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Monday, June 04, 2007


For all Nigerian viewers of La Hija Del Jardinero (THE GARDENER’S DAUGHTER), it’s glaringly obvious to all and sundry that this telenovela we love so much is soon going to wrap up and while I’m going to miss Mariana Ochoa(Luisa Fernanda) and Carlos Torres(Carlos Eduardo), I’ll be glad not to see Jennifer De La Vega’s spiteful face every week, she’s even worse than Barbara(Anette Michel) in Cuando Seas Mia (WHEN YOU ARE MINE) with her ridiculous and embarrassing display of so called affection but I’ll certainly miss Victor (whom I personally nicknamed Miss Thang) being the comic relief in such a tense story, compared with Xochil, who is such a forward pain in the ass, no Nigerian household can hire someone like that as a housemaid, lai lai . And AIT is not giving us time to catch our breath after this rollercoaster soap because

We’re having the stars of ‘Cuando Seas Mia’ Silvia Navarro (Paloma) and Sergio Basanez (Diego) back in CATALINA y SEBASTIAN, which was Silvia and Sergio’s first telenovela together, way back in 1999, Cuando Seas Mia was their third outing . I’ve surfed the net but am yet to find out whether Silvia and Sergio have something going (romantically) or they just like working together. But personally… I’m not too happy/excited that AIT chose CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN to replace LA HIJA DEL JARDINERO because around the time Cuando Seas Mia was about to wrap up, I got into a Latino website to find out Silvia Navarro’s other telenovelas along with photos of her to add to my scrapbook; imagine my astonishment when I came across the title banner of CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN:

Once I got over the shock of seeing her with ‘Diego’ again, I carefully read the telenovela’s overview; Catalina (Silvia Navarro) freshly dumped by her boyfriend and in desperate need to help out her bankrupt family out of their financial problems agrees to marry a rich plantation owner, Sebastian (Sergio Basanez). Sebastian, comes up with a very peculiar plan; he switches places with his foreman and lets Catalina think he’s actually a poor man and forces her to live at the foreman’s house instead of the main house, in the hope that Catalina will actually fall in love with him without the added motivation of money. But he gets so discouraged that when Catalina finally does falls in love with him, he asks for a divorce. Worse still, the foreman, who for some reason has a fixed idea that he’s Sebastian’s half brother, refuses to switch back with Sebastian, that is, unless Sebastian gave him Catalina! How Sebastian go do that one???

This is obviously going to be a tedious telenovela, full of misguided signals and misunderstandings before everyone has a happy ever after, goodbye, and the end. Will try, (but no promises) to keep you guys reading this blog, posted.

As for AIT, they truly suck, after going through all the trouble of advertising LA MUJER DE LORENZO and by the way, MUJER means ‘woman’ in Spanish, not ‘wife’, they constantly annoy me (and I’m sure other fans) at the way they repeat episodes, I follow this telenovela on Galaxy TV, but they are much worse, cutting off before the end time and constant interruptions with their commercials but it’s very interesting, I really love Sylvia and Lorenzo; they are absolutely perfect for each other, as well as make such a handsome couple ,even though Lorenzo is like several years older than Sylvia, at least he’s a lot more mature than that stupid Alex. Last week, to my surprise, they made love for the first time, it was inevitable of course, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon since they are just seeing each other with new eyes after being betrayed by Laura and Alex. But I may be wrong about that, because although Sylvia truly loved Alex when they were still together (though I’m still trying to understand what she saw in him), she was attracted to Lorenzo after he prevented her from having her neck broken by a cheating wrestler and Lorenzo liked having Sylvia to talk to as well as constantly following her with his eyes ever after he discovered his wife’s habit of taking birth control pills. Now Sylvia is the latest and last woman in his life and if I were him, I’ll pay the settlement immediately, anything to get that woman off his back in order to be free to marry Sylvia. Isabella, Lorenzo’s ex girlfriend is another story, I wish she’ll fall somewhere and drown! I can’t stand the sight of her, whenever she sneers; the sentence in my mind is always “Grandma, what big teeth you have!” she irritates me with her evil smiles and heavy eye shadow and what I feared would happen has happened, last Thursday’s episode on Galaxy she discovered that Lorenzo and Sylvia were having an affair when she eavesdropped Lorenzo calling Sylvia ‘darling’ over the phone, now she’ll be up to more of her ever dirty tricks to separate them with the help of that ice chip Gloria. Of course she’ll not succeed (the evil doers never do), she’ll probably end up committing suicide.
Nattie (short for Natalia), Sylvia’s cousin and Giacormo make a very odd couple and it’s not because he’s much older than her but because he’s right now a very confused guy. Nattie turned to him for comfort after being played by Lorenzo’s lawyer Orlando, (who, to my disgust, is now sleeping with Laura, for heaven’s sake!) now she wants more from him than a platonic friendship which will be difficult because unknown to her, her new ‘boyfriend’ is gay and doesn’t know how to tell her, probably so that he won’t lose her friendship. I’ve heard of some cases of some Lesbians going back to heterosexuality but I don’t know if gay guys do that so It’s either Giacormo will change his sexual preferences (which I hope since his son Tony caught him kissing Nattie in the kitchen) but I don’t expect he will or will tell Nattie and break her heart but still retain her friendship; either way, I don’t want Nattie to go back to that backstabbing Orlando, who is a dead man once Lorenzo finds out he slept with Laura. And I’m 80% sure that the mysterious man who sends letters to Laura from Venezuela is Sylvia’s missing father who abandoned her and her late mother out of the blue years ago, for Laura . Can hardly wait for this week’s episodes and I hope, no more repeats!

