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Friday, May 11, 2007


Just when I just finished reading the 6th instalment of the HARRY POTTER saga/franchise,(THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE) and saying to myself, ' now for the final' yesterday i found out that J.K Rowling has completed the final instalment, no. 7 actually- 'HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS' and would be released to the public on JULY 21, 2007. My own guesses for the title had been , 'HARRY POTTER AND THE FINAL ONSLAUGHT' or 'HARRY POTTER AND THE 4 HOCRUXES'.
For those who haven't  read 'THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE', Hocruxes are the objects that Harry's nemesis, Voldermont, divided his souls to. Harry had unknowingly destroyed one, (the diary in HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS) and the headmaster Dumbledore had destroyed another, inside the Slytherin family ring. He and Harry were returning from the cave where the third hocrux was hidden (a gold locket but turned out to be a fake) , only to find the school under attack by the death eaters(Voldermort's followers).
Harry(hidden in his invisibility cloak and immobolised by Dumbledore) witnessed Dumbledore's murder by (I KNEW IT!!) Snape, who then grabbed his pet Malfoy and escaped before the Aurors(wizard cops) could catch him. The novel ended on a sombre note:mass withdrawal of the students by frightened parents, Dumbledore's funeral on the grounds, Harry informing his faithful friends (Ron and Hermione, now a couple) of his plans; he won't be returning to the school even if it reopened, he now had 3 people to kill... Voldermort, Malfoy and SNAPE... he would finally leave the Dursleys and go to Godric's Hollow and visit his parents graves' and find the last 4 hocruxes before finally killing Voldermont(his 7th soul is in his body) but until then...he was happy to spend one more golden day with Ron and Hermoine.(cried at that last sentence).
My sources tell me that Ms. Rowling finished writing the manuscript in a hotel in Edinburg and even left a note in her room (stating she had finished the last installment) for all to see and later gave hints of what the public to expect:
Viktor Krum(Hermoine's suitor) will return.
There'll be no Quidditch matches. (personally, i don't think the students would have the heart to play).
Bill (Ron's brother) will wed Fleur Delacour(one of the champions in 'THE GOBLET OF FIRE').
Another character in the story will die.(i hope it's not Ron, Hermoine, Ginny, the twins or Hagrid)
A very important fact about Lily Evans Potter(Harry's mother), will be revealed.
Harry will(of course) be free, he'll leave privet drive, having reached 17 years old.
The last word in the novel would be 'SCAR'.
There would be no 8th instalment, 'HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS' will be the end of Harry Potter's adventures( and i hope you'll all join me in praying he 'll live!) AMEN!!
To be honest, i never intended to be a HARRY POTTER fan since I'm more of an Enid Blyton freak(still am) I've read all 6 books, watched 4 of the movies (prefer the books by far) and by the way, the movie of HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX is out, where ' the chosen one' will get his first kiss, rock on kid.

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