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Saturday, January 05, 2008


Which is what every fan of this telenovela has been waiting for, the FINAL EPISODE OF CATALINA y SEBASTIAN, but let's not rush, first check this prelude to the fin...

Cat managed to find a pulse, which indicated that her mother was still alive. At first Creepy Carmelo thought it was a feigned crisis but reluctantly agreed to take her to the hospital when he saw it wasn't ' one of her tricks'.
Sebastian and Martina were told by Tonio that he was not their brother after all but Sebastian kindly told him that if he had to chose a brother, he'd have liked Tonio to be that brother.Toni got the biggest shock of her life when Tonio calmly told her what the 3 old women had told him; he wasn't her son and walked out on her amidst impassioned pleas from her; she had foolishly admitted(before he'd dropped the bombshell) that Don Lupe hadn't been the father of her child but had said so in order to trap him into marrying her.
Petra hurried to Alicia's to tell Gusatvo what had happened and phoned the hacienda to inform them that Carmelo was planning to come to the Mass, just as Rufina and Josefa were being questioned about who Carmelo's real parents were. On hearing the message, Sebastian furiously shouted that Carmelo will NOT be allowed in, even if he had to kill him.
At the hospital, the doctor tells Catalina and Luisa that Adela has a severe embolism and may never move or speak again, though she is aware of what's going on around her. Carmelo however refused to put up more money for her treatment. Adela tried hopelessly to tell her about her lottery win but couldn't open her mouth. Cat begged Carmelo to let her stay with her mother but was dragged away instead.
Sebastian rounds up the men of the town to prevent Carmelo from entering the church. The Governor assures Sebastian that he had more than enough men to arrest Carmelo(indicating that the coroner had given his report). Don Lupe's casket is carried into the church and everyone goes in , the two Mendoza children in front.
Cat begs Carmelo to slow down and gets more nervous when he remarks about how happy he'd be if the he, Cat, her child and Don Lupe were together in Heaven.Toni hysterically confronts Josefa and Rufina about what they must have told Tonio, but they tell here to wait for Petra to show up.
Carmelo arrives, dragging a very reluctant and frightened Catalina by the arm, just as the Mass ended. Sebastian and the townsmen block his entrance, threatening to kill him if he dared to force his way into the church. He angrily demands to know who will prevent him from attending his ''father's Mass'';Panchito rashly tries to handcuff Carmelo to a tree but is flung away and Carmelo handcuffs poor Catalina to himself instead, threatening to punch her in the womb if anyone came nearer. Sebastian if restrained(with difficulty) from rescuing her, Toni tried to save her as well but is pushed away by a now clearly demented Carmelo who called her a 'crazy bitch.''


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