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Friday, October 12, 2012

CARBO FAN FICTION- Return Journey: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

When Carly got to her sixth month, many people finally noticed her condition. At the supermarket she saw Caroline, Kayla and Maggie staring at her bulging stomach but kept on walking. Their opinions didn't matter to her nor did she give a damn what they thought.

 She hardly saw Bo which meant he was keeping his distance like she wanted him to. She saw Hope a few times in town but the other woman was quick to avert her gaze on every encounter. Darcy found time to enthusiastically knit baby clothes and decorate the nursery’s walls with colourful murals. Adrienne and Maxine accompanied Carly to a baby store to choose a crib, a changing table, baby monitors, stuffed toys and other things while Nathan and Melanie surprised her by showing up at the house with a rocking chair for her. ‘It’s from both of us.’ Nathan explained. ‘We can’t have you nursing a sore back.’
Frankie and his wife J.J sent a giant brown teddy bear, reminding Carly of her promise to come over to D.C for a visit. Nicholas and his fiancée arrived from England for a short visit, with an expensive baby stroller.
‘At this rate, there won’t be any need for a baby shower.’ Carly joked.
‘Have you thought of names yet?’ asked Nicholas.
Carly shook her head. ‘I don't even know the sex of the baby, not that I want to. But I’m keeping the names to myself when I finally choose; I want the baby to be the first to hear it.’
‘That’s so sweet.’ Lynn said softly. She was a tall, willowy girl with strawberry blonde hair and a rosy complexion; a well known model and clearly in love with Nicholas, Carly and Darcy adored her. Nicholas wanted to avoid the English paparazzi at all costs so he and Lynn were going to have a simple civil wedding in the fall.
 Nicholas nodded, turning to his sister. ‘And you... Mum tells me you’ve hooked a doctor. When do I get to kick his ass?’
‘Why would you want to do that?’ Darcy retorted. ‘He is a wonderful man.’
‘I’ll be the judge of that when I meet him.’
‘I invited him over for dinner tonight and you’ll be on your best behaviour, understood?’ Carly admonished jokingly.
Nicholas grinned, shrugging. He was enraged after Darcy told him the whole story via email but she’d made him promise never to refer to the incident which Carly now regarded as a closed subject. He was glad to see Carly looking happy and serene and putting the past behind her; showing strength like she always managed to and he admired her greatly for that. Out of respect for her, he won’t confront Bo Brady but he dearly longed to. Darcy had told him she still spent as much time as she could with her little sister but she was yet to forgive Bo and hardly visited any of the Bradys- she only interacted with her cousin Brady Black and she was yet to meet her other siblings, Shawn Douglas and Chelsea. But she refused to dwell on it and he promised not to bring it up at all during dinner. They were a family again and that what really mattered; the bonus being his little brother or sister on the way. And while he didn't relish having an encounter with Vivian; he had to make sure she wasn't going to harm Carly or Darcy- he would personally make her pay if she dared. She’d played a major role in ruining his mother’s life and it wasn't going to happen again while he was still around.
That evening, Daniel showed up and passed Nicholas’ quick inspection to Carly’s amusement; a little later Maxine and then Nathan and Melanie. She had invited Adrienne even if it meant having to tolerate Justin in her house but she’d unexpectedly come down with a cold. The last to arrive was Brady.
‘Sorry I’m late.’ He said, kissing Carly on the cheek and then Darcy. ‘Dad called just as I got out of the shower.’
‘Oh, does that mean he’s better now?’ Carly asked anxiously. Bo had told her about John’s condition and how he was flown to Switzerland for treatment, accompanied by Marlena. Hearing about how they’d betrayed Roman shocked her but not as shocking as Bo’s revelation that John was Santo DiMera and Colleen Brady’s son; Lawrence’s parents had adopted him when Colleen couldn’t take care of him. After hearing the whole story, Carly couldn't help but marvel how  John and Isabella- the  son and daughter of organised crime kingpins- had turned out very decent and warm hearted people; Isabella especially. She of course knew a long time ago that John had been adopted by the Alamains, hence his former name Forrest Alamain but now knowing he was actually Ryan Brady was mind blowing and needed getting used to.
