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Tuesday, July 08, 2014


I've been dispirited since our loss to France to write further on the World Cup. On the other hand, the Nigerian Super Eagles had a good run, being the only African team next to Algeria to get to the second round and I hope everyone here at home feel the same way as I do instead of criticising the team and Coach Keshi who were still rewarded by the President for their efforts. 
But I can't refrain from commenting about today's match... a historical match's filling the whole world with shock, disbelief and jaw dropping amazement. The main prediction was the five time World Cup winner Brazil would lead Germany by at least 3 goals and Germany- equally skilled and fierce on the field and have their own share of legendary players would go away with at least 2. 
But today was a shocker- to say the least! German scored first, surprisingly but no doubt the general consensus was Brazil would definitely catch up. But goodness me... the German team went from 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6 and 16 minutes to the final whistle, a 7th goal! What the hell happened, where the stalwart players that upset about Neymar's unfortunate injury that they just weren't in their game today? Who would have thought they would go out like that, this is even more shocking than the last World Cup winner- Spain- losing to The Netherlands... 1-5! That's small compared to this one; I still can't believe it myself as I write all this. 
Brazil managed to score its only goal 5 minutes before the whistle and just as well there was no extra time, they did not deserve more humiliation than they already had. 
Germany 7, Brazil 1... NOT a scenario everyone expect, probably not even the German supporters- scoring more than 3 goals and OVER Brazil! Today's score has made this match historical and I think it's best to cease the predictions once and for all and simply expect the unexpected  from now on, less chances of being terribly disappointed! 
My sincere condolences to the Brazilian team and to Brazil's fans.


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