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Monday, June 11, 2007


I know everyone's longing to read it but it's my strong advi that you read episodes 72 to the climax before continuing, PLEASE!


Paola is found in critical condition.Paulina is informed and hurries to the hospital, accompanied by Roderigo.  Dr. Valera tells Paulina that her sister's legs are destroyed and she has terrible internal injuries.Roderigo hugs  Paulina and consoles her when she tearfully blames herself for buying Paola the car and picks up the phone to  inform Carlos Daniel who is already on his way home.Paola starts being delirious, saying that Willie was going to burn down the factory, calling Paulina a 'bad sister' for not giving her what she wanted- lots of money to enjoy herself. Later she awakens and asked Paulina to forgive her. Paulina forgives Paola, amidst tears. Paulina vows to become a nun if God spared her sister, praying hard.
 Paola then asks to speak with Carlos Daniel. Paola is getting worse and she asks for the forgiveness of the Bracho family. Carlos Daniel forgives Paola, (merely for Paulina's sake), then drags Paulina out and formally asks her to be his wife after her sister dies, (insensitive if you ask me). Paulina says no but then reluctantly promises they would discuss the matter later. He hugged her tightly.
Abuela Piedad gives Paola forgivenss as well and prays for her. Paola feels that she is dying and she asks Paulina to get married to Carlos Daniel after she dies as he loved Paulina; not her who had caused him so much unhappiness. Paulina starts to pray for her sister but Paola falls into a coma. Carlos Daniel and Abuela Piedad return to be with Paulina in the last few seconds of Paola's life. She looks at Paulina, smiles softly and breathes her last.  (may God forgive her)
Paulina tearfully makes up Paola's face, so she would look beautiful in death as she was beautiful in life.

Paola's wake is at the Bracho Mansion, attended by Roderigo,Patricia and the servants.

Edmundo comes to pay his respects but Carlos Daniel showed his resentment towards him by sitting next to a sober Paulina and held her possessively. Paola is later cremated, witnessed by Paulina, C.D and Rodrerigo; the two men console her as she cried bitterly. 
Paulina informs Carlos Daniel that she is going to get married to Edmundo Serrano, her lawyer, very soon, out of guilt at the idea of marrying her brother in law. Willie finds somebody to help him burn down the factory. Estefania takes her two million pesos and Willie wants the money. So he takes their baby boy and says that he is going to give him away for adoption if she refused to give it to him. Estefania gave him the money and he took off after he gave the baby back to her.
 Later that night, Willie sets part of the factory on fire but it is put out quickly and little damage is done. Then they find out that it was Willie and they arrest him at the airport. Estefania goes to see Willie and he asks her to get him out of jail. Estefania refuses and Willie tells her to her face that Fidelina is her real mother but Estefania doesn't believe him. Paulina and Edmundo are set to get married that day in a civil court. Edmundo signs the marriage license, but will Paulina sign it?????????????


Paulina doesn't sign the paper (ha! ha!) and Edmundo kindly said that it would have been a mistake for them to get married because she loves Carlos Daniel. In the hotel Paulina is staying, Paulina’s friend Celia, calls Abuela Piedad to tell her that Paulina didn’t marry Edmundo. Abuela Piedad tells Carlos Daniel, who is sulking in  his bedroom, the good news.

 Rejoicing, he hurries off to find her. Estefania asks if what Willie told her was true and Fidelina said yes,admist tears. They embrace each other. Carlos Daniel finds Paulina at her hotel room and tells her how much he loves her and she tells him that she loves him too, that is why she didn’t get married, but however felt wrong being with him.Carlos Daniel insists that he loved her for how she was within, not because she looked liked Paola, whom he discovered he never really loved and asks her to marry him …. She FINALLY SAID YES and they share a loving kiss and hug each other. Estefania is very ill and Fidelina,who comes to see her and the baby is very worried. Estefania starts to laugh manically, saying that Willie is going to burn in hell and is taken to the hospital where the doctor said  she was suffering from a severe nervous breakdown and may never recover. She is later taken to an asylum. Estefania's baby is adopted by Rodrigo and Patricia.Carlos Daniel and Pauly annouce their engagement and everyone is jubilant. Veronica gives Paulina a suprise... she's in love again, with Paulina's exboyfriend, Oswaldo! Estefania believes she is a nun and starts to pray a lot. Abuela Piedad visits her but she calls her Mother Superior and wondered out loud why Pat's hair was uncovered. Carlos Daniel and Paulina tell Carlitos and Lisette the truth, that she isn’t Paola. However, Carlitos tells Paulina that he still recognised and loved as his mummy, since she'd been the one who'd looked after him and his sister the whole time and gave her a hug. Willie, meanwhile, is sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The day of Paulina and Carlos Daniel’s wedding; Philomena, Celia, Lolita and Abuela Piedad help her get ready. Leandro and Viviana return, with their twin babies. 
Carlos Daniel is at the church, waiting anxiously. Paulina  got of the car and entered the church -wearing a long cream dress -on Roderigo's arm who is giving her away, while  Carlitos and Lisette come in behind her, holding her train. As they exchanged vows, Carlitos silently  said a solemn and emotional prayer; thanking GOD for bringing his parents back together permanently and promised to be a good child always- ending by making the sign of the cross- sweet child. Paulina and Carlos Daniel are pronounced ‘man and wife’ (and it’s about time!).
They come out of church, arm in arm, and everyone throws white rose petals at them.

AT everyone's urging, Carlos Daniel and his new wife  exchange a more sensual kiss.



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