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Saturday, January 26, 2008


So very, very sorry folks for the long break in transmission, I've been so busy that I hardly had time to go browsing. Many thanks to my guest who commented on the blog's new look, it's my way of celebrating the New Year, besides, Blue is my favorite colour; another of my favorite things(laugh)!

Now, now... enough gist, let's get down to the last moments of CATALINA y SEBASTIAN a.k.a the last, FINAL episode; although there are a few things I was'nt really happy about, like Martina and Romero's breakup, Marcelo not being arrested and the audience not treated to a few moments of Catalina y Sebastian's new marriage or the sight of Cat giving birth. Well, you win some and you lose some...

Panchito tried to calm down the two very,very angry young men; reminding them that they had to respect Don Lupe whom they were burying that day. Carmelo relaxed but Sebastian broke free and to everyone's amazement, got into the car and drove off with Romero hurrying after him. Jessica read a mysterious document in her files, looked triumphant then hurried off to find Catalina and Sebastian. Carmelo, Cat still handcuffed to him, cries over the casket, more out of self pity than grief; blaming 'his Dad' for how things had ended up all because he never acknowledged him as his son. Panchito cleverly talks gently to him to get him off his guard so that he can both rescue Cat and learn a few truths. Carmelo unintentionally reveals that he did indeed kidnap Don Lupe and forged the Will, crying like the pathetic idiot that he was, everyone in the church listening intently.

Meanwhile, back in the city, the second person to be at the reading turned out to be Eduardo. Panchito was about to unlock the cuff off Catalina when Sebastian returns with a gun, threatening to shoot Carmelo if he didn't let Cat go. The shameless idiot dared him to, tauntingly telling him he was not so macho and was just jealous that he had Catalina and their father for a time. Sebastian replied that Lupe hadn't been with him willingly but under duress since his last thoughts had been for him and Martina. Carmelo recovered quickly; he sneeringly said it didn't matter anymore and shocked everyone(including myself) by kicking the casket! He was yelled at of course, but he replied that Don Lupe could go to Hell, he had all his money plus Catalina and he'll NEVER give her a divorce.

All of a sudden, Jessica's calm voice was heard; ' Catalina is NOT your wife.' and she appeared, holding some papers. Carmelo demanded to know what nonsense was she saying now and she dropped the bombshell. Catalina was not married to him and he was not a Mendoza. After the Will had been changed, he planned to have his name changed to Mendoza but went ahead to marry Catalina without waiting to get the name change formally registered, so the idiot had signed 'CAREMELO MENDOZA' on the marriage licence, a name that didn't belong to him, so the document and his marriage to Catalina was void and meaningless by Law, so she was free to marry Sebastian again(I have to admit, I didn't see THAT coming).

In spite of the tense situation, Catalina and Sebastian couldn't help grinning at each other, while Carmelo accused Jessica of making it all up just to bother him, but was given the document that confirmed it was true. However, he stubbornly maintained that Catalina belonged to him and got infuriated when Sebastian told him  Catalina told him the whole truth about why she had to marry him in the first place and they had NEVER slept together! He accused her of betraying him and displayed denial; reminding her that she was his wife and she was carrying their child but she tearfully begged him to give up, she was never his and the only man for her was Sebastian. The governor also informed him that the coroner has confirmed that Lupe had died very recently and therefore he was under arrest. Toni angrily told him to stop being so stubborn and give up once and for all, begging the Padre to do something and not allow a crime  be committed in the church! Carmelo shouted that they'll never prove it and as long as he had Cat as his prisoner, no one can follow him . Cat told him he could force her to follow him but it was Sebastian that she loved.
'Well, get ready to see you great love die' he shouts manically and aimed the gun at Sebastian. A shot rang out, but it from the governor who had shot Carmelo. He falls on Toni, who begins to scream hysterically...

Carmelo begins to bleed profusely while Sebastian grabs the keys from Panchito and finally unlocks the handcuffs off Cat's wrist and drags her away from the bastard. Petra finally tell the 2 sworn enemies the truth; that they were indeed mother and son but alas, neither party accepted the news, Carmelo whispered to Mummy, 'see you in Hell' and breathed his last.
Josepha blamed Toni for all the tragedy that had happened and did what I REALLY hoped; she packed her bag and walked out on her boss, never to come back.A police officer stopped by to tell Toni to claim her son's body at the morgue.

'I HAVE NO SON!!!!' she screams in great anger and orders him to get out of her house. Pulling down Don Lupe's photo from the shelf, she blames all her suffering and misfortune on him.
Back in the city, Silvia's lawyer plays a tape where Silvia is shown on the screen, reading her Will. To Ricardo, she left nothing but the memories she had spent with him(she's no fool at all) and to Eduardo her entire estate, ironically, he's on the same boat as her; he has money but no one to share it with.(serves him right)
In Alcatraz, Catalina looks pensive and silent when Romero remarked she and Sebastian would soon get married again; she briefly remembers how Sebastian had been unfair to her, but when Sebastian asked her what was wrong, she smiled and replied she was looking forward to their wedding but she had to go back to the capital to see Adela who is very ill.

Ricardo goes back to the penthouse and sees his father and Luisa with their suitcases. Since Alicia would be moving into Luis' apartment when they got back from their honeymoon, they would rent her house from now on. Ricardo indignantly said he'll never live there and Luisa tells him off before leaving.
Cat gently tells her now completely paralysed mother that she and Sebastian were soon to be remarried and Sebastian promised to get her the best doctors. Chucho informs Jessica that he left instructions in his Will for the agency to be sold since no one would trust Jessica after the foolish and wicked stunt she had pulled.
Ricardo finds a job at a restaurant; as a busboy!(ha, ha!)

On the wedding day...
Sebastian waits for the bride, who turns up in yet another beautiful wedding dress as gorgeous and angelic as always, loud cheers from everyone. The mass begins, the couple exchange vows, the blessed rings exchanged and the rosary of Unity put on their shoulders by the bride's maids-Luisa and Martina. The couple are pronounced man and wife and they go out, arm in arm. At everyone's urging, Catalina and Sebastian  exchange a sensual kiss. 


  1. Thank you i really love that soap.

  2. The soap is waaauh!
    I really luv it and despite everything true love lyk dat of cat.& seb. lasts 4rever.

  3. Thanks for updating us although here in Kenya we are still very far in terms of the episodes


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