Lest I forget, I mentioned earlier that CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN was Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basanez’s first outing together and CUANDO SEAS MIA (When You Are Mine) was their third. Well, see them in the second and fourth:

The name meaning ‘STREET OF BRIDES,’ however Silvia and Sergio (from what I heard anyway) weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend here and was first aired in 2000; the 4th one is

which first aired in 2004 and the title means THE HEIRESS, where Silvia Navarro played Maria Claudia, the only daughter of a very rich and ailing man who falls in love with the company’s pilot, Juan Antonio (Basanez) after they both survive a plane crash (orchestrated by her horrible brother who thought their father would be on board) only to face 2 main obstacles: her father, who isn’t’ pleased his daughter wants to marry ‘an ordinary guy’ and Juan Antonio’s ex-wife who wants to get him back by fair or foul means using their son as emotional blackmail,(sounds familiar??) I wish AIT had picked this to replace ‘The Gardener’s Daughter’ instead of ‘Catalina and Sebastian.’
Will keep you posted and pls feel free to leave a comment, I’ll really, really appreciate it.


  1. you are welcome. i love telenovelas and i hope you will do justice to what you are about to start.

  2. omodesola Ilechukwu Mrs7 June 2007 at 09:46

    Dear Amina,
    got yo know about ur blog from philomena, here is wishing u all the best,just want to encourage u to keep up the good work,enjoy what u're doing, pursue ur dreams and aspirations ang God will grant u success, i want to subscribe to ur posts (when available) my email addy is woulld love to hear from you. all the best,
    Omodesola Ilechukwu (mrs)

  3. Amina, welcome on board! I hope you will be as wonderful as Philomena. Can you post your personal profile so we know more about you please. I enjoyed the bits about Lorenzo's wife. It's been a long time since i last watch Lorenzo's wife. I live in Abuja and Galaxy is not on DSTV yet so i have really missed much. Cant even tell if AIT still shows it. I really wish we can get sponsors for The Heiress. It promises to be an interesting telenova.
    You are once more welcome on board. I shall try to visit often.

  4. thanks a lot for giving more information on la mujer de lorenzo. I've waiting for such informatioon for a long time. the telenovela was shown on one of ghana's tv stations but stopped midway. another station picked it up but the same thing happened. hope you get to watch all the series and relay the information to some of us. it's a source of relief from unfulfiled entertainment and the suspense that it creates.
    God bless you


  5. Amina,
    I am really happy about 'ur work nd Ojikutu. Keep it up.

    Pls I want a full summary of Cat & Seb. I 'll love to have it posted to my e-mail.

    May Allah be 'ur strenght nd give u 'ur heart desired hubby.

    Take gd care of 'urself.

  6. Hi amina,
    nice work girl! please can you help me out? I dont think i can put with this suspence any longer. Do please help me out and PLEASE send me all the summaries of the 120 episodes of catalina and sabastin. Here's my email address
    Thanks dear. Looking foward to hearing from you.
    mrs ifechi

  7. To Mrs. Ifechi, i got your comment and thank u so much. I truly apreciate your kindness. i'm sorry, i did my best but i'm yet to find all the episodes of CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN. Once i do, i'll post them to you for sure. All i can tell you is this; Sebastian will tell Cat. the truth AND ask her for a divorce. Trust Carmelo, he refused to go back to his prevoius lifestyle and then made a deal; Sebastian will only get his life back if Cat. agreed to marry him and personally(if i were Catalina)i'd sooner put a rope around my neck before i marry somebody like carmelo. i dont know if catalina did it or not, but towards the end of the telenovela, there would be a lot of deaths(so i gathered)which includes Sylvia and Amelia. That's all i can tell u for now, i'm sorry. but there's the info on 'LA USURPANDORA' on this blog,from Paulina's trial to the very end. Pls check that as well as cast your vote below. thank you


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