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Monday, July 23, 2007

Here comes the bride...(EPISODES 10 -15)

Let me first thank everyone who left their very kind comments on this blog and to let you all know- i don't have all 120 episodes' summaries, i got like 3 requests for it and i'm yet to find them, i'm sorry about that. But i promise, once I do, i'll post them.

By the way, this blog is not JUST about telenovelas, so i'll very much appreciate it if u all clicked on the other 'labels' AND cast your votes on the polls i'll be constructing from now on,(see below). Also, i know what you must all be thinking seeing Matthew Perry's photo under mine; please don't laugh at me, I get crushes every now and then and they don't last, just like this current one won't, i just like him very much because the character he played in 'FRIENDS'(Chandler) was my favorite.

OKAY... to business!

Sebastian was confused at first at Lupe's instructions and asks for thime to think about it. Adela and the others are relieved at Cat's return but she refuses to tell them the reason behind the change of heart. Martina & Romero are suprised when Sebastian tells them what Lupe asked him to do; Creepy Carmelo is equally suprised when he is told but eagerly agrees to do what Lupe said(for God's sake, idiot, the man IS NOT YOUR FATHER!!!), even if it was just for a day. Although he finds the whole thing offensive and annoted his father doesnt trust his judgement, Sebastian is convinced by Martina and Romero to go on with it. Amelia dares him to hit her when she is confronted; he pushes her into the pool instead. Josefa and Rufina are certain Petra and a priest from another village knows where the mysteroius letter Matilda wrote before she died. Cat. gets cross when Adela dared suggest Alicia be left out. Eduardo goes to visit Alicia(who is NOT pleased) to confirm Cat.'s statement about no longer being in love with him- refusing to believe it. Sylvia is more insecure about her fading youth and decides to get cosmetic surgery.

Creepy Carmelo vows not to allow anyone remove him from his 'rightful place' once he moves into the Big House. Martina expresses her fears about Amelia's attitude towards Cat. and her talks about revenge; Lupe assures her he'll be Cat.'s staunch defender if she passed the (stupid) test.

Adela isn't pleased at the wedding's venue, what she called 'a stinking ranch'. Cat is furious when Sylvia comes and offers her money to leave her precious Eduardo alone, claiming to be 'desperate' since Eduardo still loves Cat and promises to keep the transaction a secret. Cat tells her she could keep him and sends her away, not knowing Adela was listening, Adela goes to Gustavo and plan to get the money on 'Catalina's behalf' - to pay off the debts on their credit cards.

Sebastian is more convinced Cat will pass the test after she says ' I love you' to him over the phone. Over dinner, Louise comments that the family would'nt have allowed Cat to marry Sebastian if he'd being an average Joe(simple working class man).

Amelia tells Martina ahe was no longer going to quarrel with the couple and was going to stay in the city until they were married; to Martina's relief (and Rufina's scornful disbelief).

