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Ramona asked Marianna if she was glad she was having a baby. Marianna admitted she was but very sorry it had come about now; with  Luis Alberto so enraged with her. Ramon was confident that Marianna’s pregnancy would bring them back together and Marianna wondered if she should tell Luis Alberto right away. Ramona replied, as soon as possible and she would phone the best hotels in the city to locate him.
However she couldn’t because Luis Alberto had already left Mexico so Ramona sends a telegram. Luis Alberto is in Brazil with his partner, Mr. Duarte to begin their construction project. Mr. Duarte hands him a telegram that had arrived for him. Opening it, Luis read the message: Marianna is pregnant and she needed him. But Luis Alberto’s face hardens instead and doesn’t bother replying.
A few weeks go by and while Luis Alberto is resting on a hammock, he opened his eyes to see Marianna standing over him, looking very pretty in her white suit. Luis Alberto is not pleased to see her, demanding to know what she was doing in Brazil; to tell him in person about the baby.
Marianna actually came because she assumed he didn’t get Ramona’s telegram so she was very hurt by his words, didn’t he care about their unborn child?
‘Why should I?’ was Luis Alberto’s cold question.
Mariana said it’s his baby but he rudely interrupted her, saying it was a lie; what she had in her womb was not his baby but another man’s, just like with Esther when she claimed her baby was when it fact it was Diego’s. Marianna just wanted him to believe otherwise. Marianna should simply take the child to Leonardo after it’s born!
Marianna, some of her old fiery spirit returning, demanded that he listened to her for once but Luis Alberto stubbornly maintained he was not the father and Marianna was only trying to trick him. Twice, Esther had tricked him; a fake pregnancy and then a pregnancy that wasn’t his- two lies. Now Marianna was coming up with the same story. Mariana snapped that her own pregnancy wasn’t fake, they can go to the nearest hospital and he will know. But Luis Alberto said then it must be that imbecile’s child, not his; the imbecile she betrayed him for. Marianna said she never cheated on him, how could he think that of her? Luis Alberto asked, what was Leonardo doing in their bedroom, holding her like that?
Marianna kept insisting it was all a misunderstanding; Leonardo came by to wish them well but alas, Luis Alberto still didn’t believe her, really certain she was carrying Leonardo’s baby and said he hated her and she shouldn’t come looking for him again. (Poor Marianna!)
Summoning one of his workers, he instructed him to take Marianna to the airport and again telling her he didn’t want to see her again; she mustn’t come back. Marianna left, weeping pitifully.
 Luis Alberto sent a telegram to his parents; informing them his work in Brazil was going on well and he’ll be there for another 5 months.
Back in Mexico, Ramona and the other servants take care of Marianna who was having a rather difficult pregnancy; along with stress and worry and she’d lost hope of Luis Alberto returning to her. She is very sad Luis Alberto denied his own child. Ramona consoled her, at least Marianna was wealthy; she had enough to see to the child’s needs. Ramona went upstairs and Maria hands her a letter delivered by the mailman.

It’s a letter from Luis Alberto; he has decided to file for a divorce and suggested that Marianna asked Leonardo to take care of her child since he’s the ‘real father’. Filled with sheer anguish, Marianna fled the house. 

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Maya Angelou's guest appearance in Sesame Street

