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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Part of the secret's out!

Before I enlighten my visitors on what's been happening, allow me to wish you all,Baraka D' Sallah and a very Merry Christmas. After the holidays , we'll all feel bummed out as we have to get back to our jobs full time , so we just have to have fun while we still can.

What's been happening...

Cat tried to run away after hearing Joaquina's on turning her over to Carmelo in exchange for money but the shameless woman told her son to keep watch over her.Not sure her feelings for Romero is real love, Martina broke up with him. At the capital, Jessica made her testimony but since there was no witness when Carmelo threatened her, it did not stick and the son-of-a-bitch(which he is, literally), was allowed to go. Cat got out with the help of Tonio's father and got into more trouble after she accepted a lift from the diabolical Toni, just returning from taking Joaquina to present her as his mother(which of course he didn't accept), after they'd gotten to her house, she drugged the unsuspecting young woman and placed a call to Adela, who in turn told Carmelo on his way back from Joaquina's house(she had told him Catalina was there and got furious on discovering her husband had helped her escape). Sebastian and Romero had been there earlier on to visit her and Magarido had told them what had happened. Carmelo found Catalina in Toni's house and dragged her back with him , admist threats. Cat and Alicia however planned another escape; to hold on Alicia's wedding to Luis. Sebastian, not knowing about the plan at first, went to the penthouse to rescue Catalina but, to Carmelo's malicious delight, she said she had to stay with her(ugh!) husband until the child was born. Edwardo later on told him what Alicia and Catalina had planned and the matter was discussed at her house. Sylvia, who had gone into a coma following complications from the ill-advised liposuction died in her sleep, to Ricardo's joy and Edwardo's sadness; the latter organised the funeral, while Ricardo went off to celebrate(he's such a pig!).

Tonio was dismayed that Joaquina had told on Catalina and confronted Toni but the woman denied having any part of it. Romero is visited by a music producer who wants to sign him up as a new singing star, which he accepts. Alicia calls Luisa to tell her the plan was in place but alas! Adeal heard the whole thing on the extension. Alicia and Luis get married in church and the reception is held at her house. During the party, while Carmelo was fooling around with the other young men, Cat slipped away and found Sebastian waiting for her as planned but couldnt get away as Adela had tampered with the engine earlier(bitch!), so Carmelo caught them and threatened to stab Catalina in the womb if anyone tried to stop him from taking her away. But at the last minute, Petra convinced Carmelo she was on his side and was allowed to go with them to the penthouse and serve as a maid(in actual fact to look after Cat and pass secret messages to Sebastian). Poor Cat recieved a few slaps from that beast for 'making a fool of him',forced to kneel down and apologise(which she did through gritted teeth) and made to sleep in the same bed as him(her pregnancy saved her from being raped). As for Adela(though she really didnt care)got lots of insults from Sebastian and Gustavo, who gave her a slap(probably the very first) and declared that their marriage was over.
Out of severe worry, Sebastian goes to the penthouse to persuade Cat to run off with him again, but she was now far too scared for their child now to risk it and urged him to go before Carmelo came out of the shower, Sebastian managed to steal a kiss from her before the idiot could come out and see that.
Romero scolded him for putting Cat and their child at risk but Sebastian was beyond caring ; he was anxious to get her away from Carmelo once and for all. The body of Don Lupe was found in the river by two workers and after an autopsy, is confirmed as Don Lupe's. Toni was of course banned from attending the Mass and protested loudly she cannot be stopped from entering the church, so it was limited to not allowing her flowers to be used or allow her to place anything on casket, to her fury.Adela and Carmelo quarrelled; he refused to give her anymore money or buy her her precious casa at Las Lomas,calling her an opportunist and complained that her alligence to him had been very expensive. She threatened to tell the police that he had kidnapped Don Lupe but got laughed at; she HAD NO PROOF!
Tonio decided to go to see Cat to confirm that Joaquina had really betrayed her,giving a lift to Josepha and Rufina who felt it was now time for them and Petra to finall fixed the mess the and made, by finally telling the whole town who's son was who.
Sebastian managed to see Cat(who slipped away from Carmelo) while Romero distracted Creep Carmelo and told him that Don Lupe's body had finally been found.
While waiting for Cat to return, Toni overheard ther three women say that he was not Toni's son. After he angrily confronts them, Petra admits that he was the Perez's son and had only lied to "protect someone." But before he could ask anymore questions, Carmelo returned with Cat and ordered them to leave.
Adela had a fight with Ricardo who refused to share his inheritance with her. After he left, she (who had bought some lottery tickets the day before) checked the newspaper to see if she'd won while the others watched Romero on TV. To her joy, it confirmed she'd won the grand prize!
'I'm the Queen!' she shouted then grabbed her arm and cried out in pain...
She fell,a vase of flowers fell on the tickets... in her confusion she grabbed them and the wet paper crumpled in her hands....
Ricardo enters the lawyer's office full of arrogant confidence that he's Silvia's universal heir but the lawyer tells him someone else was coming for the reading of the Will.
After being ordered by Carmelo to prepare to accompany him to the town for Don Lupe's funeral Mass, Cat and Petra went to the kitchen to wash up, only to find Adela on the floor, mouth twisted and eyes wide open...

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