Adela pays a visit to a very suprised Alicia a visit and manages to obtain Sylvia's address from her. Toni is informed about Lupe's plan but feels sure Sebastian will win Cat over with his handsome looks and charm inspite of his supposingly lack of money and offers her her seldom used flat in the city(which to my dismay was in the same building as Sylvia's ).
Amelia 'apolgised' to Sebastian (who fell for it) who then gives her a ride to the city. Gustavo & Adela go to see Sylvia (narrowly avoiding Eduardo on his way out) to collect the money on ' their daughter's behalf', lying that their daughter was still in love with Eduardo. In disgust, Sylvia paid up; 14 thousand dollars. Amelia goes to sign up at the gym and meets Sylvia and Eduardo; introducing herself as Catalina's good friend.
Creepy Carmelo moves into the house, setting camp in Sebastian's own room. Amelia invites herself to dinner with the couple at Sebastian's flat and 'innocently' mentions she met Cat's exboyfriend at the gym and who said he was still in love with her. A jealous Sebastian queries Cat who gets vexed at his tone and almost tells him the truth but leaves in annoyance instead, wondering whether to end the relationship afterall and call off the wedding. But he traced he to Alicia's house and humbly apologises to her, admist kisses; she in turn assures the chap that Eduardo was already forgotten. Gustavo lies to Sebastian that he didnt know Eduardo was his daughter's boyfriend.
Adela tries to take over the wedding preparations but the couple chose simple,symbolic wedding bands instead of the suggested elaborate ring of diamonds and Cat insists she couldnt care less WHAT she wore on the D-day. Eduardo and sylvia fight constantly, he is angry to find out that Cat had accepted money from her to stay away from him. Amelia collects a lot of negative info. on Cat. from Sylvia. Alicia & Luis hear about the offered money from Eduardo but Alicia accuses him of lying while Luis feels sure Gustavo and Adela were behind it. Marcleo warns Creepy Carmelo people will certify him as insane if he claimed to be a Mendoza without proof.
Rufina is annoyed at Creepy Carmelo's overzealous attitude; he vows to be the only boss of the Mendoza lands. Romero is advised to tell Martina how he felt about her.
Cat regards her parents as 'shameless' when Alicia tells her about the accepted money and wonders when their ambitons will end. Amelia convinces Eduardo that Cat still loved him and her marriage to Sebastian was merely out of spite. Pamela warns Sylvia not to lavish Eduardo with so many things - but syvlia already has a clause in the agreement- the gym will remain Eduardo's , for as long as he remained her husband, if in the event of a divorce, the gym's ownershi will revert back to her. (good move, i have to admit)
Gustavo & Adeal deny ASKING for the money, claiming it would have been a waste to REJECT it. Toni barges into the Padre's office while he's going over the ceremony with Lupe, to tell Lupe that Cat was an opportunist, he in turn calls her an 'old maid' and that no man could do her the favor of making her a wife with that character of hers.
Sebastian is vexed to find Creepy Carmelo's things in his room and asks him why he's been behaving so weird lately.Cat expresses scorn at the expensive dress Her mother bought for herself. Amelia tells Toni what she'd learnt about Cat. Eduardo comes to see Cat who denies Amelia was her friend and firmly tells him she no longer loved him, sending him away in disgust inspite of his pleas. Cat phones Sebastian to complain about Amelia's latest prank , he confronts her at Toni's house and she doesnt bother denying it.
Creepy Carmelo accuses Rufina of hating him. Lupe is annoyed when Toni comes to his house to discuss his late wife, Matilda.
SEBASTIAN confronts Eduardo at the gym, warning him to stay away from his wife, Cat. Eduardo in turn, hints that Cat wasn’t a virgin. Cat goes to the bridal store to collect her wedding gown. Romero finally confesses his love to Martina, who’s is overjoyed. A family friend, Kiki congratulates Cat on her upcoming wedding. Gustavo gets an official warning from the creditors who have untied to sue him; this time he’ll most likely end up in jail if he doesn’t pay his massive debts.
Lupe demands to know what Toni had told Sebastian about Matilda. Creepy Carmelo overhears Toni commenting on Lupe’s worry that Sebastian and/or Martina may end up not being his children. Cat is outraged when Sebastian repeats what Eduardo had told him at the gym, but assures her he didn’t believe a word of the fabrication.
Amelia surprisingly receives an invitation to the wedding and phones Sylvia to tell her about the church wedding. Gustavo agonises over what to do about the lawsuit- his son suggest they ask Sebastian for a bigger loan. Lupe is worried about what Toni must have told his children about Matilda, wishing he knew where Matilda’s letter (where she asked for his forgiveness and the identity of Sebastian and/or Martina’s biological father.
Toni is visited by “the No. 1 bastard in town” who asks her to help prove Sebastian was not a Mendoza as he had everything that rightfully belonged to him- he, Carmelo, was the rightful Mendoza. Toni agrees but requests that Creepy Carmelo to annoy Lupe in return. Romero formally asks Lupe for permission to be his daughter’s boyfriend, his request is warmly granted. Creepy Carmelo confides in the Padre about his certainty he’s a Mendoza and about what Toni wants him to do. Padre advises him to first get proof and ignore Toni. Cat is vexed when Sylvia shows up again; threatening to kill her if she tried to take Eduardo away from her.
Alicia and the Negretes head out to the ranch in a hired limousine- Sylvia taunts them as they set out. Emilia (wrong spelling all along) bitterly awaits the bride while the groom is worried about what Cat would say about his lie. The family and Alicia arrive and met by Creepy Carmelo (looking more arrogant than handsome in his new suit and sombrero) who leads them to the foreman’s cottage to get ready and stares at Cat who looks like a fragile Madonna in her wedding dress and they all set off for church; Cat and Gustavo by limo and the others by truck. Emilia is sternly warned by Sebastian to behave herself while Lupe warns Toni not to show up at the wedding reception. Sebastian and Cat greet each other lovingly, before turning to Lupe and addresses him respectfully as her father- in- law. Lupe however informs or rather, stuns her and the family by saying that Sebastian was not his son, although he LOVED him like a son; Sebastian tells her that he was just the foreman but didn’t dare tell her for fear of losing her…

Cat naturally expresses her anger at being lied to AGAIN, but her family’s own reaction only worsens the situation. Sebastian mistakes Cat’s reaction for disappointment at him not being a rich man and leaves in anger, deaf to a tearful Cat calling him back. Lupe tells everyone to go home, Toni and Emilia overjoyed and full of vicious triumph. Rufina weeps over Sebastian’s pain. Emilia convinces Creepy Carmelo to make a call to the owner of the local inn to lie that there was no vacancy so that the Negretes would face the humiliation of sleeping in the street. Cat and Ally wander around and get lost; Sebastian bumps into them and they have an ugly fight- he accuses her of marrying him for the money she thought he had and for sleeping with Eduardo; she slaps him, hurt at his words. Pancho leads the two girls to the church; the Padre takes them in but expresses his disapproval at Cat’s ‘deceit’. Toni promises to help Emilia seduce Sebastian (like any guy not drunk will get turned on by her) but in return must hand over her first born child to be raise to hate Don Lupe (this woman SHOULD get a life, seriously).
Lupe welcomes an old friend, who is also the town notary Chucho and his granddaughter Jessica. Alicia calls Luis. Only Gustavo expresses gratitude when Petra takes them in for the night (I really admired the way she ignored Adela’s snobbish jabs, she’s as good as Ally). Martina recognises Louisa as the girl who had been rude to Romero at the disco and is very unfriendly towards her. Luis tells Eduardo that Cat and Sebastian didn’t get married by the church. Lupe asks Sebastian to get a divorce immediately but Sebastian refuses, having another plan in mind…

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