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Chapter 24

At first Carly thought she was seeing things but as they walked a little faster, she realised it was no mirage... a gas station! To their great disappointment, it was closed with no sign of anybody about but a few yards away from it was the blessed sight of a lighted phone booth.
‘A phone!’ Ciara cried with joy and relief. ‘We can call Daddy!’
Oh God... please let the thing be working, Carly prayed as they hurried to it. Grabbing the receiver, she silently gave fervent thanks as she heard the reassuring sound of the dialling tone.
‘The insults don't come easy all of a sudden, huh Kiriakis?’ Frankie Brady taunted at the frozen look on Victor’s face.
‘Frankie, what are you doing here?’ Hope demanded,  startled by his presence and confused at his words. ‘What...’
‘Don't you speak to me.’ Was the rude answer. ‘I have nothing to say to you.’
 ‘Son...’ Caroline began tentatively. ‘Lord knows you have every reason to be angry...’
‘You have no reason to call me son any longer, after the way you and your family’s  treated my sister! You should’ve stopped to remember that any insult to her was an insult to me. But why am I wasting my breath; obviously the Bradys and the Hortons are so bloody close-knit that there’s  no room for outsiders like Carly and Frankie Von Leuschner, huh?’  he spat.
Hope stared incredulously at Bo and the rest of the discomfited people in the room; her eyes resting on Jennifer who blushed a deep red. Frankie, her once great love was Carly’s blood brother... Bo’s ex was Frankie’s sister....all this time, no one had told her!
‘Now Frankie hold on, you can’t just talk to Mum like that...’
You go to hell!’ Frankie snarled at Kayla, both his tone and glint in his eyes so fierce that she was taken aback. ‘What gives you the right to tell me what to do? And you... ’ he walked towards Bo menacingly. ‘How dare you use my sister as some sort of stand-in to warm your bed!’
‘Frankie, it wasn't like that...’ Bo’s neck almost snapped out its socket from the impact of Frankie’s fist landing on his jaw.
‘Frankie, stop it!’ Caroline cried as Roman, Brady and Steve dived at him before he could hit Bo again.
Frankie swiftly wrestled himself from their grip. ‘Did your son stop to regard her feelings at all after he abandoned her and you all just gathered back together like nothing happened!  After everything she did for this family, you absolutely got no excuse! Especially you Bo! She’s never loved any man but you; you!’
Bo rubbed his sore jaw, meeting Frankie’s blazing eyes steadily. ‘I hurt her terribly and I’m sorry for it, believe me I am.’ Hope swallowed hard, wishing from the bottom of her heart she was elsewhere. ‘But once we find her and Ciara, I swear I’m going to...’
‘You will not have the chance to do anything; because I’m taking my sister away from here, far away from you and your family. You toyed with her emotions and I’m never going to forgive you for it. And don't expect me to forget what you all did, either; I don't regard myself as part of this family any longer; just you remember that.’ He turned to Victor again. ‘and by the way Victor, you do anything to harm Carly after she’s found and I’ll show I’m more than capable of protecting my sister from the likes of you.’
‘Your sister’s hurt my daughter.’ Hope spat before Victor could speak. ‘You and Bo have something in common; neither of you care about Ciara; it’s all about Carly!’
‘Oh, go to hell you narcissistic dingbat!’
‘All right that’s enough!’ Bo shouted, finally losing his temper. ‘Right now Carly and my daughter are out there somewhere and we have to stay calm and pray they‘re safe! We’ll settle our differences later, understand? Not another word, Victor... or I won’t be responsible for my actions! Either shut up or get the hell out!’
Victor could do nothing but glower at him. Hope and Kayla maintained sullen, subdued silence; Roman and Steve looked very embarrassed while Maggie and Caroline gave Frankie imploring looks which he ignored as he stalked out of the room. Melanie, Nicholas and Frankie’s wife Audra who’d been silent during the confrontation hurried after him.
‘Frankie, Frankie wait!’ Jennifer ran after them and they stopped.
‘Please...’ she begged. ‘You have every reason to be angry, you do! But don't cut them out of your life, they’re still your family!’
‘Carly and her children and my wife are my family and I cannot believe you are sticking up for those people.’ Frankie said coldly.
‘They made a mistake, everybody does.’ She insisted, glancing at Nicholas who evaded her eyes.
‘They knew what they were doing and I refuse to believe otherwise. Even Maggie added her bit and she’s your aunt. This is not open for discussion, Jennifer; it’s done. Have Brady call us at The Cheating Heart if there’s any development, I can’t stand being in the same room with them.’
Jennifer’s heart was heavy with sorrow as she watched Carly’s family walk away. Will things ever be the same again? She thought as she turned back.
The police phone operators alert Bo; Ciara was on the line. Ordering them to start a trace, Bo put one of the phones on his desk on speaker as everyone hurried forward to listen in.
‘Sweetheart... oh thank God!’ Hope sobbed with relief. ‘are you alright... are you hurt?’
‘No, no... is Daddy there? Daddy?’
‘I’m here little one. Where’s Carly?’
‘She’s here... she’s hurt bad; somebody shot her...’
‘Shot?’ Brady exclaimed in horror.
‘Oh my God...’ Jennifer moaned in distress.
Ignoring them Bo urgently instructed, ‘Sweetie, give the phone to Carly.’
Hope glared at him but he didn't notice. ‘Princess?’
‘Bo.’ Carly’s voice sounded weak and tired.
‘What happened? Where are you?’
‘I don't know. Ciara happened to be with me when somebody grabbed us at the hospital’s parking lot. Apparently Vivian paid him to kill me.’
‘He shot you?’
‘On the arm... it’s nothing.’
Everyone in the room distinctly heard Ciara’s disbelieving snort.
‘How the hell did you get away?’
Hesitation before Carly replied firmly, ‘We managed to get away, but my car broke down and we walked all the way here; I’m not sure where we are...’
‘Well don't worry, somebody’s coming over to pick you up. Just stay where you are and then...’
 Ciara suddenly shrieked. ‘Carly, she’s coming!’
Carly turned to see a car descending on them, the lighted interior revealing Vivian leaning forward from the back seat, sneering at them. Carly seized Ciara and fled a few seconds before the car crashed into the phone booth.
‘Run, run!’ Carly shouted. Bo, help us!
What’s happening... Ciara!’ Hope shrieked frantically. ‘Ciara!’
‘Ciara, Carly!’ Bo shouted, his blood running cold with fear.
Carly and Ciara ran  for their lives, not looking back yet aware of the roaring car chasing them. Leaning out the window, Vivian fired and Ciara screamed with fright as a bullet whizzed past her ear.