Brady nodded enthusiastically. ‘His physiotherapy turned out great so he and Marlena will be coming home soon.’
‘That’s wonderful news, I’m so glad!’ Carly hugged him.
‘I too am glad Brady, congratulations. You’ll have them back with you in no time.’ Darcy said.
‘Yeah and we’ll be working together again at Basic Black. Which means I’m going to resign from Titan; grandpa will have to get someone to take over from me. Oh hi.’ He said, noticing Nicholas and walked to him, hand outstretched. ‘You must be Nicky, Carly and Darcy’s told me a lot about you.’
‘Nicholas,’ Nicholas corrected with a smile, shaking his hand. ‘I outgrew “Nicky” ages ago. Darcy’s told me a lot about you too; it’s nice to finally meet you.’
Dinner was a pleasant affair, the guests enjoyed the home cooked meal Darcy put together and discussed various topics, especially Darcy’s first exhibition which was going to take place at the art gallery at the end of the month. Despite several forms of cajoling from Nicholas, Lynn, Melanie and Daniel, Darcy firmly refused to let them see the finished pieces; insisting they wait on the day of the show. ‘Which I hope will turn out well.’ She fretted as they all sat in the living room, nursing after-dinner glasses of wine, except for Carly who sipped a tall glass of club soda.
‘Baby; you’re going to sell every single piece in sight.’ Daniel urged, squeezing her hand. ‘Don't think otherwise.’
‘But I’m so nervous; this is my first exhibition- what if I get bad reviews...’
‘You aren’t going to get bad reviews. James Amory maybe one of the most powerful art critics in the country but he would be a fool not to recognise your work. It’s going to be fine, cricket; I just know this exhibition will launch you squarely into the art world, so cheer up.’ Carly said.
‘Yeah honey and we’ll all be there that day to support you.’ Maxine promised, raising her glass.
‘Hear Hear!’ Melanie agreed, also raising her glass.
Before Carly could say anything, the doorbell rang. ‘Who could that be?’ she wondered, putting down her glass.
‘Do not move Maman, I’ll see who it is.’
Darcy walked across the small foyer and opened the door, doing a double take at the sight of Vivian at the doorstep. ‘What are you doing here, what do you want?’
‘Good evening to you too, my dear.’ Vivian replied airily, side stepping Darcy.  
‘Don't ever refer me as “my dear” and kindly go back to the witch’s cave you crawled from, you are not welcome in this house.’ Darcy indicated the open door. ‘Get out.’
‘I didn't come here to fight with you or your mother; I came to see Nicholas. I came back from my vacation and heard a rumour he was in town.’
‘My brother isn't interested in seeing you.’
‘That is for him to decide, isn't it? Whether you like it or not, young lady I raised him since he was a baby.’
‘Stealing another woman’s child doesn't make you a mother.’  
Vivian reddened, quivering with anger at the insult. ‘You watch your tongue.’
‘You stole my brother from Maman and you’re asking me to watch my words? You’re the most evil woman I ever set my eyes on; it’s a wonder you can ever sleep at night after everything you did to my mother!’  
‘Darcy, who is it?’ Carly called and then appeared, frowning at the sight of Vivian. ‘What are you doing in my house?’
Vivian’s eyes went to Carly’s stomach. ‘My... Bo left you a present, didn't he? Or whose husband did you snag this time?’
Completely losing her temper Darcy darted at Vivian, her hands encircling her neck.  Garce, I’ll kill you!’ she snarled, shaking the woman viciously.
‘Darcy, stop it... let go of her!’ Carly shouted in horror, grabbing her daughter’s arms but Darcy’s grip on Vivian’s neck was too strong.
Hearing the shouts, everyone hurried out of the living room. ‘Darcy, break it up now! Come on...’ Daniel and Brady made her loosen her grip and pulled her away. Vivian coughed painfully, rubbing her throbbing neck. ‘You’re all witnesses...’ she gasped, pointing at Darcy dramatically. ‘You saw what she tried to do, she tried to kill me!’
