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Friday, June 29, 2007




Lilia Anairam from Mexico:

I think this telenovela was nice, the plot was excellent at the beginning, there was a lot of intrigue, love, and moments of fun. The theme was well managed, but at the end the story became a bit like too imaginative, and the end didn't fit very well, though I liked, the couple between the two protagonic actors was good, and the secondary characters did they job as they were meant to. Good job!!!

by anonymous -

This novela was the best I have seen both of the main actors have good chemistry the make a cute couple all of the cast did a good job too congrats the theme was nice it had a lot of intrige which I think is good hope they air it again, I wont miss an episode.- by anonymousI think this was the show ever, I mean the plot was good and the two main caracters had a lot of chemistry. I'll give it a 9 and a half out of ten good job guys. Hope they air it again, This time I won't miss an episode.

Laura -

I just can't believe this novela was a success! I admit that the beginning was good enough: it seemed more a romantic comedy than a drama, but as soon as Catalina and Sebastián got married, everything began to fail, and "Catalina and Sebastian" became one of the most boring novelas ever produced: from the wedding onwards, every episode was the same: Catalina trying to show Sebastián that her love is real; Carmelo faking to be Lupe's son and the heir of his ranch; Carmelo and Adela doing their best to separate the couple, and Emilia trying to conquer Sebastián. Always the same. And the last chapters were so full of deaths! They didn't suit at all with the easy-going tone of what had been the rest of the story. The only good things were the chemistry between Sergio and Silvia (the most famous couple in Azteca Tv) and the performances of both the main protagonists and Claudia Islas (can anyone fancy her as a poor, worker woman?) and Alberto Mayagoitia.

Trihie: I enjoyed very much Catalina and Sebastian. It was broadcasted some 3 years ago in my home place. I enjoyed everything from the characters to the story. Catalina's mother was especially brilliant in her acting. How can one forget her devil plans concerning her daughter driven by her obsession for money. Fйlicitations, messieurs.

Nancy from USA:

I'm glad all of you like Catalina & Sebastian. S. Navaro is one of my favorite actresses. If you all like the chemistry between her and Sergio Basanes let me be the one to inform you that they have a few other series together. C&S was their first and quite frankly in my opinion best, but they also have: Cuando Seas Mia (which is a remake of a Columbian Novela: Cafe), & La Heredera, S. Basanez also comes out in La Calle de Las Novias but he is the antagonist in that one.

FAIZAN from Malaysia: Hello. I am one of the fans of telenovela Catalina Y Sebastian. This telenovela is viewed in my country every Monday till Friday at 1.30 pm. I am very enjoyed to watch the story and it's very interesting. The story is about a couple which have many obstacles in their love. It shows the sacrification of a wife(Catalina) towards her ex-husband(Sebastian). Actually, the story is not yet finish viewed in my country and I'll try to not miss a single episode to watch the story. Congratulations to the director and all the actors and actress that had made this story beautifully.That's all for now, adios!

JULIA from LATVIA: Dovoljno interesnij, no inogda nadajedajet. I like S.Novarro and S.Basanjess - together thay are GREAT!


Since Sergio Basanez is a lawyer(suprise,suprise!) as well as an actor , my guess he's presently juggling 2 jobs but where's Silvia? Still hard at her acting career and starring in a soap that came out last year, i dont know if it's finished but i do know her
acting partner/shadow/ 'is he or isn't he' her offscreen lover, Sergio is NOT in it with her(hope he isnt jealous) but another guy, Diego Olivera in MONTECRISTO.Click on the title to get the plot summary

Monday, June 18, 2007

My grouse with 'REBECA'

I refused to follow REBECA because of its storyline I picked up from a Latino site after its preview and it completely put me off;
“When two men fall in love with the same woman, trouble is bound to ensue. But when the two men are father and son, the consequences can be devastating.That is what happens to Eduardo (Ricardo Alamo) and Sergio Montalban (Victor Camara), both in love with Rebeca Linares (Mariana Seoane), a beautiful young woman whom they met by chance on different occasions. When Rebeca sees Eduardo for the first time, she feels that she has found her Prince Charming. He is everything she always dreamed of. They begin to date, and gradually fall in love. Meanwhile, his father, a very attractive widower, is introduced to Rebeca and instantly falls for her. She becomes his friend, unaware of the fact that he is Eduardo’s father. The big surprise comes when Eduardo invites Rebeca home to meet his family, and she finds Sergio there. That night, Sergio realizes that he and his son love the same woman—and decides he must be the one to have her at any price. The conniving Sergio comes up with an evil plan to force Rebeca to marry him. Trapped, she must now live in the same house with the man she really loves, Eduardo, as his father’s wife. Years will pass, and many troubling events will take place, before Rebeca and Eduardo can rediscover their love—and finally enjoy the happiness that was once theirs.”
I’ve watched enough telenovelas to know the formula; the main female character has more than one suitor but never have I ever watched one when the rival for the heroine’s affection would be the boyfriend’s popsie! I mean, you have got to be kidding; what sort of happiness do you expect Rebeca and Eduardo to have after being married to Sergio, if Sergio had been his elder brother, maybe but NOT his father. It reminds me of the case of Brooke Logan, in ‘THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’, she was dumped by her fiancée Ridge and then went on to date his father, Eric, who impregnated her, but just before she was to wed Eric, Ridge’s wife, Caroline died and Ridge’s eyes traced back to Brooke… well you figure out the rest. Anyhow, this is one telenovela I refuse to follow; the storyline is very complex and unrealistic, I can hardly imagine such a situation like this in real life.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


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My misgivings about CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN increased after I saw the opening credits; Sebastian Mendoza (SERGIO BASANEZ) and Catalina Negrete (SILVIA NAVARRO) - looking handsome and beautiful (Silvia looking like an angel with her wavy honey blonde hair, yet I still remember the curls she later wore in CUANDO SEAS MIA) respectively as they both get dressed for their wedding but Catalina looking so sad; her eyes full of tears and (to my dismay) not allowing Sebastian to kiss her at the end of the ceremony and running out of the church.
I totally dislike Carmelo (ALBERTO MAYAGOITA) already; he’s so creepy the way he watched the wedding ceremony from where he sat & as for Catalina’s parents and brother, disgustingly smug. (by the way, it’s really isn’t going to be easy putting in these posts from now on, due to the present strike by the oil tanker workers, so you’ll all have to bear with me pls!)