‘Over there, quick!’ They ran into the woods and kept on running... 


Chapter 23

Carly couldn't get the car to start, to her dismay. Discovering three Snickers bars in the glove compartment, she handed Ciara one before popping open the hood to see to the trouble. Sitting on a log on the side of the road, Ciara watched her intently as she nibbled on it; Carly had been very quiet since she’d explained everything and it wasn’t encouraging. ‘Carly?’ she said tentatively.
‘Yes?’ Carly mumbled, preoccupied.
‘You haven’t said anything. Are you mad at me?’
Carly turned to smile at her faintly. ‘I’m not mad at you; I have no reason to be. It’s just... things aren’t that simple. I wish I can make you understand.’  The engine needed water and there was no stream or river around. Unless a car or truck came by they would have to walk or wait for the police to find them; surely Bo would have ordered a search by now. Slamming the hood shut, she winced at the pain on her arm, gingerly rubbing it. ‘We have to wait and see if a car passes by to take us back, Ciara. Don't worry, we’ll be back in town before you know it.’
But that wasn’t what was bothering Ciara and she wasn't going to let Carly move away from the subject. ‘Carly... did you know my Daddy before? A long time ago?’
 ‘Why do you ask?’ Carly asked, sitting beside her.
‘You and Daddy... I heard you say to him you’ll leave town again if you have to. That day we went to the lake. Did you know him a long time ago? When Zack was alive?’
‘No... when I was here Zack wasn’t even born. Your brother Shawn D was about your age at that time.’
‘How come you were Daddy’s girlfriend?’
‘You see, your Mummy was lost in a huge accident and for a long time your Daddy and everybody thought she was dead. It took a long time but we fell in love.’
‘Did you go away when Mummy came back then?’
‘No, I went away long before your Mummy came back. You see... something happened to me that made me forget your Daddy.  That woman Vivian did it to me; by the time I remembered it was too late.’
‘You married somebody else?’
‘Yes. But he treated me very badly and he didn’t allow me keep Melanie. She’s the reason why I came back, Ciara. I never saw her when she was your age; I wanted to be with her. Your Daddy helped me find her, you see.’
‘ hate my Daddy for going back to Mummy?’
‘No, of course not. I can never hate your Daddy.’
‘Do you hate Mummy?’
‘No, sweetie. I have no reason to hate her.’
‘What about me? I was so mean...’
‘You didn’t understand what was going on. And any child would not be happy to see another woman with their father. But it’s over now.’ Carly slipped her arms round the child. ‘And for the record, I like you very much; as much as I liked and loved  your brother. I haven’t seen him in years but he’s always been in my thoughts.’  And his father as well; once the cloud of confusion Larry spread over her had lifted. ‘Daddy wants to be with you.’ Ciara broke into her thoughts, her grubby face pleading. ‘ Please forgive  him and make him laugh again.’
‘Please.’ Ciara slipped her arms round Carly’s neck, hugging her tightly. ‘Please, Carly, please. I don't want Daddy to be sad anymore.’ She sobbed.
Out of the mouth of little babes... Carly thought, tears pouring down her cheeks as she held Ciara in her arms.
‘I am a princess,’ she slipped her arms round his neck, looking deep into his  eyes. ‘And you are my handsome, kind, charming prince who promised me a love everlasting.’
‘I’ll always give you love everlasting,’ Bo said softly. ‘And you and me; our love story’s never going to end.’ 
‘I don't want him to be sad anymore either.’ She whispered, pressing her face against the child’s forehead; remembering how she’d felt on seeing Bo again after so many years, hearing the sound of his voice. The years had been kinder to him, or so she’d thought at the time and after he’d confided to her that his marriage was over, she’d make the mistake of unburdening her yearning heart. He hadn’t reacted like she’d expected but she was glad he knew just how she felt; some things may have changed but not deep, emotional feelings towards a soul mate. Bo was her everything and though she’d tried to love Tony as much as she loved Bo, it had been impossible. Yet how could she bring herself to try it all over again with him after everything that’s happened?
‘Carly, you take care of yourself down there; you hear me?’ Justin said as he handed her a miner’s hat.
‘You have a problem, let us know and we’ll pull you out.’ Roman/John instructed.
‘Yes, yes... let’s get down there, let’s get on with it.’ Carly said briskly, putting the hat on and adjusting the radio she was going use for communication.
‘Carly.’ Her eyes met his. There were a lot of things he wanted to say to her but couldn’t. But he did know he wanted to see her and Shawn D out of that oil shaft alive. So all he could do was say, ‘Good luck.’
‘Don’t worry Bo; I’m going to get your boy.’ She promised.
Come back safe too. He conveyed the message with his eyes, taking her arm while Roman/John took the other and she was lowered inside the hole.
‘Shawn Douglas?’ he heard her voice over the radio after a while. ‘Sweetheart, can you hear me; it’s Dr. Manning. I’m coming to get you.’
‘Why isn’t he answering?’ he snapped.
‘He may’ve just fallen asleep Bo; try not to worry.’