‘A thousand times over if I am lucky!’ Darcy shouted, lurching towards her again but Daniel held her firmly around the waist. ‘None of that Darcy, calm down!’ he ordered. Melanie slipped her arms round her friend’s tense shoulders, glaring at Vivian.
‘Get out of this house. You’ve got no business here.’ Nicholas said to Vivian, his expression impassive, his voice ominous.
Vivian stared at him in disbelief. ‘You’re... you’re ordering me out?’
‘Yes, I am. I’m sure my sister must have told you you’re not welcome here.’
‘I only came here to see you and then that sister of yours attacked me for no reason!’ Vivian protested, infuriated Nicholas was siding with Darcy.
Carly opened her mouth to say something but Nicholas stopped her. ‘Mum, you go back in with the others, I’ll handle this. Daniel, everybody... please leave us alone.’
‘You honestly think you’re safe around the woman who buried your Mum alive?’ Melanie asked sarcastically. The first time she’d heard that infamous tale she was sick to her stomach.
Nathan winced at the unsavoury image but took his girlfriend’s arm. ‘Come on Mel, it’s between them both.’
Carly hesitated but Lynn and Maxine led her back to the living room. Nicholas turned to his aunt. ‘What are you really doing here?’
‘I already told you. I haven’t seen you since  your poor father’s funeral and you didn't contact me since then, I wrote to you many times and left messages with your secretary...’
‘Just how did you know I was in town in the first place?’ Nicholas demanded. ‘Does that weasel who follows you around spy for you?’
Vivian flushed. ‘Not exactly.... he saw you in town and informed me...’
‘Spare me your lies Vivian; I’m not nine years old anymore. And what makes you think you’re a part of my life after everything I found out about you? Putting Mum in that casket, framing her for murder, stealing me from her when I was a baby, turning a blind eye when my so-called father abused her for years. I’m willing to bet you egged that son of a bitch on.’
‘I did no such thing and don't you talk that way about him! And you have to understand, your father was sick, very sick poor boy! He didn't know what he was doing...’
‘Sure he didn't.’ Nicholas sneered. ‘Just like he didn't know what he was doing when he didn't tell Bo Brady Mum was alive, just like he didn't know what he was doing when he took advantage of Mum’s memory loss... caused by you.’
‘Your Mum made her choice her own self, nobody forced her... she never really loved Bo Brady since she went with you and your father willingly!’ Vivian argued. Carly overheard that part and winced; Darcy, Maxine and Melanie put their arms round her consolingly.
‘Then why did Ivan tell me the whole time she was delirious, she screamed for Bo, huh? He was there and he heard her scream his name, begging him to take away her pain! The two of you ruined her life and you ruined mine the day you stole me from her; I spent the first few years of my life with a vicious serpent in disguise!’
‘I loved you like a son!’ Vivian sobbed, tears falling down her cheeks. ‘I gave you everything a child ever wanted; your so-called mother couldn't possibly have done all that I did for you- it’s not like she thought of you the whole time she chased Bo Brady as soon as she stepped foot into Salem! It was all about him and his son; there was no room for you!’
‘She did her best to make room for me in her life and I was too stupid and naive to see that my father was using me the whole time! And you, you told me nothing but lies and I fell for them! I feel nothing but hate and disgust for you.’
Vivian burst into tears and turned to leave but Nicholas grabbed her roughly, forcing her to face him. ‘I’m not done with you yet! You listen to me very carefully. If you’re harbouring any ideas about hurting Mum or Darcy or even stealing that baby; just know  if you so much as touch them...I swear I’ll break your neck and tear you in half! I’ll kill you myself, you understand me?’ he shook her and almost heard her teeth rattle.
 ‘How could you say such things to me?’ she wept, struggling to free herself.
‘As easy as it was for you when you did all those despicable things, you she-devil! Don't think I’m making idle threats either, I meant every one of them. Now, get the hell out!’ Flinging the door open, he pushed her out and slammed the door shut after her.
Nicholas waited for the rage in him to abate before rejoining the others in the living room. Daniel rose to his feet. ‘What happened?’ he demanded.
