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Monday, July 30, 2007


YOU treat your daughter like merchandise”- Alicia
I’m in love with Sebastian”- Catalina
I’ll fight to the end”- Emilia
I can’t stop loving her, in spite of what she did”- Sebastian

"YOU ARE A BLIND , PRIDEFUL IDIOT"- host of this blog

Sebastian plans to make Cat suffer like he has suffered by continuing with the pretence. He tells her he’ll give her a divorce but she’ll have to live with him as his wife for six months. Luis shows up with his uncle’s car to take them home, accompanied by Eduardo (in his stupid, ugly, yellow car) and they are taken to Alicia’s house, where they’ll stay for a while. Eduardo asks Cat to come back to him but she refuses, defending Sebastian when Eduardo insults him. Cat thinks over the proposal and agrees, not for freedom but as a means of repairing her relationship with Sebastian; going back to the village with Gustavo. In the meantime, Sebastian drinks heavily and is carried home. Martina is annoyed to see Gustavo outside the house and goes to confront him but is distracted by the handsome Luis (who had driven Cat and her father there); staring at his bare, muscular body (he had removed his shirt so as to repair the car). Cat goes to see Padre, who encourages her to confide in him, and tells him her true feelings towards Sebastian and her reason why she was returning to him. Sebastian is surprised when Cat shows up at the cottage and tells him she accepts his conditions. Although surprised, Sebastian is very rude and sarcastic towards her and puts her to work. Lupe and Rufina aren’t pleased but Sebastian insists he’s told nearly everyone in the town to play along. He’s angry to find Gustavo in the cottage when he gets back and discovers that Gustavo (who is staying in the village for a few days to hide from the police) had spent the money he was given to pay off his debts for something else, and strongly tells him he wasn’t welcome. Adela and Ricardo are angry when Alicia tells them Cat and Gustavo had returned to the village. Romero and members of his band prepare for the town dance which would take place in the evening and notices Martina talking to Luis; he’s told Cat had returned and ready to be Sebastian’s wife for 6 months- which a sulky Carmelo overhears. Sebastian instructs the workers to treat him as the foreman and Creepy Carmelo as the boss, making sure they made no mistakes, pushing Emilia away when she tries to hug him. Emilia angrily informs Toni on the recent development and accuses her of only being interested in hurting Don Lupe, deciding to enlist Sylvia and Eduardo’s help to separate Cat and Sebastian. Toni decides to ‘befriend’ Cat, thinking she would be more useful in helping her with her revenge. Carmelo confirms with Sebastian about the plan before showing up at the foreman’s cottage to see Cat, who is doing her chores. Cat is horrified when Creepy Carmelo propositions her and threatens to tell her husband if her didn’t leave, calling him a ‘selfish bastard’. He finds Sebastian outside and lies he came by to pick up a few things. Cat tries to report Carmelo to Sebastian but he silences her, warning her not to talk bad about the boss’s son. Adela and the children are invited to breakfast by Kiki, averting questions about Cat’s wedding and why they weren’t at the penthouse. Romero is jealous at Martina’s obvious ‘puppy dog’ interest in Luis and is visibly relieved when Luis takes his leave. Sebastian finds fault in every little thing Cat tries to do for him and argue loudly, overheard by Toni, about her feelings towards Eduardo. Toni comes in after Sebastian leaves in anger and ‘consoles’ a weeping Cat. Eduardo sulks over Cat’s decision to stay with Sebastian, certain she still loved him and only went back to Sebastian to make him suffer for dumping her. Emilia pays Sylvia a visit, poisoning her mind further by telling her she saw her husband with Cat. Gustavo and Luis manage to find rooms at a local inn, now firm friends with Pancho and Petra (if I didn’t know better, I’d swear she had a crush on him). Alicia refuses to serve Adela. Sylvia angrily confronts Eduardo. Cat and Sebastian prepare for bed;
Sebastian kisses her which she returns passionately but just as they are on the verge of making love, he pulls away and turns his back on her in rejection. She leaves the bed in anger and tries to provoke him into making love and almost succeeds but Sebastian coldly tells her he’ll make love only when he felt like it and tells her he hated her before dressing and storming out of the house, in spite of Cat’s plea to talk things out. Romero advises him to let Cat go home. Emilia goes to the cottage to demand that Cat left Sebastian alone; warning her it was her bed he’ll sleep that night. Adela is worried that Cat will allow Sebastian take her virginity. Cat (stupidly) decides to pay Sebastian out by making him believe she was still in love with Eduardo. Sebastian shuns Emilia, calling her pawing at him ‘undignified’. He returns in the morning and snubs Cat when she asks him where he’d spent the night. Luis and Alicia tell Eduardo to leave Cat ALONE.

Pam advises Sylvia to get close with Cat in order to keep Eduardo to herself. Creepy Carmelo is reminded by Don Lupe about his foreman duties, much to his suprise(the stupid man thought he won't do any work) and he sulkily prepares for work, accusing Rufina(who obvoiusly enjoyed seeing him being put in his place). Martina is asked by Sebastian to accompany Cat to the market to keep an eye on her and keep her away from gossips

and she reluctantly agrees, but insists on taking Rufina. Emilia tells Cat Sebastian had spent the night with her; Cat slaps her and kicks the fat cow out. Sebastian is restrained from hitting Creepy Carmelo when the stupid guy insinuates that Don Lupe may have children from an extra marital affair. Kiki comes to see Adela at Alicia's house, to offer her husband's legal services to help Gustavo.

Toni comes to visit Cat, just as Gustavo is leaving, wanting to ' get to know' Cat(poison the sister's mind actually) who fallls for it easily. Martina is VERY unfriendly towards Cat(probably jealous that Rufina praised her for selecting vegetables very well) who tries to do some damage control, Rufina however, consoles her. Ricardo, Adela and Louisa prepare to go to the town dance to give Gustavo the good news. Sebastian insists on Cat accompaning him to the dance, giving her a blue dress to wear. Sylvi also decides to go to the dance with Edduardo in order to 'discourage' her rival. Ricardo decides to seduce Martina and get her to fall in love with him(yeah, best of luck, shmuck... like Sebastian won't tear you to pieces) and marry her later on. Don Lupe indignantly refuses to go to the dance as Toni's date, when she suggests it.

The party nearly turns into a disaster- Romero almost stops singing when he sees Ricardo with Martina (who does'nt seem to mind at all). Emilia provokes Cat the whole time and Cat threatens to dance with Eduardo if Sebastian dared to dance with Emilia. Toni asks Gustavo-who was sincerely enjoying the party- to dance with her but "Madame" Adela angrily does'nt allow it. Jessica longs to go to the dance as she is also interested in Sebastian (poor Cat) as well. Creepy Carmelo eyes Cat the whole time, finding her more attractive and resloves to make her his. Sebastian scolds Emilia for telling Cat they had slept together the prevoius night.

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