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Friday, December 07, 2007

End drawing nearer and nearer...

 The Porshe explodes with Amelia in it. Marcelo hides in fear and shock, as Panchito and the other workers hurry to the scene to investigate. Full of confidence, Carmelo sets off for Chucho's house to see Jessica. Sebastian is worried that the night's drinking may have affected the baby but Catalina reassures him. Petra advises both of them never to allow mistrust keep them apart. Sebastian lovingly kisses Catalina, vowing never to allow anyone or anything separate them again. The guards are getting bored with their current job, though they are being well paid. Cat tells Sebastian that Carmelo had gone out of the city and acting weird, as if planning something. The Governor of the town is at the scene of the explosion and they all recognise the car as Marcelo's but have no idea who the body inside is. While Chucho is out, Carmelo enters the house and threatens a very frightened Jessica to name her as his accomplice if he didn't take back what she'd confessed.Padre Dimitrio tells Panchito,Rufina and Mrs. Manola that Amelia had told him Carmelo wanted to kill her but wrongly figured she could handle him. Romero and Martina are on their way to see Jessica when Romero's mum tells him over the phone about the explosion.

The Governor tells Padre Dimitrio that it has been confirmed that the body in the car is Amelia.

Cat tells Sebastian that she had seen Amelia and Marcelo with Carmelo early that morning in front of his father's apartment and mentioned and had mentioned she was going to town.Petra sadly admits Carmelo was no longer the child she had raised; Gustavo remarked that people change and not always for the good.Cat worries about how Sebastian will get past the guards but he couldn't care less if they saw him and kisses her goodbye. They confront him outside but he coldly tells them to let Carmelo he'd been there as he wanted to talk to him.

Lupe begs 2 nurses to call Catalina at the penthouse and the maid takes down the message. Gustavo tells Petra he'll soon be allowed to go home. Cat tells Alicia and Luis the good news at the gym. Rufina calls Chucho about Amelia's death and Jessica is filled with terror that she might be next.

Carmelo is shocked when a very much alive and kicking Marcelo barges into the apartment with a gun but recovering fast, brings out his own.Reluctantly, they both put the guns down.Carmelo tells him that Jessica had confessed but the Law can't prove the Will is fake since they contain authentic signatures of Don Lupe and Chucho. Marcelo demands for half of the inheritance.The nurse tells an anxious Lupe that Catalina was not at home, promising to try again. Cat asks Luis to give her and her father a lift as he was going home that day. Eduardo, who had been listening the whole time, reluctantly congratulates her on being back with Sebastian. Chucho is certain that the explosion was premeditated, a homicide. Sebastian arrives and is told about Amelia.Jessica cries that Carmelo had come to threaten her earlier which convinces her he's the one behind Amelia's murder. Padre Dimitrio tells the Governor what Amelia had told him the last time he'd seen her and the Governor decides to have Carmelo apprehended immediately. Over pizza, the 2 criminals decide to go the bank to open a joint account.Panchito remarks about how jealousy and resentment towards Sebastian had blackened Carmelo's soul.Sebastian informs everyone that he and Catalina were back together finally and phones the penthouse to tell her where he was. Adela angrily snatches the phone from Louisa, orders him to leave her daughter alone and hangs up. Romero,Sebastian and Martina go back to the ranch to begin the search. Cat comes home to pick up clothes for Gustavo and Adela tells her that Sebastian had called to inform her that he was back in town with Amelia and had lied to her. But Cat doesn't fall for that trick and tells her that they had firmly reconciled, to her dismay. Carmelo and Marcelo decides to hire a P.I (private investigator) to look for Don Lupe before Sebastian finds him first. Tonio joins Romero and all the men in the town to look for Lupe after and and Toni are told about Amelia.
Josepha tells Toni that Carmelo was the main suspect and the woman calls him 'a murderer'. Josepha however calls him a 'tormented soul'. Toni realised that the only woman to have won the heart of a Mendoza was Catalina since Sebastian still loved her, wondering if she now knew of her rival's death and was happy about it. Josepha defends her by saying Catalina had good feelings. (But I'm sure Cat would be relieved, if not happy). Luis brings a basket of fruit to Gustavo but as the doctor found a lot of sugar in his blood, cannot eat them. He asks Catalina to take it to the sick man found on the street instead.Carmelo and Marcelo give a P.I Lupe's description.
Cat enters the room with the basket.
'good afternoon, can I come in?' she said.'I hope you're feeling better...'
She sees the patient and got the biggest shock of her life.

'It can't be...' she gasped, putting down the basket,
'Mr. Lupe!'

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