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Friday, October 12, 2012

CARBO FAN FICTION- Return Journey: Chapter 6

 Chapter 6

Bo was going through a case file when he heard a knock on the door. ‘Come in.’ He said, not looking up and stiffened at  the sound of  Daniel’s voice. ‘Hey there, Bo.’
What the hell is he doing here? Bo thought, feeling his anger boil up all over again. it’s bad enough he was touching Carly, now he was about to rub his face in it. ‘Hey, Daniel.’ He managed to say. ‘What do you want?’

Daniel blinked at the rather surly greeting but replied, ‘I actually came here to talk to you about something important, so if you aren’t too busy...’
‘Actually I am but let me save you a lot of trouble, I already know why you came over.’
‘You do?’ Daniel was astonished. He’d come  to tell Bo about him and Darcy, not that he felt he needed to but since Bo never approved of him and Chelsea, the last thing he wanted was Bo hearing it from other people.
‘Yes.’ Bo said curtly. ‘I’ve known about it for a very long time now, it’s not exactly a deep, dark secret. And I could care less; you both do what you like.’
Daniel was even more astonished. ‘What do you mean by that, you should care... since you’re her...’
‘I’m not anything to her, she made that loud and clear; she has you to take care of her now after all, doesn't she? Did you come here thinking you needed my permission or something?’
‘Actually, no; we don't need your permission.’ Daniel snapped, wondering what the hell was wrong with Bo. ‘I just felt you had a right to know the situation of things, we’re very much in love and she’s going to be my wife someday.’
Bo felt someone just poured ice-cold water all over him. Wife? Wife?!
With effort, he smiled grimly. ‘Well... as you probably know, I already have a loving family at home; a wife and a daughter so there’s no room for anybody else. You two just handle your business and leave me out of it, okay man?’
Daniel couldn't believe what he was hearing. ‘What?’ he exclaimed.
‘You heard me, it’s none of my business and I could care less so please get out of my office so I can get some work done, thank you!’ Bo shouted, so angry and jealous that he had to keep himself from bashing his fists into Daniel’s face. As if Daniel and Carly having a baby together wasn't bad enough, Daniel was going to marry the woman he loved, something he never did and will never do and it wasn't even Vivian’s fault this time. Stupid, stupid, stupid him!
Daniel raised his hands, now feeling quite sure Bo has lost his mind  completely to be talking about his own daughter like this. True, Darcy was still very angry with Bo for hurting her mother but even she would be shocked by his attitude. ‘Fine, whatever! I’ll go, I don't know why I came by in the first place because you are one crazy dude, Bo Brady!’
‘Just get out!’ Bo yelled at him, as Daniel slammed the door after him. Shaking with anger, he lowered himself into his chair, burying his face in his hands. He was definitely crazy... for walking away from Carly.  
On the other side of the wall, Hope watched him through the open blind.
‘I do not understand what you’ve just told me, cher.’ A confused Darcy said, shaking her head.
‘It’s like what I told you baby, he doesn't care- he completely spelt it out for me and at the same time he was so angry. I don't understand why he would say that and then act like I did something very terrible to him, it was so weird.’
Darcy pushed back a few strands of hair from her forehead then shrugged. ‘My life is my own... but oui, it is strange for him to act like that.’ She smiled cynically. ‘Yet again, why am I so surprised... it’s not like I ever really  had a place in his life or in the family for that matter, the whole time he pretended to love me and Maman and he turned to be such a liar...’ sudden tears filled her eyes. Daniel enveloped her in his arms, furious with Bo.
‘It’s okay baby, don't cry. I love you and I’m here to look after you and Carly... I always will, you hear me? I made this promise to your mother and I told Nicholas too. We’re a family now, okay?’
‘Yes we are.’ Darcy sniffled, touching his face. ‘I love you so much.’ she kissed him passionately and his arms immediately tightened round her as he kissed her back. ‘But Daniel... please don't ever abandon us like he did, please...’
‘That will never, ever happen... I promise.’ Daniel vowed from the bottom of his heart. ‘Carly’s my friend and I’ll die if I ever lost you.’
Darcy clung to him, tears falling down her cheeks. From a distance, Maggie and Hope stared at the pair in amazement.
 ‘Good afternoon, Miss Manning.’
‘Good day to you, Henderson. Is Monsieur  Kiriakis home?’
‘He’s home and very, very pleased to see his beautiful granddaughter.’ Victor beamed in delight at the sight of Darcy. ‘I’m always happy to see you, my dear; come in.’
