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Saturday, December 08, 2007


What's been happening so far...

Don Lupe was overjoyed at the sight of his (ex)daughter-in-law, who was naturally amazed and confused but soon pulled herself together & calmed him down, promising to notify his children immediately.Lupe told her everything that had happened to him under the wicked Carmelo and expressed how wrong he'd been about her, calling her 'a good girl' but she brushes it aside, urging him to save his breath and them managed to come up with an excuse to stay in the hospital after slipping away to call Sebastian, who almost fainted at her startling news and got there with his sister and Romero; just in time for the old man to give them all(yes, including Catalina) his blessing before dying; a lot of crying from the young people. Carmelo(who found out from the nurse who again called the penthouse looking for Catalina that his 'father' was in the hospital) went with Marcelo to kill Don Lupe but upon hearing he was already dead, stole the body, drove to the town and dumped the body into the river(Allah punish una, a million times!) and went back, Carmelo went back to settle things with Catalina, whom he'd seen snogging Sebastian at the hospital only to be forced to make a statement to the head of security at the hospital(what he really did is shamefully tell a pack of lies) and got back to the penthouse where he received the beating of his life from a very angry Sebastian and got bashed on the head with a vase by Gustavo when he stupidly tried to stop his 'wife' from leaving with Sebastian, even Luisa joined in by tackling him to the ground when it looked like he was going to hit Gustavo again,daring him to beat her. Out of fear of Carmelo's threat to kill her, Jessica ran away from home and found sanctuary in the church.
Toni cried and cried over the death of her Lupe as she called, 30% out of Love, 70% because she was unable to make him suffer for rejecting her and vows to make his children's lives a living hell, especially Sebastian's, despite threats from Josefa that she'll tell every one who the REAL father of her son is... an American anthropologist who had passed through the town 20 years ago!(so Carmelo is not even a full blooded Mexican, HA! HA!) but now, Tonio assumes since HE is Toni's son, Carmelo is then his foster parents real son. Carmelo is now hunting for Cat with the threat to have her baby taken away by the law if she didn't return to him, so now she's hiding out, in Tonio's foster parents home, after being taken there by Sebastian and Tonio. Angered that Sebastian poisoned Cat's mind against her when she offered her own house to the young woman, Toni phoned Carmelo to snitch on the couple but before that bastard could call back, was arrested by the cops on suspicion of Amelia's murder and falsification of Lupe's Will. To his horror, he guessed that the person coming to the city to press charges against him could only be Jessica. Cat overheard Joaquina urging her disinterested husband(who is unhappy his real son is a criminal) to try and get money from Carmelo, since 'he's our son.'
Exactly when will this telenovela end? I thought it would be last week, now it's being prolonged, I don't want Cat to be forced to go back to that evil man, or she and Sebastian separated AGAIN ,or FAR WORSE, their baby stolen from them.
 I'm tired of this soap already.

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