‘Bo.’  Torn from his thoughts, he turned to face his brother.
‘Look uh...’ Roman looked embarrassed. ‘for what it’s worth I’m sorry... for not standing by you and Carly when you were together; for advising you not to start anything with her. She’s a wonderful woman...’
‘And you chose to forget that, huh?’ Bo asked, coldly.
‘I was thinking more about her than you, if you want to know the truth!’ Roman insisted. ‘ I didn't want her get caught in the middle of your issues with Hope, or you using Carly as a way of getting back at her. if I didn't approve, it was because I thought you were doing that the whole time. And I’m so sorry it took this long for me to see you belong to each other. I just want you to know that.’
‘Apologise to Carly, not me. Matter of fact, everybody should apologise especially Kayla if she ever wants me to forgive her for the way she treated Carly. Carly was like a sister to her and she preferred to forget that and cast her aside all because she wanted to keep Hope’s friendship! That’s the real reason why you all treated Carly like an enemy and called her a home wrecker; not for anything else but misplaced loyalty towards Hope! So don't you start coming in my face with excuses because I don't want them or your apologies. Just leave me alone.’
‘Oh I’ll leave you alone, Prince High and Mighty,’ Roman snapped back. ‘Right after I remind you of one thing, nobody forced you to go back to Hope; you did that all by yourself! We hurt Carly? Who hurt her the most? You ask yourself that before you start with the rest of us and don't you let me see you show Ma disrespect again, get it? No matter what’s happened she’s still your mother who loves you.’ With that he stalked out of the office, slamming the door behind him.
Did she? Bo thought, hard heartedly. If she loved him at all and cared about his happiness she would’ve stood by him instead of condemning Carly. But Roman had a point which sobered him. He had been the one who made the decision to leave Carly and like a coward, he’d allowed her to initiate the breakup. He had been the one who’d hurt her the most because he’d promised her a future and then let her down. Brushing away the sudden tears that filled his eyes, Bo made another decision. When Carly and Ciara are rescued and Carly still insisted on leaving town, he will go with her. Ciara will understand and visitations will be arranged. Living in another city away from disapproving eyes will be worth having Carly with him every day and night. The rest of the world can rot for all he cared.  With that resolution; he thought about Ciara, willing her to be alright too. With the way Carly always put others ahead of herself, he was certain she would do anything to protect his daughter. It was only a matter of time Rafe and his men found them before Vivian did.
After waiting in vain for a passing car, Carly decided to walk as it was getting dark; maybe there would be able to find someone along the way to take them back to town.  Ciara bravely covered several kilometres before she began to stagger then Carly carried her on her back, overriding protests about her arm. Ciara was no heavier than the rucksack she’d carried on her back when she’d gone hiking with Bo so long ago. Besides, after roaming from one country to another before settling in Tahiti and long afterwards Salem; she was more than used to walking.
‘Do you think a car will pass by soon Carly?’ Ciara asked, clinging closer to Carly.
‘Hopefully any time soon, sweetie. Just try and be brave for a while longer. Maybe your Daddy might find us or we find a phone booth first.’ Carly soothed. The moon was full but it gave their surroundings an eerie look. Like the setting of An American werewolf in London, she thought.  Shivering, she walked on and on, covering more distance with her strong legs.
Rafe called Bo after several hours. They’d found Carly’s car and blood on the driver’s seat; more blood stains on the tarred ground.  Hope, almost mad with despair and rage, let Bo have it full throttle; Victor as well.
‘That murdering whore of yours is going to pay hard; via the electric chair!’ He spat, as Hope wept hysterically. ‘That I promise Bo, and there’s no way you’re going to shield her this time!’
‘We don't know the blood belongs to Ciara!’ Bo shouted. ‘And you keep your damned assumptions to yourself, this is official police business that you have nothing to do with!’
‘How can he not have anything to do it?’ Kayla hurled at him. ‘With the way you’re putting Carly ahead of your family; can’t you open your eyes and see she’s changed?! Or that she’s driving this family apart...’
‘Shut the hell up, Kayla Johnson and I mean it!’
‘Bo!’ Steve thundered, appalled. Caroline shook her head, devastation all over her face at the ugly sight of her children at each other’s throats.
‘Fighting your own sister over a whore and upsetting your mother- that’s what you’re reduced to now, almighty Commissioner Brady! Not facing the hard fact that your  abnormal whore’s killed your daughter... the same woman who killed her own husband.’
‘Keep that up Victor... ‘ Bo began threateningly.
‘Yeah, keep it up Kiriakis; it gives me just the right excuse to plant my fist on your face!’