On the first week (this week), we were treated to 6 familiar faces (mostly from the just concluded LA HIJA DE JARDINERO-THE GARDENER’S DAUGHTER); SERGIO KLEINER, (who played Antonio Ordonez) whose role is Catalina’s loving yet ambitious and conniving father, KENIA GAZCON (Marissa) who is Sylvia, the rich woman who Eduardo, dumps Catalina for, ALEJANDRA LAZCANO (Vanessa) plays Sebastian’s accommodating sister and Eduardo’s friend suspiciously looks like that gold digging idiot, Miguel in CUANDO SEAS MIA.
We meet Catalina’s family, the Negretes, who are in a financial crisis, caused by their stupid habit of following a life style the can ill afford and pretending to be rich, most especially Catalina’s shallow momsie, Adela, (CLAUDIA ISLAS). Catalina is the only member of the family with any common sense and wishes to contribute but is not allowed to take a job, her best friend, Alicia, is regarded as ‘white trash’ and her precious boyfriend, a gym instructor, ‘that ugly Eduardo’ by her parents and brother, Ricardo who collaborate to marry her off to a widowed millionaire Gustavo is acquainted with, Lupe Mendoza, who just happens to be Sebastian’s father, to solve their financial crisis.
At the same time, the Mendoza family are also introduced- Don Lupe (FIDEL GARRIGA) and his pretty daughter Martina, who welcome home Sebastian, just returning from Columbia having finished his studies. We also see who promises to be a thorn in Sebastian’s flesh (as well as his chief nemesis), “Creepy Carmelo”, the foreman, who is clearly not happy at Sebastian’s return, scorning everyone’s enthusiastic welcome, yet denying that he was jealous of Sebastian as well as talking/hinting about the “yet-to-be-confirmed-but-I-don’t-think-it’s- true” rumour that he’s Don Lupe’s bastard son. Then there’s Ms. Antoinette (REGINA TORNE), who it turns out is full of hate towards her neighbour, Don Lupe for refusing to return her love after the death of Sebastian and Martina’s mummy, Matilda, who allegedly was an opportunist who left behind a mysterious letter, its contents, Rufina (the Mendoza housekeeper) and Josepha (Antoinette’s maid) suspect holds the key to Sebastian, Carmelo and Lupe’s past and future; they are also certain that a local woman who had raised Carmelo(Petra) has the letter and knows what was written in it.(I myself have racked and racked my brains and cant figure out what the secret is.)
On haring about her parents’ plan to marry her off to “some old millionaire”, Catalina and Eduardo(CHRISTIAN CATALDI )agree to elope and marry secretly but while about to park the car outside her father’s place of work, she literally ran into Sebastian, who is immediately caught under her spell (just like in CUANDO SEAS MIA at his grandfather’s funeral where he played Diego and she, Paloma) and wastes no time at all asking her out; which she reluctantly accepts but insisted she already had a boyfriend, however her father Gustavo lies to him later on that she was “merely testing him”. The same boyfriend Eduardo, unknown to her, was cheating on her with another woman called Sylvia, (KENIA GAZCON in the familiar role of a rich woman in love with a man half her age) who is determined to marry him before she got “too wrinkled” (personally I thought she was beautiful) and Eduardo, to his friend Luis’ disgust, decides to choose Sylvia’s money over Catalina’s love.
Sebastian informs his father about Catalina over the phone, declaring, ‘I won’t accept any woman for a wife that isn’t Catalina’ which drives Don Lupe to immediately instruct “Creepy Carmelo” to hire a private investigator to investigate Catalina and her family as he wasn’t going to allow a gold digger to mock his son. Sebastian’s ‘girlfriend’ is food for gossip round the town and soon hits the ears of Amelia, Martina’s best friend (and a stupid fool with big boobs, double chin and a personality to match) who is outraged as she was in love (or so she thinks) with Sebastian, while Antoinette wonders if she could use the yet unknown Catalina to wreck her revenge on Don Lupe.
Sebastian gets a hint about the Negretes’ financial state when they are about to be thrown out of their home and kindly pays their rent arrears (to Catalina’s gratitude/humiliation) and gets furious at both Amelia and Lupe’s actions; Amelia told Gustavo she was Sebastian’s girlfriend(which she hotly denied afterwards) and Lupe for having his Catalina investigated.
Luis (at Eduardo’s request) tells Alicia that Eduardo had another woman, Alicia in turn tells Catalina, who of course doesn’t believe it until she finds Sylvia with Eduardo at his apartment. Determined to make her hate him and have a clean break, he tells her, ‘I left you for money’, which makes her realise that her precious relationship with him was over. (MEN!)
Catalina informs her triumphant momsie and her sympathetic (yet relieved) daddy that “the stupid, romantic Catalina was gone”; she’ll never ever allow anyone to fool around with her again, deciding to marry Sebastian (mostly out of spite, poor thing) to help out the family after all.
Sebastian angrily moves to his flat in the city (because of what his father did), takes Catalina out on a date & although it’s still early, asks her to marry him, to her surprise. (The way Catalina reached out to kiss him and offered to help make peace with his father convinced me she was genuinely growing fond of Sebastian, despite her decision to marry him out of spite and for money).
On her way out to visit Alicia later in the evening, she runs into Amelia (obviously intimidated by Catalina’s beauty after she confirmed she was the one Amelia was looking for) who wasted no time in accusing her of ‘stealing Sebastian from her’.

Amelia has now wrecked major damage; just when Catalina is tentatively reaching out to Sebastian in order to be happy again, her stupid action and whatever lies she’ll tell her ext week will remind Catalina of what Eduardo just did and harden her heart from feeling love for another man, and go back to her initial decision to marry him for his money. I knew the story was going to be based on one big misunderstanding, which was why I wished AIT had picked LA HEREDERA, both Catalina and Sebastian are going to suffer terribly before realising the truth, and probably make them renew their vows.

Until next week (Insha Allah) and pls leave your comments!

Monday, June 11, 2007


I know everyone's longing to read it but it's my strong advi that you read episodes 72 to the climax before continuing, PLEASE!


Paola is found in critical condition.Paulina is informed and hurries to the hospital, accompanied by Roderigo.  Dr. Valera tells Paulina that her sister's legs are destroyed and she has terrible internal injuries.Roderigo hugs  Paulina and consoles her when she tearfully blames herself for buying Paola the car and picks up the phone to  inform Carlos Daniel who is already on his way home.Paola starts being delirious, saying that Willie was going to burn down the factory, calling Paulina a 'bad sister' for not giving her what she wanted- lots of money to enjoy herself. Later she awakens and asked Paulina to forgive her. Paulina forgives Paola, amidst tears. Paulina vows to become a nun if God spared her sister, praying hard.
 Paola then asks to speak with Carlos Daniel. Paola is getting worse and she asks for the forgiveness of the Bracho family. Carlos Daniel forgives Paola, (merely for Paulina's sake), then drags Paulina out and formally asks her to be his wife after her sister dies, (insensitive if you ask me). Paulina says no but then reluctantly promises they would discuss the matter later. He hugged her tightly.
Abuela Piedad gives Paola forgivenss as well and prays for her. Paola feels that she is dying and she asks Paulina to get married to Carlos Daniel after she dies as he loved Paulina; not her who had caused him so much unhappiness. Paulina starts to pray for her sister but Paola falls into a coma. Carlos Daniel and Abuela Piedad return to be with Paulina in the last few seconds of Paola's life. She looks at Paulina, smiles softly and breathes her last.  (may God forgive her)
Paulina tearfully makes up Paola's face, so she would look beautiful in death as she was beautiful in life.

Paola's wake is at the Bracho Mansion, attended by Roderigo,Patricia and the servants.

