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Friday, June 08, 2007

What's up Silverbird TV?

I honestly don’t know why Silverbird TV stopped showing LA REVANCHA (THE REVENGE), after taking the whole trouble of advertising it and building up Nigerian’s curiosity, I was so looking forward to it। Like always, I went to my favourite Latino site when it was first advertised to find out what it was about; a maid witnessed her widowed master being murdered by his unscrupulous business partner and she runs away with his infant daughter, Soledad (the first daughter was away at boarding school)। Years later, Soledad encounters a handsome doctor on board the ship she works as the on board entertainer and fall in love at first sight. But alas, it turns out that Soledad’s boyfriend is the son of the man who had murdered her father, so her foster mother (who never told Solida about the incident or her true identity, for her own protection) forbids her to see him again. Worse, Isabella, in search of her father’s killer, also falls in love with Alejandro not realising that her rival was the sister she’s also searching for. Much worse, the killer wants Solida to be his grandson’s nanny (Alejandro’s troubled son, Kike, is strongly attached to her) but must live in the mansion. Besides Isabella, Solida will also have to contend with Alejandro’s spiteful stepsister (who is also in love with him) and his horrible older brother who, for some reason, hates her very much.

I don’t think I’ll have much faith in Silverbird TV’s adverts on Telenovelas anymore; it’s absolutely unfair to suddenly yank such an interesting telenovela away…for what reason did they do it, I’ll like to know! If they expect the public to take them seriously, then they should finish what they started.
But then again, maybe I’m being unfair, LA REVANCHA aired the same time as LA HIJA DE JARDINERO (9 o’clock), so maybe it would be brought back on air now that
LA HIJA DE JARDINERO is wrapping up but I very much doubt it because nobody will be prepared to ignore CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN as Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basanez will be in it. But I sincerely hope that one way or the other, LA REVANCHA will come back.

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  1. The same sentiment goes here. I've been an avid fan of Alejandro and Soledad, and it was really a great dissapointment when the airing of La Revancha was stopped. We were looking forward for the remaining episodes and hopefully, if they are not going to air it on television, they might as well put in the web, youtube or etc. so that for us who are following the story of La Revancha will be able to continue to view how the story ended.

    Many thanks.


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