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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Man, I THOROUGHLY enjoyed yesterday's episode, by far it's was more fun than I ever had since Don Lupe's kidnap. Jessica cracked under pressure from her grandfather Don Chucho and confessed she helped Carmelo alter the Will but insisted to him,Sebastian, Martina and Romero that she had no hand in their father's alleged kidnap by Carmelo, which gave them hope that Don Lupe is still alive. However, it's the end of her budding relationship with Daddy's boy and her grandfather who, ashamed of her, gave her a MUCH DESERVED slap!
Don Lupe is still alive but clinging to life at the emergency hospital some kind Samaritans had sent him to(after he'd collapsed while waiting for Cat), which happens to be the same place Gustavo Negrete is recovering from the injuries sustained by Carmelo's boys; Carmelo shamelessly confirmed that he'd been behind the attack and hoped none of them would ever disobey him again.Cat however defied him by telling him she was staying the night with her father.After he left, she told Gustavo that she was pregnant with Sebastian's son, to his joy and Louisa's and Adela's horror. Carmelo overheard Marcelo urging Amelia to run away with him, if he'd had his gun, Carmelo would have shot them right there and then but sneaked quietly instead, vowing to get rid of both of them as soon as possible. When Amelia said she needed time to think about it, Marcelo confessed that Carmelo had asked him to kill her.
Cat managed to slip away from the bodyguard(who got his comeuppance from a nurse he tried to toast) to see Sebastian and told him the little she knew about his Dad. She also told him about his son she's expecting but typical of that prideful idiot, he refused to believe her,saying, 'how stupid do you think I am?' My own reply would be, 'VERY , VERY STUPID!'
It ended with Sebastian asking Cat, thanks to a slip of tongue from Alicia, about the 'deal' she had made with Carmelo.Tearfully, our Catalina finally told him the truth. Quoting Gustavo,
'if he doesn't believe you, that's his problem!'


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