk to her sister and hadn’t yet come down; she feels Raquel far too old fashioned, believing all Tonio wanted was have fun with her. Her father pointed out that a proper lady has to protect her dignity. Martha replied that if Raquel was really decent, she would have come clean with Tonio immediately instead of going on with the farce. Daniel sharply told her not to talk about her sister that way, and then asked him to fix her a drink. He remarked how well stocked the bar was and Martha agreed, one of the many reasons why they should remain in Acapulco instead of going home.

Victoria is at Camilla and Claudio’s place; she told them she was supposed to have a talk with Tonio but he had spent the day out with Maura, which amuses Camilla (sure it does, nonsense woman).
‘Well, how interesting!’ She said.
Claudio asked Victoria how Raquel had found out, and was told it had been from Tonio himself; what disturbed Victoria was that he didn’t even bother to hide it at all, didn’t they agree with her something was wrong?
Claudio felt he merely did so to make Raquel jealous, since she had run off with Max. But Victoria believes Tonio is not himself; plus he’s been saying horrible things about Max, but she’s sure if he helped Raquel, it was because she asked him to; it seemed since she came to the house, she’s been provoking him to do her will or something, she didn’t know. Camilla triumphantly pointed out that she was right about Raquel being a witch and shouldn’t be allowed to stay at the house.
They were also told that Oscar had promised to speak to Tonio; he doesn’t think the accident had changed him but Victoria is worried that if it had made him lose his memory, something else could be wrong too. Camilla and Claudio are very surprised; they hadn’t heard about Tonio’s amnesia and demanded for an explanation (Tonio had requested she shouldn’t, to protect Raquel). After making them promise not to tell Tonio she’d told them, Victoria told them how he hadn’t remembered Raquel, that he’d thought she was an adventuress, pretending to be his wife.
‘Well, isn’t that the truth?’ demanded Camilla.
Victoria replied, of course not, that’s why he had gone to Guadalajara to investigate in the first place and now he was convinced he’d been mistaken. But now it seems he has a persecution complex; first he had thought his wife was a fraud, next saying someone was trying to kill him, that the crash had been preplanned but then said it wasn’t, plus accusing Max of a lot of rubbish and threatening him with a pistol. She’s so worried that maybe the accident had made him slightly crazy.

Martha and Daniel are still waiting for Tonio and Raquel to come down, Martha feeling they were probably fighting and sent Ramón to see if they were coming down to dinner at all. Ramon visibly doesn’t like being ordered around by arrogant Martha but obeys.

Upstairs, Tonio and Raquel are lying in each other’s arms in bed, having just made love. Raquel is still scared of Max but Tonio promised he’ll never let Max hurt her or allow anyone to separate her from him, which calms her down. However, she jumped in fright when there’s a knock on the door but Tonio pulled her back down.
‘What are you afraid of?’ he asked her. ‘You’re my wife, aren’t you?’
Grinning, she said, ‘yes, but I have to get used to it,’ and settled back down beside him as he asked who was knocking. It was just Ramón, so he got up to see what he wanted. Ramon asked him if he and Senora Raquel were coming down to dinner as Martha and Don Daniel were still waiting for them. Tonio replied they were to excuse them and go ahead. Just then Max passed and the look on his face when he saw Tonio in nothing but jeans, standing outside Raquel’s door! Ignoring him, Tonio asked Ramón to bring his and his wife’s supper to his room instead. He and Max regard each other silently before returning to the bedroom, closing the door behind him. Max is filled with rage!
Tonio asked Raquel if it was alright they ate in his room. ‘Do you really love me?’ she asked instead.
‘Do you love me?’ he asked in return.
‘Why do you ask what you already know?’ was her reply.
‘I could say the same,’ he said, leaning down to kiss her.

Moments later…
Max paced up and down his room and, unable to contain his rage any longer, marched to Raquel’s room but found it empty, the bed unmade. He then marched to Tonio's locked door and pounds on it, yelling for Raquel to come out. Raquel tries to call Tonio but he's in the shower and didn't hear her at all. She then leaves the room, through the french windows. Maxis still pounding on the door when Ramon comes up with the tray and sees him; he drops the tray in shock. Ignoring him, Max leaves, guessing she must have fled through the French windows.

Raquel is hiding in the bushes when Chucho startles her, asking her what was wrong. They both duck when Max passes. Chucho asked her if that man had frightened her, but she pleads to him not to tell him he'd seen her.

Inside, Tonio asked Ramon if he'd heard a pounding sound but Ramon merely said it was him accidentally dropping the tray. He then asks for Raquel but Ramon doesn't know where she is.

Her room is empty, so he goes back to his own and sees her entering through the glass doors, still shivering with fright. She's silent when asked what was wrong. Fearing that she'd changed her mind about a lasting relationship with him, he reminded her that he cared for her very deeply, more than she knew- it was the first time he's ever been in love, she should think on that. She asked if she could go back to her room, and he gently allowed her. But as she enters her room, Max barges in in a rage and grabs her , calling her a tramp, and she defiantly confirmed that she did make love with Tonio because he's her husband!
Tonio suddenly appears from behind to rescue Raquel and the two men begin beating each other up, Raquel screaming.
Ramon, listening at the door, hurried downstairs to call Victoria, who immediately came up and broke up the fight. Poor Raquel told Tonio she wanted to leave but he harshly said, 'with him, never!' Max tried to interrupt angrily but Victoria ordered him to shut up.
Before leaving however, he shouted that if he was going to jail, he wouldn't be going alone since Raquel is his accomplice, which she loudly denied. Victoria begged Tonio to please tell her what was going on but Tonio merely said she should ask her son. Victoria left the room. Raquel clung to Tonio's arm, tearfully swearing all Max had said about her was a lie; she would never do anything to harm Tonio. What will he do? she asked.
He shook his head and said he didn't know.

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