Edmundo comes to pay his respects but Carlos Daniel showed his resentment towards him by sitting next to a sober Paulina and held her possessively. Paola is later cremated, witnessed by Paulina, C.D and Rodrerigo; the two men console her as she cried bitterly. 
Paulina informs Carlos Daniel that she is going to get married to Edmundo Serrano, her lawyer, very soon, out of guilt at the idea of marrying her brother in law. Willie finds somebody to help him burn down the factory. Estefania takes her two million pesos and Willie wants the money. So he takes their baby boy and says that he is going to give him away for adoption if she refused to give it to him. Estefania gave him the money and he took off after he gave the baby back to her.
 Later that night, Willie sets part of the factory on fire but it is put out quickly and little damage is done. Then they find out that it was Willie and they arrest him at the airport. Estefania goes to see Willie and he asks her to get him out of jail. Estefania refuses and Willie tells her to her face that Fidelina is her real mother but Estefania doesn't believe him. Paulina and Edmundo are set to get married that day in a civil court. Edmundo signs the marriage license, but will Paulina sign it?????????????


Paulina doesn't sign the paper (ha! ha!) and Edmundo kindly said that it would have been a mistake for them to get married because she loves Carlos Daniel. In the hotel Paulina is staying, Paulina’s friend Celia, calls Abuela Piedad to tell her that Paulina didn’t marry Edmundo. Abuela Piedad tells Carlos Daniel, who is sulking in  his bedroom, the good news.

 Rejoicing, he hurries off to find her. Estefania asks if what Willie told her was true and Fidelina said yes,admist tears. They embrace each other. Carlos Daniel finds Paulina at her hotel room and tells her how much he loves her and she tells him that she loves him too, that is why she didn’t get married, but however felt wrong being with him.Carlos Daniel insists that he loved her for how she was within, not because she looked liked Paola, whom he discovered he never really loved and asks her to marry him …. She FINALLY SAID YES and they share a loving kiss and hug each other. Estefania is very ill and Fidelina,who comes to see her and the baby is very worried. Estefania starts to laugh manically, saying that Willie is going to burn in hell and is taken to the hospital where the doctor said  she was suffering from a severe nervous breakdown and may never recover. She is later taken to an asylum. Estefania's baby is adopted by Rodrigo and Patricia.Carlos Daniel and Pauly annouce their engagement and everyone is jubilant. Veronica gives Paulina a suprise... she's in love again, with Paulina's exboyfriend, Oswaldo! Estefania believes she is a nun and starts to pray a lot. Abuela Piedad visits her but she calls her Mother Superior and wondered out loud why Pat's hair was uncovered. Carlos Daniel and Paulina tell Carlitos and Lisette the truth, that she isn’t Paola. However, Carlitos tells Paulina that he still recognised and loved as his mummy, since she'd been the one who'd looked after him and his sister the whole time and gave her a hug. Willie, meanwhile, is sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The day of Paulina and Carlos Daniel’s wedding; Philomena, Celia, Lolita and Abuela Piedad help her get ready. Leandro and Viviana return, with their twin babies. 
Carlos Daniel is at the church, waiting anxiously. Paulina  got of the car and entered the church -wearing a long cream dress -on Roderigo's arm who is giving her away, while  Carlitos and Lisette come in behind her, holding her train. As they exchanged vows, Carlitos silently  said a solemn and emotional prayer; thanking GOD for bringing his parents back together permanently and promised to be a good child always- ending by making the sign of the cross- sweet child. Paulina and Carlos Daniel are pronounced ‘man and wife’ (and it’s about time!).
They come out of church, arm in arm, and everyone throws white rose petals at them.

AT everyone's urging, Carlos Daniel and his new wife  exchange a more sensual kiss.




Good news for the viewers of

Long before I created this blog, I managed to dig up Episodes 72 to 102(the finale) of this telenovela. I thought at first to bid my time but I figured, ‘why hold everyone in suspense?’ It is also my way of thanking everyone (especially Mrs. Philomena) for the warm welcome and comments posted, I really appreciate it. I’ll also be posting episodes of CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN but it will be 5 episodes at a time, like LA MUJER DE LORENZO, to make it easier, I sincerely hope you’ll all bear with me.

Now viewers of LA USURPADORA (CLICK ON THE LINK FOR SUMMARY) will recall that Paola blackmailed Paulina (both played incredibly by Gabriela Spanic) to take her place for a year and now Paulina is suffering for crimes she didn’t even commit but at the same time insists she’s guilty to cover her sister’s adultery. In yesterday’s episode, Paola (there’s nothing wrong with the stupid woman) teams up with her nurse, Elvira, offering her money for her silence. The workers at the factory are worried about Paulina and discuss contributing money to get her the best lawyer to help her out. Meanwhile, Carlitos (who tripped down the stairs and knocked himself out) regained consciousness (& his memory) because the first person he asked for was his Mummy and pulled his hand away from his "Abuela Chabela". I think this week; Carlos Daniel(FERNANDO COLUNGA) will definitely know the boy was never kidnapped and apologize to Paulina. Now, here’s Episodes 72 TO THE FINALE. Enjoy!

 Paulina was  called first and she gave her testimony; she  met Paola in the ladies' room at the hotel in Cancun where she worked as an attendant and was immediately shocked to see a woman identical to her  and Paulina had forced her to switch places with her for a year; after framing her for the theft of her bracelet.  While telling the story, Paola pretended to feel faint and starts crying and the judge asked  if she can continue the trial or not. She is given a glass of water to calm her down. (Nonsense!)  Paola was next to testify; asked to tell the court who she was with during the car accident in Monaco. Paola pretends to be feel faint  and the judge ordered Paola to be taken away for medical attention. Paulina foolishly  pleaded guilty of everything but her lawyer objects, saying  he had witness to prove Paulina's claim of guilt was false. Outside,  Paola is gloating to  Elvira how she made people believe she's fragile in order not to be exposed.

Willie demands for a lot of money from  Estefania  but she refused, there was their son to take care of. Outside the courtroom, Carlos Daniel told  Rodrigo and Patricia what went on inside. Rodrigo bluntly said  Paulina was stupid to have done such a thing; pleading guilty to protect Paola. Luciano, Paola's other lover, was also  summoned as a witness. He told the whole story to the court about how Paulina was coerced and framed  but the prosecutor needed proof that he was really there at the time and the trial was adjourned for 2 days. Lolita searches for the diary that would exonerate Paulina  and still cannot find it; it was in the toilet's water tank- Paulina had hidden it there.  (Paola decided to give Luciano  money to silence him. 

Edmundo and Luciano go to Cancun in search for witnesses and Celia and Philomena go to Mexico to attend Paulina's trial. Paola calls Carlos Daniel and request they have a talk.

THE VERDICT… Carlos Daniel met with  Paola at the hospital and they have a fight. Paola threatened  to send a letter to the children telling them the ursurper  they love so much was not their stepmother. C.D left the room angrily. Paola offered Luciano  money for his silence but he refused to accept it, explaining he was now a changed man. 

Paola make a call to Paulina, pretending to be full of remorse. Paulina, always softhearted, falls for the trick  and decides to visit Paola. Celia and Philomena give their testimony. The trial continues with several witnesses; including  Philomena, Celia, Zenobia,  and Carlos Daniel. Abuela Piedad told the court how Paulina had made positive changes in the family and got her to stop drinking. 

