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Monday, June 18, 2007

My grouse with 'REBECA'

I refused to follow REBECA because of its storyline I picked up from a Latino site after its preview and it completely put me off;
“When two men fall in love with the same woman, trouble is bound to ensue. But when the two men are father and son, the consequences can be devastating.That is what happens to Eduardo (Ricardo Alamo) and Sergio Montalban (Victor Camara), both in love with Rebeca Linares (Mariana Seoane), a beautiful young woman whom they met by chance on different occasions. When Rebeca sees Eduardo for the first time, she feels that she has found her Prince Charming. He is everything she always dreamed of. They begin to date, and gradually fall in love. Meanwhile, his father, a very attractive widower, is introduced to Rebeca and instantly falls for her. She becomes his friend, unaware of the fact that he is Eduardo’s father. The big surprise comes when Eduardo invites Rebeca home to meet his family, and she finds Sergio there. That night, Sergio realizes that he and his son love the same woman—and decides he must be the one to have her at any price. The conniving Sergio comes up with an evil plan to force Rebeca to marry him. Trapped, she must now live in the same house with the man she really loves, Eduardo, as his father’s wife. Years will pass, and many troubling events will take place, before Rebeca and Eduardo can rediscover their love—and finally enjoy the happiness that was once theirs.”
I’ve watched enough telenovelas to know the formula; the main female character has more than one suitor but never have I ever watched one when the rival for the heroine’s affection would be the boyfriend’s popsie! I mean, you have got to be kidding; what sort of happiness do you expect Rebeca and Eduardo to have after being married to Sergio, if Sergio had been his elder brother, maybe but NOT his father. It reminds me of the case of Brooke Logan, in ‘THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’, she was dumped by her fiancée Ridge and then went on to date his father, Eric, who impregnated her, but just before she was to wed Eric, Ridge’s wife, Caroline died and Ridge’s eyes traced back to Brooke… well you figure out the rest. Anyhow, this is one telenovela I refuse to follow; the storyline is very complex and unrealistic, I can hardly imagine such a situation like this in real life.

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