All eyes turned to the door. Standing with Melanie, Nicholas, Brady and a golden haired woman was Carly’s brother Frankie; his blue-black eyes filled with rage. The room fell silent immediately. 


Chapter 22

 Nicholas was filled with utter rage and a huge sense of injustice; itching to punch Bo out for subjecting his mother to so much pain and humiliation and Victor as well, for calling her a whore in his hearing.
‘I’m going to kill them both first chance I get!’ he shouted after letting loose a string of curses.
‘Trust me, Victor isn’t worth swinging for.’ Melanie replied grimly. ‘And I’m not trying to defend Bo but he didn't know about the baby, he was upset when he found out...’
‘I don't give a damn about his feelings; he didn't consider Mum’s when he went back to his wife and left her pregnant!’ her brother snarled, green eyes flashing. ‘it’s easy for him to judge... I saw the way he looked at me at Mrs. Horton’s house! But he’s far less than I am, that son of a bitch got what he wanted from Mum and left her standing there and neither of you told me!’
‘Mum made me promise not to! But that’s not important right now; we have to do something about this situation!’ Melanie shouted back, sick with worry over Carly and Ciara.  
‘What CAN we do?’ Nicholas demanded harshly. ‘We can’t allow them arrest Mum; that text message doesn't prove anything!’
‘Nick calm down, Bo obviously doesn't  believes Carly kidnapped Ciara.’ Brady protested.
‘How do you expect us to calm down when majority of Hope’s lynch mob in there think she’s guilty and Bo’s probably ordering a manhunt right now!’ Melanie cried furiously. ‘Didn't you see the look on their faces, especially on Kayla’s? A total bitch, just like Stephanie! I won’t stand for it, you hear me Brady! My mother’s no kidnapper, she’s not!’
‘I know she’s not, I don't believe for a second that she would kidnap Ciara.’ Brady assured her. ‘But freaking out won’t help her either so you both need to calm down!’
Nicholas glowered while Brady held Melanie by the shoulders, willing her to calm down just as Jennifer and Adrienne walked down the station’s steps.
‘Why aren’t you inside comforting your cousin; I bet you feel torn all over again.’ Melanie said bitterly.
‘Mel, stop that; she’s on Carly’s side.’ Adrienne said sharply as Jennifer flinched, visibly hurt by her words.  ‘And so am I and Justin so get off your high horse once and for all!’
‘Mrs. Kiriakis, with all due respect; from what I’ve seen and heard so far I honestly don't think  much about the people of this town.’ Nicholas said coldly. ‘I’m well aware how much  I hurt Mum but I never expected the people she called her family to behave this way towards her, all this time they’ve  been  attacking her  with slander and insults and regarding her as white trash. As for the commissioner, once this is over, I have a score to settle with him.’
‘Nick, don't talk that way...’
‘No let him talk, Adrienne!’ Melanie shouted, shaking herself free from Brady’s hold.  ‘Let him talk! Mum wouldn’t be a suspect at all if Bo hadn’t been such a jerk in the first place!  Everybody now thinks she’s gone crazy over the baby she lost and kidnapped Ciara; all because he went back to his pill popping wife!’
‘That woman doesn't belong in jail but bedlam!’ Nicholas added furiously. ‘And if she insists on accusing my mother I’ll have her sued for libel, Kiriakis as well!’
‘Nicholas.’ Adrienne said firmly. ‘There are people on Carly’s side; people who still know her very well and those who got to know her. And whether you choose to believe it or not, Bo loves your mother very much...’ Nicholas sneered while Melanie snorted contemptuously but she went on. ‘And he’s willing to risk his career to help her and prove her innocence so please don't think the whole town’s against her because that’s not true.’
‘No, it’s not!’ Jennifer pleaded, trying to convince them. ‘And please don't listen to Hope, she’s just worried and upset; she’s not a bad person. Once this whole mess clears up, she’ll make an apology without anyone telling her.’