Darcy entered, looking at him coldly. He was one of her mother’s biggest detractors but for some reason, his attitude towards her has changed.  Carly had received a large bouquet of roses from him this morning and she was still puzzling over the gesture.
‘Henderson, serve some coffee.’
‘I’m not staying long but thank you.’ Darcy said quickly. ‘I came here to ask you what you are doing.’
Victor frowned. ‘What do you mean?’
‘Why did you send Maman flowers all of a sudden? What do you want from us?’
‘Oh, that.’ Victor shook his head. ‘I didn't mean any harm by it. I actually wanted to come see her but something unexpected came up.’
‘See her about what; issue her a warning on behalf of your precious daughter-in-law?’ Darcy asked her voice now harsh. ‘What will it take for you and everybody else in this town to stop thinking bad my mother, what on earth did she ever do to you? Why can’t you just leave us in peace, why? Just because that woman probably still sees Carly Manning as a threat, well let me tell you... Bo Brady isn't worth fighting for or crying over for that matter... so please inform her of that and don't you dare send anything to Maman ever again. If I had my way, Maman and I would’ve left here a long time ago and I would not be having this conversation with you.’
‘Darcy... come on now, you’re crediting me with a lot of malice!’ Victor protested. ‘Yes I wanted to warn Carly but it’s not what you think; I was going to advise her she  needed to be more on her guard with Vivian still about.’
‘And since when have you started caring about her, you hate her!’ Darcy accused. ‘You don’t lose any time saying bad things about her, I’m sure you were glad your son abandoned her; you joined the others to laugh at her behind her back! And you call yourselves my family? Like I want to be part of such sanctimonious, heartless people! You stay away from my mother and stay away from me, I don't want you anywhere near us... just leave us alone!’
‘Darcy, wait!’ Victor said commandingly, taking her by the arm, which she immediately shook off, glaring at him. ‘Just wait a moment, please. I’m not trying to harm Carly, I promise. Okay...alright I admit it, I was completely unfair to her and I’m sorry for the way I treated her, for everything I thought of her. I’m not saying all this for your sake either, my dear. I mean every word of it.... that’s why I sent her the flowers. I wasn't sure she would want to see me or listen to anything I have to say just yet.’
‘You must think I’m very stupid if you expect me to believe you and Maman doesn't need you to advise her on anything!’ Darcy said angrily. ‘I don't know what you are after but your tricks are not going to work, trust me!’
She walked out of  the living room, into the foyer and flung open the door, almost running into Justin. ‘Wow, watch it!’ he exclaimed. ‘Hi Darcy.’
‘Hello Justin, I have a long awaited score to settle with you.’ Darcy slapped him soundly on the cheek. As Justin stared at her in disbelief, she added, ‘the next time you and Maggie Horton want to gossip about my mother, first look all sides to make sure I’m not there ... Salaud!’ She pushed him aside, leaving him staring after her.
Nicholas and Lynn weren't in the house when Darcy got home but there was a note on the foyer table telling her they’d gone to the mall. Sighing, Darcy placed her keys and purse on the table, taking off her jacket. After diligently obeying her mother about turning a blind eye, she’d snapped but she just couldn't help it; Victor and Justin had it coming for a long time. If it didn't mean leaving Daniel and Ciara behind, she would’ve insisted on Carly thinking over Nicholas’ suggestion some more.
Merde!’ she muttered, going up the stairs. ‘I hate them all!’
Luigi stiffened, hearing the sound of feet. ‘Damn it, what’s she doing back?’ he muttered, praying she wouldn't enter Carly’s bedroom for some reason. So far he’d removed the camera in Darcy’s room, he was going to take off the ones in the living room, study and kitchen... not to mention the bugs in the living room and kitchen phones.  Now he would have to come back another day to finish up, that is if Darcy Manning didn't catch him first and her old man would skin him alive if he got arrested. Better make a run for it now.
He waited for her door to close before crawling out from under the bed, anxious to make a hasty retreat before he’s seen. Unfortunately as he opened the door, he ran right smack into her. As Darcy began to scream, he grabbed her by the throat and pushed her roughly, causing her to hit the side of her head very hard against the wall. Luigi stepped back frightened, as she fell on the floor unconscious. ‘Oh my God... Kiriakis is going to kill me.’ he whispered as he fled, leaving Darcy on the landing. Which was where Nicholas and Lynn found her half an hour later. As Lynn tried to resuscitate her, Nicholas called an ambulance, his fingers trembling as he dialled.

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