 Paulina met Paola at the hosptial. Paola called Piedad, warning her that she will be coming home soon  whether she liked it or not. Carlos Daniel found about Paola’s long time infidelity including her affair with Willy. Paulina was found NOT GUILTY. However, she refused to go back to the Bracho mansion, as it was no longer her home. Paola was very angry to hear  Paulina was set free.

While having lunch with Paulina, Carlos Daniel and Lissette , Carlitos asks Paulina why  she kept referring to herself in the third person. Paulina explained  she has a twin  who had the same name as hers. But Carlitos remembered that  Piedad had told him that Paola’s twin's  name was Paulina. Paulina quickly explained that their parents gave them the same name;  Paola Paulina and Paulina Paola. Meanwhile, Paola is ready to return to  Bracho mansion and sends Elvira to bring her clothes.   Rodrigo calls their lawyer and he is told that Paola has the right to come home because she and Carlos Daniel were still legally married.
 Meanwhile, Paulina goes out to buy the "wonder woman" costume  she promised Lisette  before she was arrested. Carlos Daniel is very angry about Paola coming back   but Rodrigo calmed him down. Paulina visits Paola at the hospital and tried to convince her not to return to the Brachos since they all hate her.Paulina is willing to give her money  to Paola in return. Paola laughs and reminds Paulina that she and Carlos Daniel will be together again. Rodrigo warned  his brother not to do anything that might  cause him serious trouble.
Carlitos was made to stay with Aunt  Patricia and Uncle Rodrigo to prevent him from seeing Paola. At first he refused but when he was told he will meet Aunt Paulina soon, he agreed. Elvira is very arrogant and disrespectful towards  Abula Piedad and informs her that  Paola will be coming home any time soon.


Paola returned  and find out that no one was present to welcome her home and attend to her, to her fury. Paola ordered Lolita to wait on her as before  but  Lolita was following Mrs. Piedad's orders now. Paola angrily attempted to assert her position as the mistress of the house by  ordering 

 Cachita to set the table  in the dining room for her and Elvira . Cachita refused also, she only obeyed Mrs. Piedad. 

Abuela Piedad and Fidelina meet Paola in her room and have a loud  argument. In the middle of it, Lisette in and runs to her 'mummy' who  pretended  to treat her lovingly, to  the older women's anger.

Carlitos went to Paulina’s hotel with Carlos Daniel where he will be staying temporarily. Carlos Daniel passionately kissed Paulina when Carlitos asked him to do so. Pauly clung to him; telling him she loved him very much. Carlos Daniel smiled and held her in his arms, telling her to take care of their “their son”. Carlitos was pleased to see his ‘Mummy’ and Daddy love each other very much. Meanwhile, Estefania asked for her money from Rod afraid she might lose her inheritance now that Paola was back. Estefania gave Willy the right to act as her representative and claim her money from her brothers.Fidelina told Estefania that Carlos Daniel now knew about Paola’s relationship with Willy.
Estefania is worried Carlos Daniel would harm Willy.Willy goes to the factory and has an argument with Rodrigo; demanding his own office and a large salary. Rodrigo is very angry but there was nothing to do except comply since Willy is protected by law.

Leandro promised Abigail that he will take good care of Viviana. Veronica told Rodrigo and Carlos Daniel about the wedding and said it was just as well because if she had continued their relationship, she would have regretted it because Leandro will always belong to Viviana.
Paola received a call from Gemma and asked her to come to the house. Paola asked Gemma to take her to the factory. Piedad calls Rodrigo to stop Carlos Daniel from seeing Paola. Rodrigo calls Paulina into his office and informs her Paola was on her way. Paola arrived but Carlos Daniel cannot stand the sight of her and angrily left. Paulina still tries to make Paola see reason when she insisted on working at the factory and demanded a new car. Paola meets Willy in his office. Paola asked Elvira to find Gemma but Elvira said she saw Gemma with Carlos Daniel leaving together. In Paulina's office (actually Rodrigo and Carlos Daniel’s office), Paulina was told that Gemma was having lunch with Carlos Daniel and her face falls a bit.  
Rodrigo warned Paulina that Paola will never change but Paulina still defended her sister, telling Rodrigo that the reason why Paola acted like that because she was still  unstable and needed medical attention. Meanwhile Gemma convinced Carlos Daniel to send Carlitos to boarding school so he can forget about Paulina.

Elvira and Paola watch Carlos Daniel and Gemma talking.  Elvira asked Paola if she wasn’t afraid of losing her husband. Paola said that she rather lose him to Gemma than to the saintly Paulina.


Edmundo asked Paulina out, she agreed but said she would bring Carlitos and Edmundo must call her Paola in the boy’s presence.

 Carlos Daniel decided to take more control of his life instead of always listening to advice.  Gemma entered Paola’s room to tell her that she had advised him not to depend too much on Paulina. She had also advised Carlos Daniel to divorce Paola. Paola angrily called Gemma a traitor.
Carlos Daniel tells Paulina that it's time for him to move on and start a new life. He said he going to send Carlitos to boarding school. Paulina agrees with him but is upset. Carlos Daniel advises Paulina to leave Mexico and start a new life; they both should choose their own path. They have tears in their eyes; for all the brave talk they were deeply in love.
 Carlos Daniel asked Paulina if she knew how much he loves her. Paulina say yes and she also asks Carlos Daniel whether he also knew that she loved him too, which he admits. Paulina sadly said that their love was forbidden, and then left the room. The door closes and Carlos Daniel bursts into tears. Paulina leaned against the door, telling herself that it was for the best; her own tears falling.

Willy come home and heard the conversation between Fidelina and Piedad, that Fidelina is Estefania’s real mother!

Piedad advised Estefania not to trust Willy. While having dinner, Carlos Daniel tells Piedad that he has made a decision to start a new life and he is going to send Carlitos to boarding school.

Meanwhile, Edmundo asks Paulina to marry him. Paulina wasn’t in love with him and says so but he asked her to think about over it. Paulina tells Carlos Daniel that she has persuaded Carlitos to go to boarding school. Carlos Daniel instructs Paulina not to use her money to buy Carlitos’ school things; she must send him the bills. Paulina informs Carlos Daniel that she was getting married.
C.D jealousy asked who the man was but Paulina doesn’t say. Piedad is angry about Carlos Daniel’s decision to distance himself from Pauly; Carlos Daniel told her Pauly had a new man, probably her lawyer, Edmundo Serrano but Piedad thought he  might be  the young man Paulina met in the court, Oswaldo.
Gemma asked Paola to join her and Carlos Daniel for dinner, Paola agreed and Carlos Daniel was furious.

 Edmundo has dinner with Paulina and Carlitos; to celebrate Carlitos’ admission to his new school. Then Paola, Carlos Daniel and Gemma also arrive and Paola notices Paulina having dinner with Edmundo and Carlitos, maliciously remarked how the usurper already had a boyfriend. Swallowing his jealousy, he replied there was nothing unusual about that, since Edmundo was Paulina's lawyer. Carlos Daniel went to Paulina’s table; she’s surprised to see him.