‘I gave her a warning and in her own interest she better heed it.’ Moving to the couch where Carly was sitting between Darcy and Lynn, he knelt in front of his mother, taking her hands.  ‘Vivian won’t hurt you or Darcy, I’ve seen to that Mum. She’s not the only one who holds a lot of power. But if you want to come back to England with Lynn and me, I can get a house ready for you there. You’ll be safe there.’
‘Isn't that going to the extremes, Nicholas? She and Darcy have a life here.’
‘What sort of life?’ Nicholas snapped, rising to his feet to face Daniel. ‘The only difference between this town and the one in The Crucible is that Mum hasn’t been lynched yet! At least she and my sister can get on with their lives properly and not to put up with the  insufferable, sanctimonious lot here; present company excluded. There are more than enough hospitals she can choose from in London.’
‘Nicholas,’ Darcy began but Carly raised a hand.
‘Alright, alright!’ she said firmly. ‘Can the lady in question have a say in this? Thank you. Honey, it’s very thoughtful of you but like Daniel said, your sister and I do have a life here and I’m not going to let Vivian or anybody else chase me out of my home. They are just people who chose to suddenly form a bad opinion of me and I stopped bothering to care about it because I refuse to let them hurt me with their attitude. As for Vivian, she’ll never change no matter what.’
‘You know what, maybe you get a restraining order or police protection.’ Nathan suggested.
‘I agree.’ Brady said. ‘You and Uncle Bo probably aren’t on speaking terms but I don't think he’ll refuse to help you if you go down to the station, or you could talk to Roman.’
‘I don’t need any favours from the Brothers Brady, thank you very much.’ Carly said coolly. ‘But as for the restraining order, I’ll talk to E.J DiMera about that as soon as possible. If Vivian  still wants to keep bothering us with her shenanigans, I’m going to fight her with everything I’ve got.’
Brady offered to drive Maxine home and Melanie and Nathan also took their leave. Nicholas and Lynn retired to the guest room while Carly was tucked into bed by Darcy. ‘Darcy, I’m pregnant, not an invalid.’ She protested.
‘And I’m your daughter who loves you too much.’ Darcy replied briskly. ‘I take care of you and you just sit back and relax, yes?’
Carly chuckled, touching Darcy’s black hair. ‘Thank you, sweetie.’
Darcy regarded her soberly. ‘You’re sure you won’t at least ask my Uncle for police protection like Nathan suggested?’
‘I’m sure. Don't worry... I’m going to get that restraining order and Vivian will toe  the line for the first time in her spiteful  life.’
Darcy scowled then shrugged. ‘Fine.’ She kissed Carly on both cheeks. ‘Goodnight.’
‘Goodnight.’ Carly waited until the door closed behind Darcy before switching off the light.
Daniel was waiting for her in the living room, raising his head from the magazine he was reading. ‘You okay?’ he asked, putting it down and drawing her by the hand to sit beside him. Without a word, Darcy rested her head on her boyfriend’s chest, closing her eyes as she felt his fingers comb through her hair. ‘I'm angry, cher.’ She muttered. 
‘With Vivian?’
‘At everything Maman went through with her, with Lawrence... and then more from everybody here. I’m sorry if I sound like a shrew but I hate that woman, Hope. She caused my parents a lot of unhappiness and she’s the one all happy and cloistered by everybody now. It’s like Maman’s  a memory that needs to be forgotten and I can’t understand why she’s so... so...’
‘What is this Zen?’
‘Calm, serene. And considering  she was very unhappy for a long time, would you prefer her still unhappy?’
Darcy shook her head. ‘Then stop worrying about her. She’s a strong, motivated woman who’s moved on with her life; the hell with what happened or what people think of her, you heard what she said... she doesn't care anymore. And given the amount of stuff that went down here long before you two came back- they are sanctimonious as they come, especially Hope. And Bo’s a moron for treating Carly the way he did.’
Darcy raised her head immediately. ‘Maman and I had an agreement never to discuss him so please....’
‘Okay, okay.’ Daniel raised his hands in surrender. ‘We won’t. We can do other things.’
Darcy saw the sudden glint in his eye and smiled coyly. ‘Like?’
