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Sunday, October 14, 2012


During my secondary school days I was bullied, nearly every day from my very first day. It was an all girls' school and a public one for that matter. There was a handful of nice girls that I got along with, too bad the rest of them were the most horrible set of spiteful, dirty mouthed bitches I ever had the misfortune of being exposed to. I experienced it all; verbal and physical abuse- the more cowardly of them slipped poison-pen letters in my school bag; the bolder ones touched me and insulted me in my face- I still get angry just thinking about them. In my senior year I went to another school, also all girls' but private. The bullying there was more verbal than physical and I got a lot of novels I spent my hard saved  allowance on stolen, I never got them back and they all ganged up on me by not revealing who stole them. I wonder if it is a very serious crime to prefer reading a book instead of gossiping in class because that's what I did.
Why do bullies feel  the need to inflict pain and harm on others in the first place? Do they actually derive  satisfaction  and delight when a person crumple up and cry  and fight back? Do they like the look of frustration on the victims' face and wait for them to hit out so they could begin the physical part of the
 bullying ?
Bullying is NOT harmless at all; it is psychologically harmful as it is  degrading- verbal or physical- and these days it leads to tragedy. Where I come from, if a child is bullied, the child is expected to report to a teacher or FAR BETTER his or her parents and the matter is firmly handled from there. I keep on hearing about bullying cases in the States where victims of bullies actually commit suicide; the first time I heard it, I wept and kept on going over over why the parents and the school authorities did not know about it; the victim was far too young to die! I just heard about a poor girl Amanda Todd, a bully victim who took her own life and I wonder if her tormentors will show some remorse over her death, if they don't they are just pure evil!
There was a case some months ago where a bus monitor, a woman in her 60s who was verbally bullied by the students in the bus and it was caught on camera. The students were made to apologize after it got to the news; here in Nigeria where it is a taboo to insult your elders, those bullies would have been flogged! I've never heard such nonsense in my life where a woman old enough to be their grandmother would be treated like that by a bunch of mannerless brats!
I don't know what bullies are trying to prove. If they are being mistreated at home themselves it doesn't give them the right to inflict pain and humiliation on others. If they simply want to see their victims' reaction, to have a sense of power then they are simply evil, wicked and heartless, or basically pure cowards- I'd like to see how they would like it if they come up with somebody bigger than them or with a filthier mouth like them.
I HATE BULLIES  and the ACT OF BULLYING; always have, always will. How many more suicides and traumatized victims will it take for bullying to stop all together?
Please, a child reporting a bully to a teacher or his or her parents is NOT a weakling and the parents and school authorities should regard it as a VERY VERY  SERIOUS ISSUE! And Bullies deserve punishments for what they do and learn a HUGE lesson that they have NO right to torment their fellow man.

When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sand paper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless.” 
― Chris Colfer

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