Edmundo politely asked Carlos Daniel to join them but Carlos Daniel coldly declined. Carlitos notices Paola Carlos Daniel and asked ‘Mummy’ who was the woman with Daddy. Gemma almost reveals the whole thing but Paulina silenced her and asked her to go.

 At the Bracho mansion, Paola mocks Carlos Daniel about Paulina's new man but he ignored them and went upstairs. Carlos Daniel told his grandmother about Paulina and Edmundo. Piedad tries to assure him otherwise but Carlos Daniel is now convinced Edmundo was the man Paulina was going to marry. He was upset and angry Paulina had kept their relationship a secret from him. The next morning, Paola informs Piedad about Paulina’s new man but Abuela remained loyal to Paulina; trusting her still.  Meanwhile Willy warned Estefania that her brothers will regret it if they try to cheat him. Paulina meets with Patricia, telling her she had a very bad feeling...

 Carlos is surprised by Willy... who brought out a gun and shot him! 


Willy ran away amidst the panic.  Veronica ran to inform Rodrigo. Rod orders Veronica to call Paulina. Rod found   his brother lying down unconscious and bleeding and orders some to call an ambulance. Veronica informs Paulina, who instructed her to tell Rod to take Carlos Daniel to the hospital and to call the house to let the family know. Fidelina answered the phone and told Piedad about it.  Gemma informs her about her husband but Paola laughed, which puzzled Gemma. Paola explained that if Carlos Daniel died, she will be heir to the Bracho estate. Elvira admonishes Paola who demands to know whose side Elvira was on. Elvira- rather reluctantly said she was on Paola’s side.

At the hospital, Paulina tries to calm down a distraught and very angry Rod, begging him not to do anything stupid when he vows to kill Willy if he ever found him.  The nurses try to prevent Abuela Piedad from seeing Carlos Daniel but she insists on seeing her grandson, that she will take full responsibility. Carlos Daniel, in bed, holds Piedad’s hands, glad she was with him. She reminded him that every man needs a woman beside him; grandmother, mother, wife or lover. Carlos Daniel told Piedad not to have Willy arrested, for Estefania’s sake. Meanwhile, Willy takes all of Estefania’s jewellery and money; ready to flee.  She tries to stop him with Patricia’s help but Willy slapped her and leaves. Cachita asks Lolita to take the tea up to Paola who reluctantly obeys. Meanwhile, Paola is sitting on her wheelchair reading a magazine. The magazine dropped so she stood up to retrieve it just as Lolita walks in. The maid is shocked to see Paola on her feet at last! 


Paola, immediately covered up by pretending to stumble and fell down. Lolita helps her back into the chair but warned her not to try such a thing again as she might seriously hurt herself. Paola said she was just trying to walk to surprise the family later but warned her not to tell anyone about it and Lolita agreed. Elvira comes in and Paola scolds her for not locking the door.
At the hospital, Carlos Daniel recovers slowly. Piedad advises him to take a vacation outside Mexico to get his strength back.
Rod informs his brother that Willy had escaped. Carlos Daniel said it was just as well since he didn’t want Willy’s arrest to cause another scandal. Rod is furious by his brother’s decision but reluctantly agrees.
 Fidelina lost her temper and called Paola a bitch when Paola mockingly remarked that Carlos Daniel was probably dying.  Incensed with anger, Paola almost gets up from the chair but Elvira come to the rescue while Fidelina walked out the room in disgust. Paola maliciously decided to pay Carlos Daniel a visit. Elvira tried to talk her out of it but Paola insisted. Elvira goes to the kitchen to inform Fidelina about Paola’s intention. Fidelina called the hospital to warn Piedad and Carlos Daniel. Piedad instructed a nurse not to let Paola in. Paola arrived but the nurse, obeying Piedad’s instructions, refused to let her in.

Paulina explained Carlos Daniel’s condition to Carlitos before bringing over to see his Daddy. Carlos Daniel talks with Paulina about his proposed vacation outside Mexico, if she thought it was a good idea. Paulina reluctantly agreed that it might do him some good. Gemma also paid Carlos Daniel a visit, informing him she too might take a vacation. Gemma gave the news to Paola about Carlos Daniel’s recovery and upcoming vacation outside Mexico. Paola is very shocked. 


Piedad and little Lisette go to the airport with Carlos Daniel to see him off. Piedad consoles the child when she remarks how lonely she’s been with her brother off at school and ‘Mummy’ acting strange lately; now Daddy was leaving.
Paola, who already heard about Carlos Daniel’s vacation from Gemma, decides to proceed with the divorce. Meanwhile the new car is delivered and Paola drives it to the factory; honking repeatedly until she sees Rod glaring at her from the window. Rod thinks that Paulina is out of her mind for buying Paola the car. Estefania receives a letter from Willy; he’s very ill and begs her to send him money because he’s broke.  Willy is actually enjoying himself with another woman.  Paola bribes Lolita with 1000 pesos in exchange for Carlos Daniel’s address and phone number. She writes a letter to Carlos Daniel, asking for 1 million dollar alimony. Paola met with her lawyer and requested he halted the divorce proceedings until Carlos Daniel give her what she wanted, promising she would only sign the divorce papers if he paid up.

 The lawyer meets with Rod who refuses to accept what Paola asked for. The lawyer points out that since Carlos Daniel could afford a new a car for Paola; he must have a lot of money to give her. Rod however told the lawyer that Paulina, Paola’s sister, was the one who paid for the car, not Carlos Daniel. Paulina comes in and said she would offer her own money to Paola but Rod does not agree with that. Paulina tries her best to reason with Paola, telling her the Brachos did not have enough money to pay her. Paulina offers Paola 500 thousand dollars in return to leave the Brachos. Paola is angry and said that they both have nothing to talk about and hangs up the phone. Elvira walks in. Paola stands up but when she try to walk, she gets cramp. Elvira asks whether she just pretending but Paola said that it’s real and Elvira leads her back to bed. Paola noticed that Elvira had changed and warned Elvira not to betray her by telling everyone she could actually walk; threatening to take her eyes out if she ever tried it. Lolita comes in to inform Paola that Piedad found out about the letter but Paola assures her she had nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Patricia advised Estefania about Willy’s request, with a warning that she’ll regret it later. Willy called Estefania, asking for the money. Estefania called Paulina, telling her she needed access to her 200 million pesos. Paulina is worried but promised to ask Rod about it. Meanwhile, Willy is abandoned by his new girlfriend. Oswaldo stops by at the factory, looking for a job as he wants to change his life instead of depending on a rich woman to support him like before. Paulina gives him the position of sales manager and asked for Rodrigo’s approval. Rod trusts Paulina’s judgment and Oswaldo was asked to report to work the following day.