‘And Justin is more than ready to defend Carly; just in case.’ Adrienne added. ‘And hears some good news... Bo’s sent Rafe and another detective to question Vivian.’  
‘Why can’t he go question her himself if he’s so sure Mum’s innocent?’ asked Melanie suspiciously.
‘Abe’s idea. He figured Bo would go berserk if he goes over there. Let’s wait for the results.’
Brady shook his head, ‘She’s going to deny it till she’s blue in the face; that woman’s a lying snake.’
‘Don't worry, Brady.’ Nicholas said grimly. ‘if the police can’t get anything out of her... I will.’
Carly had gambled correctly that Bo would immediately suspect coercion behind the message. After pulling himself together and ignoring Hope’s angry raves, he’d noticed something and pointed it out to Roman, Abe and Steve. Carly had signed herself “Katarina”, the birth name she hated with a vengeance; no one in Salem except Larry, his major-domo Ivan and Frankie (a few times) ever called her that. Besides, after questioning some staff at the hospital, Roman discovered that Ciara’s disappearance didn't correspond with Carly’s; around the estimated time Ciara had disappeared from Maggie’s house, Carly was in her office clearing her desk, according to Daniel. Based on that and the reminder that Carly had been set up before, Roman backed up Bo by giving Carly the benefit of the doubt. Abe and Steve were also convinced that Carly was innocent. Bo had been forced to reveal Carly’s miscarriage  and Hope was certain Carly was doing this solely to punish her; Caroline and Kayla on the other hand felt Carly had been nursing anger and grief over her unborn child and wanted to take it out on Ciara and therefore not exactly responsible for her actions.  Victor, who’d nursed intense hatred for Carly ever since she spurned his love angrily, told Abe to order an immediate manhunt for Carly or he’ll hold him and Bo responsible if anything happened to his granddaughter.  Bo ordered him to get the hell out of his office and Roman firmly escorted him out when Victor proved stubborn.
Bo gave the order for a wide search for Carly and Ciara; emphasising that Carly was not a suspect but possibly being held hostage with Ciara, so therefore they were not to arrest her, much to Hope’s anger.
‘Have you lost your mind completely?’ she cried. ‘this woman kidnapped our daughter and you aren’t  going to arrest her?!’
‘Look at the evidence in front of you; Carly was in her office at the time Ciara vanished, she certainly can’t be at two places at once!’ Roman pointed out, exasperated.
‘Daniel’s not a credible witness; of course he would protect the mother of his child and your brother would do anything to protect his mistress!’ Hope snapped, glaring at Bo.  
‘Hope! ‘Abe cut in. ‘We’re going with evidence and not assumptions; Daniel’s not the only witness we have here, other people are willing to testify she was in her office at that particular time. So put your hate aside and start thinking like a detective- innocent until proven guilty; do I make myself clear?’
‘Not when my daughter is concerned!’ Hope said angrily.
‘She’s my daughter too.’ Bo snapped.
‘Some father you are, willing to risk her life by having Carly treated with kid gloves!’
‘Carly’s innocent! Evidence be damned; this is the same woman who crawled down an oil shaft to save our son!’
‘You’re so blind when she’s concerned... you’re despicable!’
Abe, Roman and Steve looked at each other in despair. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
When Carly was absolutely sure they’d covered sufficient distance from Vivian’s paid assassin, she pulled to the side of the road and got out of the car to see to her wound.  Ciara began to sob as Carly slowly took off her jacket and black blouse, upset at the sight of her bleeding upper arm.
‘Please don’t cry, sweetie.’ Carly soothed, gritting her teeth at the excruciating pain.  
