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Monday, February 29, 2016



My earliest memory of Jab Adu was watching him in the T.V series, THE ADIO FAMILY; which he starred with actress Rosemary Adams. I also heard he was in another classic NTA show, THE VILLAGE HEADMASTER; where he played Efik shopkeeper, Bassey Okon. However, my generation was more familiar with THE NEW VILLAGE HEADMASTER- the apparently revamped version with the late Justus Esiri taking over the role of the village headmaster; hence I had no idea of Adu being in it until after I heard of his passing 
I also remember him in another T.V series in the early 90's, THE TURNING WHEEL and then years later in HOSTAGES Part II; directed by Tade Ogidan. Seeing him several more years later in the AIDS/HIV awareness series WETIN DEY was a surprise but a real treat. And that was because Jab Adu was a versatile actor who knew how to play a role. I can't help but liken him to Olu Jacobs, Justus Esiri and the late George Menta. Considering he started his career as a banker, Adu possessed such skill and polish-  that it was more than obvious he was born to be an actor.
Which makes his death a  real loss to Nollywood. Jab Adu was one of the few pioneer actors of the country's T.V and film industry. All the more reason why- as a tribute to him- NTA should air some re-runs of THE ADIO FAMILY; let the current generation of viewers him in his earlier work, especially since he co produced that series in the first place. Jab Adu should be celebrated as such and it will be a real shame if this gesture is not carried out by NTA. 
Joseph Abiodun Adu; you brightened our screens with your versatility and great acting skill and you will never be forgotten by the people who appreciated you. Rest in peace now in the arms of the Lord.

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