Meanwhile, Gemma prepared for her vacation and heard Carlos Daniel was in Monterrey.
 In Monterrey, Carlos Daniel and his new girlfriend, Isabel kiss but he saw Paulina’s face instead. Carlos Daniel called Paulina, telling her how much he missed her. Paulina tearfully but calmly advised Carlos Daniel to start a new life. He promised to follow her advice, if that was what she really wanted and they both hang up. Paulina burst into tears.... of course it wasn’t what she wanted!
 Carlos Daniel proposed to Isabel but she turned him down, stating it was too soon as she wanted them to be friends first then fall in love. Gemma stop by at the same restaurant, she smiled when she saw Carlos Daniel with Isabel and went to their table.
Gemma and Isabel verbally spar with each other, with Carlos Daniel caught in the middle. Carlos Daniel asked Gemma not to tell anyone about him and Isabel. Gemma dropped a heavy hint about telling Paulina, much to Carlos Daniel’s discomfort.  Rod asked Paulina about Oswaldo and she admits to him that Oswaldo is her ex boyfriend but wanted to help him.
 Rod and Pat pay a visit to Piedad and she’s told about Paulina wanting to give her money to Paola. Piedad pointed out there is nothing they could do about it since it’s Paulina's money. Pat also tells her that Edmundo had proposed to Paulina and Abuela is not pleased.

 Rod is worried that Paulina might give away all her money to Paola if she wasn’t careful, she was being naive. 


.Patricia expresses her fears to Rod about the possibility of Estefania not being right in the head; she’d been acting weird lately. Estefania matched into Rod’s office and informed him that she wants to have a meeting and fire all the auditors. Rod suspects that his sister was not well, like Pat said.
Estefania claimed she doesn’t trust the auditors, acting more erratically. Rod said he wouldn't agree with her but will not stop her from having the meeting and firing the auditors but she would have to pay them out her own pocket. Estefania said she doesn't care about it; she still wants to fire them. Paulina comes in to intervene.


Estefania walked into the room where all the auditors are working and said they were all fired. Paulina walks in, surprised to see Estefania behaving in that manner and tells Rod about it. Before that, Paola had asked Lolita to find Estefania and Willy's address, giving her money for the information. Paola asked Elvira to go with her to the house and they both wait outside Willy and Estefania’s house. Elvira notices a car parked in front of the house... it was Willy.Willy is very surprised to see her and Paola asks Elvira to get out from the car so that Willy and her can talk in private. They agree destroy the Brachos together. Pat paid a visit to Piedad to discuss Estefania’s weird behaviour. Piedad is troubled but asked her not to say so to Fidelina. She loved Estefania and it would really upset her. Pat stops talking as Fidelina comes in with the coffee. Paola stands at the doorway; Lisette calling out that Mummy was walking again. Piedad, Fidelina and Patricia stare at Paola, amazed.


Pat regarded it as a miracle but Piedad was sure   Paola had been pretending the whole and fooled everyone, including Pauly. She calls Rod and tells him about Paola. Rod in turn told Paulina who also regarded it as a miracle and Rod is exasperated by her naivety. Carlos Daniel makes a new friend during his vacation, a woman called Isabel.
 Gemma called Paola and informs her about C.D and Isabel. Paola happy to hear about it and went to meet Piedad in her room and told her but Piedad scoffs, refusing to believe her. They have an argument and Piedad orders Paola to get out from her room. Meanwhile, Isabel suggests to Carlos Daniel they end their friendship to avoid disappointment and regrets since he was obviously so much in love with Paulina Martinez and Carlos Daniel agreed. Paola went to the factory and Blanca surprised to see Paola walking. Then she walks into the office and finds Paulina and Rod having a confab. Paulina tries to calm down a furious Rod and Paola tells her about C.D and his new girlfriend. Paulina’s face falls but says that she happy to hear he’s moving on. Paola still insists about the 1 million, refusing to accept Paulina's offer of 500 thousand. Paola met Willy at the coffee house; he is surprised to see Paola walking. Paola confessed she’d been pretending the whole time in order to be able to stay at the house. They both agree to burn down the factory.

  Willy is to find someone that would do it for them.


Nurse  Elvira-  more or less a silent observer in the whole drama- decided  to confess and expose Paola; whom she thought was the real victim in the whole affair. 

She told Mrs. Piedad everything and Abuela was furious!
Unfortunately, Paola was eavesdropping 
  and heard everything, vowing to make Elvira pay for her betrayal.  Elvira informed Paola she wanted to get paid for her services and that she was returning back to her job at the hosptial. Paola sweetly said how sorry she was to hear she was leaving and suggested they both go to the bank to withdraw the money to pay her.  Paola called Willy to ask whether he’s gotten what she asked him for.  Elvira comes back with her bag and they set off. Paola drives the car very recklessly, much to Elvira's alarm-  persuading Paola to slow down. Paola refused and increased  speed instead.
 She turned to Elvira, shouting  that she should thank her for telling on her- she'd heard everything.  Elvira is filled with terror and tries to grab the steering wheel but  Paola pushed her  side and both women struggle over the wheel. Paola lost  control of the car and the car went  down a steep hill. Elvira is thrown out of the car and when witnesses arrived at the to help,  she was already dead!

Friday, June 08, 2007


The cast of LA HIJA DE JARDINERO made their final bow on Wednesday, June 6th, 2007; I savoured the final episode (on AIT Television) completely although I found Rosario’s imitation of Don Fernando very distasteful and rude. For those who missed it as well as the one showed by MITV yesterday, here are the important things that happened:

Jennifer was dragged away kicking and screaming, at the same time yelling insults at Luisa Fernanda and words of love at Carlos Eduardo, who just ignored her and held his darling close to him.

Pedro visited Luis Alejandro in prison, taunting him with the knowledge that he was now where he belonged.

Jennifer ranted at how stupidly she’d behaved and was anxious to get psychiatric help.
Marissa announced she was giving her mansion to Carlos Eduardo and Luisa Fernanda as a wedding gift, since she was going to move in with Pedro.

Alfredo planned his future with Xochil and finally embraced Carlos Eduardo in sincere and lasting friendship.
Luisa Fernanda, looking so beautiful in her wedding dress, pressing a kiss on her mum’s photo before leaving, she actually ran towards the church, amidst cheers.

Luisa Fernanda and Carlos Eduardo exchanging a sensual kiss after the padre declares them husband and wife; Pedro, Orlando, Ordonez, Cesar and Armando also kissing their wives- Marissa, Vanessa, Lupe, Clarita and Carolina. (The only person missing at the wedding and should have been there, Pedro’s sister, Joaquina)

Don Fernando, after thanking God for His Infinite Mercy, resumed back to work, healthy again; appointed Orlando vice president and Marissa’s lawyer his new legal adviser.

Luis Alejandro wept like a baby after Armando informed him that he’d been given 10 years imprisonment (reduced from a life sentence at Luisa Fernanda’s intervention)

Jennifer finally appreciated Guillermo (I still prefer to call him Fabian) and accepted him as her boyfriend after he and Carolina (who is now pregnant) told her that Carlos Eduardo and Luisa Fernando had dropped the charges, thus, she wont go to prison after leaving the psychiatric home.

Luisa Fernanda telling Carlos Eduardo that she was pregnant again (hopefully it would be girl this time), Carlos Eduardo holding his wife and son in his arms, full of happiness.

Ah, another one gone, I miss it so such, in spite of the lies, misunderstandings and so many secrets, but all the telenovelas have those, which make them more interesting. NOW for the new one, Catalina y Sebastian.