‘But you’re hurt bad!’ Ciara cried, tears pouring down her cheeks.
Carly swallowed, beads of sweat appearing on her forehead. ‘I’m going to be alright... just hand me my medical bag, it’s in the back seat.’
Ciara hurriedly obeyed, anxiously watching Carly as she painfully took the bullet out of the flesh wound and used a pressure bandage to staunch the bleeding. Ciara pressed it down as firmly as she could with her small hands as Carly wrapped lint bandage over and over to secure it. She would have to wait until she got to the hospital since she couldn't stitch it one handed. Panting, she managed to smile reassuringly at the child.  ‘It doesn't hurt much, Ciara.’
Ciara sniffled. ‘That man who shot you... what did he want?’
‘Vivian, you remember her?’ Ciara nodded. ‘She paid him a lot of money to hurt us. She doesn't like me, or your Daddy, that’s why.’
‘And that light...’ Ciara stammered,  still unable to believe what she’d seen, ‘that woman, was she... a... ghost? Or an angel?’
Carly chose her words carefully, not wanting to confuse and frighten her; seeing Isabella’s ghost had shocked her as well. ‘I think that was an angel, sweetie. There are angels watching over us all the time, we were very, very  lucky this one came before that bad man could kill us.’ Smoothing her hair, she kissed  Ciara on the cheek. ‘We’re safe now. So, how about telling me why you came to the hospital to talk to me?’
Nicholas, Brady and Melanie caught Rafe and his partner before they went inside. ‘Well?’ he demanded. ‘Why isn't she with you?’
‘Because she wasn’t at the hotel.’ Rafe replied flatly. ‘We just missed her, guy at the front desk said she took off in a hurry with that bodyguard of hers.’
‘I knew it... She’s behind all this! She set Mum up after kidnapping them both!’ Melanie exclaimed triumphantly.
‘Any idea where they could’ve gone?’ Brady asked.
‘No, but don't worry, she won’t get far.’ Patting Melanie’s shoulder he and the stalwart detective with him went upstairs to make their report. Nicholas looked very agitated.
‘Now Vivian’s disappeared, is it possible that Mum’s... already dead?’
‘NO!’ Melanie and Brady cried in unison, shocked by the suggestion.
‘But why else would she run off, Mum and Ciara are out there at the hands of whoever Vivian must have paid... how would they possibly get away?’ he cried, sick with fear.
‘You’re going to have to believe Carly and Ciara are still alive Nick; you simply have to.’ Brady urged. ‘I’ve seen how Vivian operates, slow torture is her style; not fast and quick. They’re still alive and with this mistake Vivian just made; they have no reason to suspect Carly, which means she’s not going to be arrested!’
‘But suppose they use her miscarriage against her?’ Nicholas insisted, still worried. ‘Vivian will use every trick in the book to get herself out of this mess like she always does and have Mum blamed; Victor could use his influence to have her locked up in some loony bin! Who’s going to believe or listen to a kid?’
‘Victor Kiriakis is not the only one who has influence.’ Melanie said suddenly, bringing out her cell phone and began to dial. ‘Bo wasn’t able to protect Mum, lord knows if he’ll be able to after she’s found.’
‘Who are you calling?’ Brady asked curiously.
Melanie put the phone in her ear, not bothering to reply. After a few seconds she said, ‘Hi Uncle Frankie, it’s me. Something’s happened...’
Vivian couldn't believe what she’d heard. ‘You allowed them to escape because you saw a ghost?’ she’d screamed over the phone. ‘Have you been drinking?’
‘I saw what I saw alright so you’re going to have to find somebody else to do your dirty work for you, ‘cause I’m out!’ the man had hurled back before hanging up on her. Letting loose a stream of abuse, she’d ordered Gus to get the car, they were going hunting. They had to find Carly before Bo and his men did; and kill her and the brat before they talked. No stupid person who couldn't handle his job was going to cheat her out of her revenge.

