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Sunday, July 13, 2014



Today's the day when the winning country gets the World Cup. And let me say, it's been a real exciting tournament this year; predictions were no use since it ended up merely expecting the unexpected. And the last thing everyone expected was Spain leaving early and five time winner Brazil defeated by Germany seven
 goals to one and then by the Netherlands yesterday; 3-0, with the Netherlands emerging third place. Definitely not Brazil's year at all!

So now, the last two football teams starting on this final day are Argentina and Germany- two titans but one winner will emerge the World Cup winner for 2014. Who would it be? No more predictions from me, not after what happened with Brazil and Germany- I'm just going to sit back and see what happens.... and with this final match with a lot of tension and pressure on both sides, just about ANYTHING can happen today!
Let's see.

The match commenced after the recitation of both teams' national anthem.

30 minutes in the first half Argentina scored but alas, it was OFFSIDE! What a pity. And Germany's Christoph Kramer got injured badly enough to be taken off the pitch and substituted with Andre Schurrle. For the most part, besides close saves from both goalkeepers, the two teams battled back and forth desperately looking for  that first goal before the other. The second half would be more brutal but it's best for any of the two to get a goal, it would be a heart attack moment for all the supporters if it turned out this World Cup final would result in a penalty shoot-out. Please... anything but that!

2nd half started with a substitution from Argentina; Lavezzi for Sergio Aguero. Argentina's hero Messi almost gets one for the team and I mean almost; such a chance wasted! Higuain went down but eventually recovered and the battle went on....
Ah, who will be the winner?!!!

This match just kept going on and on and still no goal in sight... Messi again tried for one but it simply went past the net! (Argh! and *YAWN*) Will at least ONE team score already???! Higuain was then subbed for Palacio. Why not, 78 minutes in the game with no goals, they need every man they have. While I understood the pressure both teams were obviously going through, the match was getting rather boring, even with the close calls. More subs... Argentina's Perez for Gago; and then Germany's  Klose for Gotze.

The inevitable 30 minute extra time! If both teams don't score at this time, the final WILL DEFINITELY end with a penalty shootout.

Except for a few narrow misses, it was a pretty much of a snooze fest and honestly I almost hoped it would end up with the penalty shoot out... anything to get some excitement and end the match once and for all.
Oh... a German player got hit squarely in the eye and he was taken off the field for treatment, bleeding and no doubt pissed off- Schweinsteiger, and yet the player who hit him Aguero... didn't get a yellow card, I guess ruled out as accidental.

And finally Germany scored!!!

 A memorable first goal by Mario Gotze- wow... and not MUCH time left... 5 minutes!!! Would there be time for Argentina to equalize before the final whistle? Oh my, Oh my...

Last minute sub- Ozil for Mertesacker.

Free kick for Argentina and Messi was chosen to take it... all eyes on him... and over the net the ball went!

Well to round off... the sad looking players of the Argentine team received their silver medals; Lionel Messi sulkily took off his as he walked away from the podium. I can imagine his great disappointment  but still... very bad sportsmanship.
Then the triumphant German team going up for their gold medals, exchanging congratulatory handshakes and hugs from their Chancellor- Chancellor Angela Merkel and then the 18 carat gold World Cup is handed over to the captain and it's fanfare and loud cheers for the German team!

 Congratulations Champions!!! 

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