CATALINA Y SEBASTIANAmbition, money, love, intrigue and deceit forge the life of Catalina (Silvia Navarro), a young woman struggling after a huge romantic disappointment. Forced by her parents to marry Sebastian (Sergio Basanez), the son of a powerful landholder, is the ideal solution to the economical problems of her ambitious family.Sebastian is deeply in love with Catalina, and decides to test her love after the wedding by impersonating the foreman of the estate. This only brings to light Catalina’s parents real interests, money. After being greatly disappointed, Catalina’s parents force her to get divorced as soon as possible.Sebastian wants revenge, and denies her the divorce, forcing her to live the simple life of a foreman. Time makes Catalina fall passionately in love with Sebastian, who can not forgive and forget the reason why she married him. After fulfilling his revenge, it is him who wants to break the bonds of marriage.Sebastian confesses to Catalina the truth, and decides to go back to his previous lifestyle, but Carmelo the real foreman (who believes he’s Sebastian’s half brother), is not willing to leave behind the life of luxury he has become so used to. Only if Catalina decides to marry him, will he give Sebastian back what is righteously his.Is Catalina’s love for Sebastian strong enough to sacrifice her own happiness for the wealth of the man she loves?

Peace and Love. xxxxxxx


I promised I’ll be posting episodes of La Mujer de Lorenzo but in order to make it easier for me, I’ve decided to post the episodes by week. Galaxy Television started airing the soap about a month ago but decided to take a huge jump since most people had probably seen the earlier ones on AIT and I sincerely both stations will get their act together and STOP with the tiresome repetitions. OKAY, this week…
Let the tricks and lie begin…

Isabella listened in disbelief as Lorenzo chatted lovingly with Sylvia over the phone and crept away unnoticed, to cry in her room. Conan is overjoyed at seeing Lisette but is stunned when she confronts him about his offer to give Mimi’s unborn child a name and breaks up with him finally. In Italy, Isabella tearfully plans on how she’ll pay Sylvia out for ‘snatching’ Lorenzo from her by making her life miserable. Her fears are confirmed when Lorenzo appears very anxious to return to Lima. Sylvia and E.P’s former staff begins working on their first order which will be designed by Conan, she instructs Nattie to call her when Lorenzo showed up at the office. Laura and her sleazy lawyer gleefully prepare her ‘evidence’ to discredit Lorenzo in court. Alex gets a subpoena, much to his surprise. Nattie is puzzled at the subpoena addressed to Isabella. Empetris follows a disgruntled Mimi to the recording studio to submit her contract. Tony shows up and the producer, Maximo hires Tony, to compete with Mimi. Conan decides to quit his job at the boutique in order to help Sylvia.

Tony and Mimi have a very heated argument. Empetris hears the noise of sewing machines and discovers Sylvia’s secret. Nattie welcomes Lorenzo and Isabella back and gives them their subpoenas, the latter rather surprised. Mimi complains to Conan about the recent development at the studio, Conan tells her about lisette, insisting the break-up wasn’t Mimi’s fault when she confessed she had told Tony about his kind offer in order to spite him, E.P angrily confronts Conan about his cousin’s ‘conspiracy’, threatening it would not succeed. Tony and Lisette discuss Conan and Mimi, just as Nattie enters the apartment. Lorenzo and Sylvia have a warm reunion; Isabella angrily (and painfully) watches Lorenzo covering Sylvia with passionate kisses. Alex confronts Laura about his subpoena; asking for his a new car in exchange for his false testimony much to Laura’s anger. After refusing to wait until the trial ended, reluctantly decides to give him a diamond brooch. Gloria is shocked as Isabella’s story about Lorenzo and Sylvia. Isabella instructs her to arrange for Sylvia to come to her hotel suite; she was going to convince Sylvia that she was Lorenzo’s lover. E.P shows up to report Sylvia to her, requesting that Isabella closed Sylvia’s business down, which she readily agrees to do. Lorenzo and Sylvia have a romantic date. Nattie is startled when Giacormo suddenly pushes her away in the middle of kissing. Deeply hurt, she gives him a strong hint that she didn’t want to see him again. Alex, Isabella and Lorenzo show up in court; the judge silences Alex when he speaks out of turn and Lorenzo is stunned when Laura’s lawyer plays a tape: Isabella telling Laura that she and Lorenzo were lovers!

Isabella hotly denies saying all the things in the tape, claiming it wasn’t her voice, but the judge confiscates it for examination. Orlando asks for 5minutes recess, ignoring hot looks from Laura. Sylvia and Nattie express doubts over Conan resigning from his job so quickly. Conan is still sad over his break-up with Lisette. During recess, Isabella admits to an angry Lorenzo that the tape was real but insists she had been drunk when she said it and only to annoy Laura. Alex gives false testimony and the judge silences both him and Lorenzo when they begin to argue. Lorenzo refuses Orlando suggestion of Sylvia testifying. Over the phone, Isabella asks Gloria to get Sylvia to come to her suite. Orlando comes out and blames Isabella for jeopardising Lorenzo’s case and unsuspectingly gives Isabella a copy of the tape when she asks for it. Nattie catches Gloria going through her desk. Empetris scolds Mimi for being on Sylvia’s side and is very rude to Hercules who arrives to try and reason with her. Mimi talks to Lisette about Conan, advising her to reconcile with Conan, stressing that Conan was only her best friend and not the father of her unborn child as insinuated by Tony but Lisette demands to know why she’s always demanding favours from him. Laura’s lawyer trashes Lorenzo and Isabella’s characters in court, showing the tabloid that ran the story about Isabella being a former prostitute (and it’s true too.) and the case is adjourned again. Back at the office, Isabella shows Gloria the tape she got from Orlando, planning to deliberately let Nattie hear it and then tell Sylvia.

(Argh! I missed most of it because of things to do in the kitchen, but what I saw);
Nattie heard the tape and wondered how to tell Sylvia about it. Giacormo spoke with Conan over the phone and asked after Nattie. The inspector, sent by Isabella, arrived at the gym but only found the workers playing cards (thanks to a tip, probably from Mimi).

What's up Silverbird TV?

I honestly don’t know why Silverbird TV stopped showing LA REVANCHA (THE REVENGE), after taking the whole trouble of advertising it and building up Nigerian’s curiosity, I was so looking forward to it। Like always, I went to my favourite Latino site when it was first advertised to find out what it was about; a maid witnessed her widowed master being murdered by his unscrupulous business partner and she runs away with his infant daughter, Soledad (the first daughter was away at boarding school)। Years later, Soledad encounters a handsome doctor on board the ship she works as the on board entertainer and fall in love at first sight. But alas, it turns out that Soledad’s boyfriend is the son of the man who had murdered her father, so her foster mother (who never told Solida about the incident or her true identity, for her own protection) forbids her to see him again. Worse, Isabella, in search of her father’s killer, also falls in love with Alejandro not realising that her rival was the sister she’s also searching for. Much worse, the killer wants Solida to be his grandson’s nanny (Alejandro’s troubled son, Kike, is strongly attached to her) but must live in the mansion. Besides Isabella, Solida will also have to contend with Alejandro’s spiteful stepsister (who is also in love with him) and his horrible older brother who, for some reason, hates her very much.