‘Hmm... let’s see.’ His mouth covered hers and she slipped hers round his neck, meeting his kisses with equal passion as she pressed her body against his. They’d finally made love at his apartment a few weeks ago after he’d cooked her a romantic dinner and he’d been surprised but delighted by her lack of inhibitions after the initial shyness. His love for Darcy was all consuming and he couldn't imagine his life without her. On her part, Darcy felt like the luckiest woman in the world now that Daniel was finally hers.  Their relationship wasn't exactly a secret but so far only a handful of people which included Brady, Melanie and Maxine knew about it.
‘We can’t do this here,’ she whispered as he buried his face between her breasts. ‘No... cher... we might wake up Maman or Nicholas...’
‘Not if we’re quiet.’ Daniel whispered, gently biting on her right earlobe, his hand snaking under her skirt. Darcy pushed it firmly away.
‘Fine, we go upstairs... but we must be quiet... very quiet.’ She whispered back, getting up.
‘I knew you would see it my way.’ Daniel leered, kissing her hard again before allowing her lead him up to her bedroom. Darcy couldn't help but giggle as she locked the door after them. ‘You...’ she murmured, going to him and began unbuttoning his shirt. ‘You’re lucky I never thought of joining the sisters.’
‘After what we’ve been doing together lately baby, you’re definitely not nun material.’ He whispered back, pulling her top over her head and crushing her against him, their lips merging feverishly, hands exploring.
‘Good Lord!’ Victor exclaimed in sheer horror for the third time as Daniel reached behind his granddaughter to unclasp her bra; hastily turning off the monitor before he saw images he’ll never be able to block. He sank back in his chair, unable to believe what he’d just seen. So far he’d not been able to discover any plot by Carly to make trouble for Bo and Hope  but he’d definitely discovered something far more shocking. Daniel... what a dog he was; first Chelsea, now Darcy- did Darcy even know her lover was once with her sister? She wouldn't be too thrilled if she didn't, neither would Bo, he’ll be furious to learn Daniel was sleeping with another one of his daughters. It was a very fortunate thing that Chelsea was now with Max, the last thing Salem needed was yet another love triangle... two sisters over the same man would be a very ugly sight. He didn't know how he felt about his granddaughter and godson right now but like Nicholas, he would show Vivian the real meaning of hell if she harmed Darcy; he was very proud at the way Darcy had handled Vivian when she’d insulted Carly- she had Bo’s nasty temper alright. His mind went to Carly. She wasn't going to do anything, of that he was certain; she and Darcy never discussed Bo  and although he listened in on her conversations very carefully he still had no idea who the father of her baby was, which was something everybody in Salem was dying to know. Daniel seemed overly concerned about the baby so at first he’d thought maybe it was his but after what he’d just saw it probably wasn't him. And he had to admit, Carly was showing a lot of courage remaining in Salem in spite of Vivian and everybody’s-  true enough- unfair treatment to her, it was like she simply wanted to forget it all and concentrate on the baby she was expecting. In the morning, he will  tell Luigi to get rid of the cameras as soon as possible. But he was still going to have a word with Carly.
Two people didn't sleep well that night. Bo tossed and turned long after Hope was long in dreamland, thinking of Carly. He missed her very much yet he was very angry with her for giving herself to Daniel, anytime he saw that creep these days he wanted to beat the hell out of him. And he had no one to blame but himself once again; he didn't realise the depth of his love for Carly until after she went over to another man- years ago he’d denied his love  for her and she went ahead to marry Victor- the worst next thing after Lawrence. And now it was too late! Gritting his teeth, he punched the pillow.
Carly came out of the bathroom, looked at herself in the mirror and touched her stomach with both hands. If only Bo hadn’t been cruel... if only he knew the truth, she thought sadly.
Moving to the dressing table, she sat down on the stool and opened the drawer, removing a small box wrapped in silver paper. What she’d planned to give Bo for his birthday and she couldn't return it after going through a lot of trouble to have it done. And Bo would’ve found it so meaningful too. Tears falling down her cheeks, she put it back in the drawer, closing it again. Her one and only love... she missed him so much and wished she could tell him the truth. But her secret will always have to remain a secret. 

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