It was only a matter of time they found them, Vivian thought to herself, murder in her eyes as Gus drove out of the town. I’ll take great pleasure in killing you Carly! 


Okay... what more does this freakazoid have to do before the authorities do something to curb his ridiculous behavior with celebrities? Not long ago he managed to slip under America Ferrera's dress at the Cannes Festival ; now we hear that Vitalii  Sediuk struck Brad Pitt on the face (imagine that!) during the premire of Angelina Jolie's movie: Maleficent. The crazy man actually jumped over the barricade and slapped the actor before  taken away and I hope it's a polite word for 'arrested' because I  can't imagine them letting him go just like that this time.

Seriously, WHAT is this guy's problem and what exactly is the meaning behind these stupid pranks of his? Some sort of statement because honestly I really don't see why he insists on making a real nuisance of himself like this. It's either he wasn't given a warning after his behavior at the Cannes Festival or chose to ignore it; I didn't think he would pull another red carpet stunt that soon. It may not even be statement, it may be Sediuk wants his own amount of fame even if he winds up regarded as the 'celebrity pest' or just wants to see how far he can go and how often he can get away with his weird behavior.
But whatever his reasons for these stupid pranks, they are NOT FUNNY. If Sediuk wasn't given a warning the last time, he should be given a serious warning now; stop the 'pranks' or go to jail. Honestly, the man has turned from weird to simply ridiculous. They are calling Vitalii Sediuk  'the serial prankster' now, what will they call him if one of his 'celebrity pranks' causes an accident or worse, he walks up to a celebrity with a weapon in his hand? This man is no prankster, he's just a major stalker and a nuisance  looking for attention and notoriety. If that's the case, he's winning. It's best he should be treated like the freakazoid that he is, given ZERO attention and lock his ass in jail for a few months.
That will clip his wings!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


What can one say about Dr. Maya Angelou ? Her numerous fans will talk about her books; her beautiful poems, her plays, movies her T.V shows as well as her active role in the Civil Rights movement. When she was alive, I followed her on Twitter. Though I never tweeted  her, I always made sure I read her tweets, which were usually wise sayings. Her last one was on May 23th, 2014; which reads...

Dr. Maya Angelou was a very remarkable woman. Not just because of what she accomplished but how she started in the beginning and forged ahead. She experienced racism, sexual molestation and a period when she couldn't talk after that sad incident. But she created a niche for herself after discovering her love for books; thus became the woman we will always remember. She was very open about her past in her autobiographies; her struggles made her even more human. Aside from her writing, she learnt several languages, was one of the advocates of Civil Rights and Education. Here in Nigeria, her book "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" is widely read; I found a few copies at a book stand in The University of Lagos. 

In Tyler Perry's 2006 movie "Madea's Family Reunion", Dr. Angelou had a cameo role and recited this lovely poem in the wedding scene: 

The sun has come.
The mist has gone.
We see in the distance…
our long way home.
I was always yours to have.
You were always mine.
We have loved each other in and out of time.
When the first stone looked up at the blazing sun
and the first tree struggled up from the forest floor
I had always loved you more.
You freed your braids…
gave your hair to the breeze.
It hummed like a hive of honey bees.
I reached in the mass for the sweet honey comb there….
Mmmm…God how I love your hair.
You saw me bludgeoned by circumstance.
Lost, injured, hurt by chance.
I screamed to the heavens….loudly screamed….
Trying to change our nightmares into dreams…
The sun has come.
The mist has gone.
We see in the distance our long way home.
I was always yours to have.
You were always mine.
We have loved each other in and out
in and out
in and out
of time.

And there was her memorable poem in 1993's "Poetic Justice": PHENOMENAL WOMAN; from her 1978's "And Still I Rise" 

Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I'm telling lies.
I say,
It's in the reach of my arms
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me.

I walk into a room
Just as cool as you please,
And to a man,
The fellows stand or
Fall down on their knees.
Then they swarm around me,
A hive of honey bees.
I say,
It's the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me.

Men themselves have wondered
What they see in me.
They try so much
But they can't touch
My inner mystery.
When I try to show them
They say they still can't see.
I say,
It's in the arch of my back,
The sun of my smile,
The ride of my breasts,
The grace of my style.
I'm a woman

Phenomenal woman,
That's me.

Now you understand
Just why my head's not bowed.
I don't shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It's in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need of my care,
'Cause I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me. 

Today, a very remarkable woman has passed on to the world beyond. And the world will never forget her as we pray to God to grant her soul eternal rest.