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Thursday, December 06, 2007


Sebastian stubbornly did not believe Cat's story and left the place, angry and confused. She however followed him, afraid to leave him alone. Chucho tells Rufina, Panchito and Padre Dimitrio about what Jessica did and they get a suprise visit from Joaquina, Antonio's ,who wants to know what Petra did with her real son. Amelia overheard Carmelo's conversation about killing her. One of the bodyguards calls to inform him that Mrs. Catalina left the hospital 2 hours back and has'nt returned. Cat had traced her exhusband to Jessica's apartment and, to her distress, finds him drunk.He still calls her a liar who had made him suffer so much and dares her to drink the tequila he's drinking if she's really telling the truth. She drinks the whole bottle defiantly and they both weep over their misfortunes. Carmelo comes looking for her but when no one answers, he leaves. Toni offers money to Adela if she could find out from Carmelo where Lupe is but the shameless woman would not go against Carmelo(why should she, it wont pay her if she did, he's giving her lots of money). Antonio, Romero, Louisa and Martina confab on the next line of action against Carmelo.
Carmelo goes to Alicia's house in search of Catalina and ignores Petra who tries to talk to him. She sorrowfully wonders how he'll end. Martina and Romero find Catalina and Sebastian drunk on the floor, in each other's arms. Louisa triumphantly tells her mother what her visitors had told her, that Jessica had forged the Will and Carmelo might soon be arrested, much to her horror and fear. Creepy Carmelo is furious that Catalina still wasnt back, certain she's at a hotel with that 'idiot', wondering what Sebastian had that he didn't. My answer: PLENTY OF THINGS, INCLUDING RAW SEXUALITY BUT IN TERMS OF BEING LOGIC, A LOT MORE STUPID THAN YOU.
Martina and Romero give Catalina some coffee to sober her up(a pregnant woman should drink alcohol) and the latter offers to take her home. Cat enters and an irate Carmelo demands to know where she's been...


I'll say this for our Cat, she may be soft hearted but a coward? NOT AT ALL! She coolly faced him and said she had gone for a walk. He insisted that she had been with her ex husband but she denied it fearlessly and told him to prove his statement instead of slandering her; she marched off to bed with Louisa, leaving him simmering with rage.
Don Chucho decides to wait for Lupe to be found before taking legal action against Jessica. Mrs. Manilo, Romero's mother, comes with news from her son, that Catalina was carrying Sebastian's son, to their amazement. Amelia assures Sebastian that she was only sleeping with Marcelo to get info about his father and hopes he'll soon come to love her instead of Catalina.(pooh!)
Toni is beginning to doubt Tonio is her son since Adela pointed out he's darker than her and Lupe and asks Josepha for her opinion.Gustavo and Adela have a heated argument over Carmelo; he tells her he had stolen his inheritance, she is far mote concerned about getting some of it before he gets arrested. Lupe tries to tell a nurse to call Sebastian, Martina or Catalina but is far too weak. Carmelo orders Catalina to get herself tested for her illness and freezes in horror when she boldly hints it might be pregnancy since she  slept with Sebastian before stupidly marrying him.
At the hospital, the doctor questions the alcohol found in her blood and confirms her pregnancy in front of Carmelo, who orders her to have an abortion. She hotly refuses and demands a divorce, which is furiously denied, as he'll never allow her get back with Sebastian.Sebastian makes a formal complaint to the police and goes to the penthouse but only Louisa is there. Petra and Alicia show up and the three of them defend Catalina when he still proudly refuses to believe in her innocence. Carmelo shamelessly tells Amelia and Marcelo(not knowing Tonio is nearby) that he and Catalina where expecting a child, much to her anger and Amelia's malicious delight. Cat fakes a tummy ache and is taken back to the clinic where Carmelo threatens to kill her baby if she didn't obey him from now on and since she's his wife, the child legally belonged to him.After she leaves in disgust, Adela asks him about what he and Jessica had done to the Will. Filled with terror that Jessica had dared to confess, he stammers that it was a lie to set her against him.Jessica is visited by a boastful Amelia who is convinced Marcelo is taking her to where Lupe was and she'll finally score points with Sebastian.
Carmelo, meanwhile buys a bomb.
Adela is furious to find Sebastian at the penthouse and orders him to go but he hotly reminds her he was still the owner of the penthouse and will no longer hand it over to Carmelo since he had stolen his inheritance. She accuses him of lying to scare her and slaps Louisa when the girl contradicts the lie about Catalina's baby belonged to Carmelo.
Tonio questions his paternity and wants to return to the Navy. Amelia tells Padre Dimitrio that Carmelo wanted to kill her.
Sebastian goes to visit Gustavo and almost enters Lupe's room but a nurse tells him Gustavo was in the other room. He overhears Catalina telling her father and Petra what Carmelo is threatening to do. Finally convinced he tells her that he loves her and he'll defend her and their son and force Carmelo to divorce her. Speechless, Cat goes to him and they embrace in reconciliation at long last.
While Amelia and Marcelo aren't looking , Carmelo rigs up the car with the bomb. The 2 argue; Amelia tells Marcelo to find a girl of his own class, grabs his car keys from his jacket and runs to the car, enters, turns on the ignition then...

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