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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Feelings cannot be controlled"- CATALINA(EPISODES 5 -10)

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Well, i got a few scoldings after i declared i won't be posting more episodes on CATALINA Y SEBASTIAN,so... guess who's back!And since i 'll be doing this, i won't be able to follow LA REVANCHA like i earlier planned. Perhaps it's LA MUJER DE LORENZO that will go instead of LA USURPANDORA since GALAXY TV and AIT have been doing repeats for so long and it's a pity, since i want to see Isabella get her comeuppance and Lorenzo and Sylvia happily married.Pls,click and for info on what happens next on LA USRPANDORA and cast your votes on the poll below. So now we have to look out for EL CUERPO DEL DESEO instead.

Cat(visibly cold again) after Amelia's visit, tells Louisa about the unexpected visitor, angry she had thought Sebastian was far different from "Liar, Liar" Eduardo. Back at the ranch, Martina and Rufina discuss if Cat. was prettier than Amelia. In the meantime, Creepy Carmelo hopes Sebastian and Lupe won't reconcile as it would greatly benefit him. He tries discussing his 'origins' with Lupe (at his friend Marcelo's advice) but Lupe gently tells him to "leave the past alone".

Cat apologised to Alicia for calling her a liar and losing her temper and tells her about Amelia's visit. At a cocktail party, Adela(Cat's momsie) makes a fool of herself by annoucing her daughter's upcoming wedding to a 'millionare'. Eduardo starts having second thoughts about his decision- he admits he still loves Cat. but Sylvia's money was more appealing(pig!)

Romero goes to the city to advise Sebastian to talk things over with Don Lupe, Amelia pays a suprise visit, much to Sebastian's annoyance, and is reluctantly allowed to spend a night on the couch. Cat. goes to visit Sebastian in the morning, he was'nt there(he escaped while Amelia was asleep) only to find the other girl there and left in a huff.
Alicia, on hearing the latest development from her, wondered why Cat was angry if she did'nt love Sebastian, and warns her of the consequences of her action. Furious at what Amelia said to Cat , Sebastian profusely assured his very sceptical girlfriend that nothing happened between them and is ordered by Cat to keep Amelia far away from them. Amelia and Donna Antoinette join forces to make both Lupe and Sebastian unhappy for shunning them(these two, especially, Toni, which is what i'll call her from now on, SHOULD GET A LIFE!)

Exasperated at Sylvia's jealousy and bossiness, Eduardo decides to go back to Cat. and ask for her forgiveness,enlisting Luis and Alicia as backup. Creepy Carmelo is furious when father and son make up. Sebastian(at Adela's urging) goes with Ricardo to buy an expensive engagement ring for Cat. (who feels guilty and sorry for her new boyfriend, but hopes she'll come to love him).
Eduardo found Cat & Sebastian cuddling outside her apartment building. She threw his decision about "marrying people for money" in his face and shuns him, he leaves in a fury back to Sylvia and insist on a quick wedding. Full of remorse(she was going to forgive him afterall) Cat. decides to tell Sebastian the truth and end their relationship but Adela fakes a heart attack and pressures the couple to marry before she "died", which they do in a civil court wedding.

While Cat agonises over her mother's condition, Sebastian agonises over how he'll tell Lupe about his sudden marriage, which makes him fall ill(i don't blame him, i've been there). Louisa discovers her mother's trick, is warned not to tell but finally cracks after big sister accuses her of being 'uncaring'. Furious, Cat packed her bags and leaves the apartment, admist pleas from the family, to stay at Alicia's. Meanwhile, Amelia had found out from an earlier arguement with Cat. that she was now married to Sebastian and told Lupe and Martina-Lupe refuses to let his son explain himself, gets drunk and passes out in Carmelo's house, Sebastian is barred from seeing him. Toni urges Amelia to use her seldom used apartment in the city as a means of collecting negative info on Cat. to use against her.
Cat goes to visit Sebastian when she learns he's ill(Romero saw her for the first time and I can swear he blushed as he left) and tells him she wanted a divorce and tries to explain why but her husband thought she was blaming herself fot the current quarrel between him and Lupe and consoles her with kisses. Cat suddenly realised she felt a lot of passion towards Sebastian yet gently reminds him(when he tentatively hinted he wanted them to make love) they were yet to be married by the church, she decides to carry on with the marriage "to see what her feelings towards Sebastian actually was" and moves back to the apartment, but coldly tells her mother she'll never forgive her for her callous trick.
Sebastian is called back to the ranch by Lupe and recieves a stunning order; to test Cat.'s love for him, he and Creepy Carmelo must switch places for one day- CARMELO WILL PRETEND TO BE LUPE'S SON WHILE SEBASTIAN WILL IMPERSONATE THE FOREMAN.
Sebastian is of course outraged but agreed to it, to prove his father was wrong about Cat and get the last laugh.

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