I don’t think I’ll have much faith in Silverbird TV’s adverts on Telenovelas anymore; it’s absolutely unfair to suddenly yank such an interesting telenovela away…for what reason did they do it, I’ll like to know! If they expect the public to take them seriously, then they should finish what they started.
But then again, maybe I’m being unfair, LA REVANCHA aired the same time as LA HIJA DE JARDINERO (9 o’clock), so maybe it would be brought back on air now that
LA HIJA DE JARDINERO is wrapping up but I very much doubt it because nobody will be prepared to ignore CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN as Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basanez will be in it. But I sincerely hope that one way or the other, LA REVANCHA will come back.

Monday, June 04, 2007


For all Nigerian viewers of La Hija Del Jardinero (THE GARDENER’S DAUGHTER), it’s glaringly obvious to all and sundry that this telenovela we love so much is soon going to wrap up and while I’m going to miss Mariana Ochoa(Luisa Fernanda) and Carlos Torres(Carlos Eduardo), I’ll be glad not to see Jennifer De La Vega’s spiteful face every week, she’s even worse than Barbara(Anette Michel) in Cuando Seas Mia (WHEN YOU ARE MINE) with her ridiculous and embarrassing display of so called affection but I’ll certainly miss Victor (whom I personally nicknamed Miss Thang) being the comic relief in such a tense story, compared with Xochil, who is such a forward pain in the ass, no Nigerian household can hire someone like that as a housemaid, lai lai . And AIT is not giving us time to catch our breath after this rollercoaster soap because

We’re having the stars of ‘Cuando Seas Mia’ Silvia Navarro (Paloma) and Sergio Basanez (Diego) back in CATALINA y SEBASTIAN, which was Silvia and Sergio’s first telenovela together, way back in 1999, Cuando Seas Mia was their third outing . I’ve surfed the net but am yet to find out whether Silvia and Sergio have something going (romantically) or they just like working together. But personally… I’m not too happy/excited that AIT chose CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN to replace LA HIJA DEL JARDINERO because around the time Cuando Seas Mia was about to wrap up, I got into a Latino website to find out Silvia Navarro’s other telenovelas along with photos of her to add to my scrapbook; imagine my astonishment when I came across the title banner of CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN:

Once I got over the shock of seeing her with ‘Diego’ again, I carefully read the telenovela’s overview; Catalina (Silvia Navarro) freshly dumped by her boyfriend and in desperate need to help out her bankrupt family out of their financial problems agrees to marry a rich plantation owner, Sebastian (Sergio Basanez). Sebastian, comes up with a very peculiar plan; he switches places with his foreman and lets Catalina think he’s actually a poor man and forces her to live at the foreman’s house instead of the main house, in the hope that Catalina will actually fall in love with him without the added motivation of money. But he gets so discouraged that when Catalina finally does falls in love with him, he asks for a divorce. Worse still, the foreman, who for some reason has a fixed idea that he’s Sebastian’s half brother, refuses to switch back with Sebastian, that is, unless Sebastian gave him Catalina! How Sebastian go do that one???

This is obviously going to be a tedious telenovela, full of misguided signals and misunderstandings before everyone has a happy ever after, goodbye, and the end. Will try, (but no promises) to keep you guys reading this blog, posted.

As for AIT, they truly suck, after going through all the trouble of advertising LA MUJER DE LORENZO and by the way, MUJER means ‘woman’ in Spanish, not ‘wife’, they constantly annoy me (and I’m sure other fans) at the way they repeat episodes, I follow this telenovela on Galaxy TV, but they are much worse, cutting off before the end time and constant interruptions with their commercials but it’s very interesting, I really love Sylvia and Lorenzo; they are absolutely perfect for each other, as well as make such a handsome couple ,even though Lorenzo is like several years older than Sylvia, at least he’s a lot more mature than that stupid Alex. Last week, to my surprise, they made love for the first time, it was inevitable of course, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon since they are just seeing each other with new eyes after being betrayed by Laura and Alex. But I may be wrong about that, because although Sylvia truly loved Alex when they were still together (though I’m still trying to understand what she saw in him), she was attracted to Lorenzo after he prevented her from having her neck broken by a cheating wrestler and Lorenzo liked having Sylvia to talk to as well as constantly following her with his eyes ever after he discovered his wife’s habit of taking birth control pills. Now Sylvia is the latest and last woman in his life and if I were him, I’ll pay the settlement immediately, anything to get that woman off his back in order to be free to marry Sylvia. Isabella, Lorenzo’s ex girlfriend is another story, I wish she’ll fall somewhere and drown! I can’t stand the sight of her, whenever she sneers; the sentence in my mind is always “Grandma, what big teeth you have!” she irritates me with her evil smiles and heavy eye shadow and what I feared would happen has happened, last Thursday’s episode on Galaxy she discovered that Lorenzo and Sylvia were having an affair when she eavesdropped Lorenzo calling Sylvia ‘darling’ over the phone, now she’ll be up to more of her ever dirty tricks to separate them with the help of that ice chip Gloria. Of course she’ll not succeed (the evil doers never do), she’ll probably end up committing suicide.
Nattie (short for Natalia), Sylvia’s cousin and Giacormo make a very odd couple and it’s not because he’s much older than her but because he’s right now a very confused guy. Nattie turned to him for comfort after being played by Lorenzo’s lawyer Orlando, (who, to my disgust, is now sleeping with Laura, for heaven’s sake!) now she wants more from him than a platonic friendship which will be difficult because unknown to her, her new ‘boyfriend’ is gay and doesn’t know how to tell her, probably so that he won’t lose her friendship. I’ve heard of some cases of some Lesbians going back to heterosexuality but I don’t know if gay guys do that so It’s either Giacormo will change his sexual preferences (which I hope since his son Tony caught him kissing Nattie in the kitchen) but I don’t expect he will or will tell Nattie and break her heart but still retain her friendship; either way, I don’t want Nattie to go back to that backstabbing Orlando, who is a dead man once Lorenzo finds out he slept with Laura. And I’m 80% sure that the mysterious man who sends letters to Laura from Venezuela is Sylvia’s missing father who abandoned her and her late mother out of the blue years ago, for Laura . Can hardly wait for this week’s episodes and I hope, no more repeats!

Lest I forget, I mentioned earlier that CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN was Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basanez’s first outing together and CUANDO SEAS MIA (When You Are Mine) was their third. Well, see them in the second and fourth:

The name meaning ‘STREET OF BRIDES,’ however Silvia and Sergio (from what I heard anyway) weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend here and was first aired in 2000; the 4th one is

which first aired in 2004 and the title means THE HEIRESS, where Silvia Navarro played Maria Claudia, the only daughter of a very rich and ailing man who falls in love with the company’s pilot, Juan Antonio (Basanez) after they both survive a plane crash (orchestrated by her horrible brother who thought their father would be on board) only to face 2 main obstacles: her father, who isn’t’ pleased his daughter wants to marry ‘an ordinary guy’ and Juan Antonio’s ex-wife who wants to get him back by fair or foul means using their son as emotional blackmail,(sounds familiar??) I wish AIT had picked this to replace ‘The Gardener’s Daughter’ instead of ‘Catalina and Sebastian.’
Will keep you posted and pls feel free to leave a comment, I’ll really, really appreciate it.