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Friday, June 08, 2007


The cast of LA HIJA DE JARDINERO made their final bow on Wednesday, June 6th, 2007; I savoured the final episode (on AIT Television) completely although I found Rosario’s imitation of Don Fernando very distasteful and rude. For those who missed it as well as the one showed by MITV yesterday, here are the important things that happened:

Jennifer was dragged away kicking and screaming, at the same time yelling insults at Luisa Fernanda and words of love at Carlos Eduardo, who just ignored her and held his darling close to him.

Pedro visited Luis Alejandro in prison, taunting him with the knowledge that he was now where he belonged.

Jennifer ranted at how stupidly she’d behaved and was anxious to get psychiatric help.
Marissa announced she was giving her mansion to Carlos Eduardo and Luisa Fernanda as a wedding gift, since she was going to move in with Pedro.

Alfredo planned his future with Xochil and finally embraced Carlos Eduardo in sincere and lasting friendship.
Luisa Fernanda, looking so beautiful in her wedding dress, pressing a kiss on her mum’s photo before leaving, she actually ran towards the church, amidst cheers.

Luisa Fernanda and Carlos Eduardo exchanging a sensual kiss after the padre declares them husband and wife; Pedro, Orlando, Ordonez, Cesar and Armando also kissing their wives- Marissa, Vanessa, Lupe, Clarita and Carolina. (The only person missing at the wedding and should have been there, Pedro’s sister, Joaquina)

Don Fernando, after thanking God for His Infinite Mercy, resumed back to work, healthy again; appointed Orlando vice president and Marissa’s lawyer his new legal adviser.

Luis Alejandro wept like a baby after Armando informed him that he’d been given 10 years imprisonment (reduced from a life sentence at Luisa Fernanda’s intervention)

Jennifer finally appreciated Guillermo (I still prefer to call him Fabian) and accepted him as her boyfriend after he and Carolina (who is now pregnant) told her that Carlos Eduardo and Luisa Fernando had dropped the charges, thus, she wont go to prison after leaving the psychiatric home.

Luisa Fernanda telling Carlos Eduardo that she was pregnant again (hopefully it would be girl this time), Carlos Eduardo holding his wife and son in his arms, full of happiness.

Ah, another one gone, I miss it so such, in spite of the lies, misunderstandings and so many secrets, but all the telenovelas have those, which make them more interesting. NOW for the new one, Catalina y Sebastian.


CATALINA Y SEBASTIANAmbition, money, love, intrigue and deceit forge the life of Catalina (Silvia Navarro), a young woman struggling after a huge romantic disappointment. Forced by her parents to marry Sebastian (Sergio Basanez), the son of a powerful landholder, is the ideal solution to the economical problems of her ambitious family.Sebastian is deeply in love with Catalina, and decides to test her love after the wedding by impersonating the foreman of the estate. This only brings to light Catalina’s parents real interests, money. After being greatly disappointed, Catalina’s parents force her to get divorced as soon as possible.Sebastian wants revenge, and denies her the divorce, forcing her to live the simple life of a foreman. Time makes Catalina fall passionately in love with Sebastian, who can not forgive and forget the reason why she married him. After fulfilling his revenge, it is him who wants to break the bonds of marriage.Sebastian confesses to Catalina the truth, and decides to go back to his previous lifestyle, but Carmelo the real foreman (who believes he’s Sebastian’s half brother), is not willing to leave behind the life of luxury he has become so used to. Only if Catalina decides to marry him, will he give Sebastian back what is righteously his.Is Catalina’s love for Sebastian strong enough to sacrifice her own happiness for the wealth of the man she loves?

Peace and Love. xxxxxxx

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