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Friday, June 08, 2007


I promised I’ll be posting episodes of La Mujer de Lorenzo but in order to make it easier for me, I’ve decided to post the episodes by week. Galaxy Television started airing the soap about a month ago but decided to take a huge jump since most people had probably seen the earlier ones on AIT and I sincerely both stations will get their act together and STOP with the tiresome repetitions. OKAY, this week…
Let the tricks and lie begin…

Isabella listened in disbelief as Lorenzo chatted lovingly with Sylvia over the phone and crept away unnoticed, to cry in her room. Conan is overjoyed at seeing Lisette but is stunned when she confronts him about his offer to give Mimi’s unborn child a name and breaks up with him finally. In Italy, Isabella tearfully plans on how she’ll pay Sylvia out for ‘snatching’ Lorenzo from her by making her life miserable. Her fears are confirmed when Lorenzo appears very anxious to return to Lima. Sylvia and E.P’s former staff begins working on their first order which will be designed by Conan, she instructs Nattie to call her when Lorenzo showed up at the office. Laura and her sleazy lawyer gleefully prepare her ‘evidence’ to discredit Lorenzo in court. Alex gets a subpoena, much to his surprise. Nattie is puzzled at the subpoena addressed to Isabella. Empetris follows a disgruntled Mimi to the recording studio to submit her contract. Tony shows up and the producer, Maximo hires Tony, to compete with Mimi. Conan decides to quit his job at the boutique in order to help Sylvia.

Tony and Mimi have a very heated argument. Empetris hears the noise of sewing machines and discovers Sylvia’s secret. Nattie welcomes Lorenzo and Isabella back and gives them their subpoenas, the latter rather surprised. Mimi complains to Conan about the recent development at the studio, Conan tells her about lisette, insisting the break-up wasn’t Mimi’s fault when she confessed she had told Tony about his kind offer in order to spite him, E.P angrily confronts Conan about his cousin’s ‘conspiracy’, threatening it would not succeed. Tony and Lisette discuss Conan and Mimi, just as Nattie enters the apartment. Lorenzo and Sylvia have a warm reunion; Isabella angrily (and painfully) watches Lorenzo covering Sylvia with passionate kisses. Alex confronts Laura about his subpoena; asking for his a new car in exchange for his false testimony much to Laura’s anger. After refusing to wait until the trial ended, reluctantly decides to give him a diamond brooch. Gloria is shocked as Isabella’s story about Lorenzo and Sylvia. Isabella instructs her to arrange for Sylvia to come to her hotel suite; she was going to convince Sylvia that she was Lorenzo’s lover. E.P shows up to report Sylvia to her, requesting that Isabella closed Sylvia’s business down, which she readily agrees to do. Lorenzo and Sylvia have a romantic date. Nattie is startled when Giacormo suddenly pushes her away in the middle of kissing. Deeply hurt, she gives him a strong hint that she didn’t want to see him again. Alex, Isabella and Lorenzo show up in court; the judge silences Alex when he speaks out of turn and Lorenzo is stunned when Laura’s lawyer plays a tape: Isabella telling Laura that she and Lorenzo were lovers!

Isabella hotly denies saying all the things in the tape, claiming it wasn’t her voice, but the judge confiscates it for examination. Orlando asks for 5minutes recess, ignoring hot looks from Laura. Sylvia and Nattie express doubts over Conan resigning from his job so quickly. Conan is still sad over his break-up with Lisette. During recess, Isabella admits to an angry Lorenzo that the tape was real but insists she had been drunk when she said it and only to annoy Laura. Alex gives false testimony and the judge silences both him and Lorenzo when they begin to argue. Lorenzo refuses Orlando suggestion of Sylvia testifying. Over the phone, Isabella asks Gloria to get Sylvia to come to her suite. Orlando comes out and blames Isabella for jeopardising Lorenzo’s case and unsuspectingly gives Isabella a copy of the tape when she asks for it. Nattie catches Gloria going through her desk. Empetris scolds Mimi for being on Sylvia’s side and is very rude to Hercules who arrives to try and reason with her. Mimi talks to Lisette about Conan, advising her to reconcile with Conan, stressing that Conan was only her best friend and not the father of her unborn child as insinuated by Tony but Lisette demands to know why she’s always demanding favours from him. Laura’s lawyer trashes Lorenzo and Isabella’s characters in court, showing the tabloid that ran the story about Isabella being a former prostitute (and it’s true too.) and the case is adjourned again. Back at the office, Isabella shows Gloria the tape she got from Orlando, planning to deliberately let Nattie hear it and then tell Sylvia.

(Argh! I missed most of it because of things to do in the kitchen, but what I saw);
Nattie heard the tape and wondered how to tell Sylvia about it. Giacormo spoke with Conan over the phone and asked after Nattie. The inspector, sent by Isabella, arrived at the gym but only found the workers playing cards (thanks to a tip, probably from Mimi).

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