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Sunday, February 21, 2016


Was the tattoo on Bo’s back the same as the one in her dream? Was Bo the man she’d been dreaming about the whole time?  If so, she might accept it as a sort of premonition telling her she and Bo would eventually become lovers but something still kept nagging her.  Frustrated, Clarice rubbed her aching forehead; trying to picture the dream again. A candle lit room… her fingers caressing a man’s back, a tattoo, of what she didn’t know; a man kissing her neck… why is his face hidden?
Why am I so bothered about Bo’s tattoo; I don’t even know if it’s the same tattoo in the dream! Clarice shook her head, staring at the fishing boats sailing along the river. What does it matter anyway, it was just a dream…only a dream. She should concentrate on what she had right now, the most wonderful man in the world; who loved her as much as she loved him and the centre of her world. She wasn't going to allow a dream or a tattoo to bother her any further. Feeling less uneasy by that thought she walked along the docks, the afternoon breeze blowing her long hair about. Then all of a sudden she heard a scream and she immediately ran to the direction they were coming from. A woman was lying on the ground while a scruffy looking man in torn jeans and a dirty T-shirt was rummaging her purse. Immediately Clarice pulled out her gun, aiming it at him. ‘Hands in the air where I can see them… do it now!’
The thug froze, his stoned eyes staring at her.
‘I said hands in the air and get down on your knees; I’m not going to say it again!’ she shouted harshly; her finger on the trigger. He obeyed slowly, dropping the purse. Maneuvering her way behind him, she swiftly cuffed him before hurrying to the woman who was moaning. ‘Are you alright, ma’am?’ she asked, holstering back her gun.
‘He… he stabbed me.’ was the whisper. Blood was flowing from her stomach. Casting a look of repulsion and contempt at the perp, Clarice pulled out her cell phone and called for an ambulance and then for backup. ‘Don’t worry, help is on the way.’ She soothed.
‘Please don’t let me die… I have two kids; I’m all they have, please…’ the woman clutched her hand tightly.
‘Hey come on… I didn’t hurt her that bad…’ the perp whined.
Rage surged through Clarice, a type of rage she’d never felt before but she was more concerned about  the victim than walking up to him and smash his mouth with her boot.  ‘Don’t worry, you’re going to make it; believe that, you hear me?’ she soothed, taking off her jacket.  ‘Calm down now.’
‘Hey, what’s going on here?’ A man in a faded denim jacket appeared, staring in amazement.
‘I’m an FBI agent, this woman was just mugged and needs immediate medical assistance- please go to my car parked in front and get the first aid kit in the trunk.’ She produced the keys and the man hurried to take them. ‘It’s a blue Carina… please hurry, she’s losing blood!’ The man darted away. Turning to the cuffed perp who was wriggling about on the ground she snarled, ‘If she dies, I swear I’ll kill you myself, you just wait!’ Looking down at the woman, she asked, ‘what’s your name?’
‘Linda.’ was the soft reply. ‘What’s yours?’
‘That’s a pretty name…’ she closed her eyes.
‘Linda… Linda stay with me now… my God, where the hell’s that ambulance?’ 
‘Agent… I got it!’ The man hurried back with the box. To her surprise, Clarice felt a strong feeling of purpose and confidence as she attended to the woman; her hands were steady and methodical as she did all she could to stop the bleeding; not once did she panic or falter. Thankfully, she managed to stop the woman from bleeding profusely.
‘You sure missed your calling Agent Parker; you should’ve been a doctor.’ The man, who’d introduced himself as Derek commented, watching Clarice’s ministrations closely.
‘Why do you say that?’ she asked without looking up.
‘You know exactly what you are doing there, just like a pro. Hey look, she’s opening her eyes…’ Linda peered up at Clarice.
‘How are you doing?’
She nodded, smiling faintly.  At that moment a police car drove up, the sirens blaring and two uniformed police jumped out. Pulling the perp roughly on his feet he was dragged to the car as well as bagging the weapon as evidence. Two seconds later, the ambulance finally arrived and the paramedics took over from her.
‘Excellent work Agent Parker; top notch job. You have medical training?’ one of them asked after Linda was transported inside into the ambulance. Clarice hesitated then shook her head; still feeling rather baffled at how she was able to administer first aid so diligently. The whole thing had simply come so naturally and familiar to her; like a hidden and undiscovered skill. It shouldn’t be a big deal but… she’d felt like the professional Derek described her.
‘Well, thanks to you, this lady’s going to pull through. Pity there isn’t more like you who knows exactly what to do in an emergency.’
Clarice shrugged, turning to Derek who appeared at her elbow with her jacket. ‘Thanks. And thanks also for your help.’ She said, taking it from him.
‘No problem, besides you did more than I did, that’s for sure.’ Derek looked at her intently as she slipped the jacket back on. ‘Uh… can I have your number, so I could call you sometime?’
Clarice smiled, shaking her head. ‘I already have a boyfriend who’s probably wondering where I am as we speak.’
Derek sighed, a look of resignation on his face. ‘Lucky bastard. You win some and you lose some. Nice meeting you, anyway.’
‘Likewise, and thanks again.’ Clarice called after him as he left; he turned to wave at her.
‘That woman was lucky you happened to be here, Agent Parker.’ One of the officers said. ‘She would’ve bled to death and that son of a bitch would’ve gotten away with murder.’
‘Thank God for some mercies. You two get him out of here before I change my mind about killing him.’
‘You got it.’ The young man hurried away to join his partner.
‘Agent Parker,’ the second paramedic poked his head out. ‘The patient wants you to ride with her. Coming?’
Without hesitation, Clarice climbed in, slamming the door behind her.
Clarice rose from her seat as Bo hurried to her, wrapping her arms round his waist as he hugged her tightly. ‘Are you okay?’ He asked, pulling back to hold her face between his palms.
She nodded. ‘I’m waiting for news. The victim… her name’s Linda… is in surgery right now. I have to know she’s really going to be okay.’
‘Sure.’ Bo surveyed her face carefully. ‘Something’s bothering you besides her though. What is it?’
‘It’s nothing.’
‘Don’t tell me it’s nothing, this is me you’re talking to, Clarice.’ Bo pushed back a few strands of hair from her forehead clearly seeing she looked disturbed. ‘What’s wrong?’
Clarice stared at him, wondering how to express what she was feeling coherently enough for him not to think she was going crazy. Bo, when I was helping that woman with her wound I felt like it was somebody else doing it and my hands worked like clockwork doing something I never knew I could do. How can I tell you about something I don’t understand myself?
‘It’s really nothing Bo; I’m just worried about that woman, she’s a single mum and if she doesn’t pull through…’
‘She is going to pull through and I’m not going to let you beat yourself about it, okay? She’s going to be fine, you see.’ He pulled her back in his arms, wondering if she’d remembered something else during the encounter; Davidson and James had narrated how she’d so carefully tended to the victim until the paramedics came. A way a doctor would do was how they’d described it. Carly doesn’t understand how she was able to help that woman so well; she was confused. If you two get closer she might start getting memory flashes she doesn't understand and it will be your job to fill the blanks and give her answers; Roman had warned him. This wasn't a flash of memory though; it was uncovering a skill she didn’t know she had. So far she still didn’t remember her past life as a surgeon but her medical training was still within her. Sooner or later she was going to experience those flashes of memory and he had to be there for her and give her those answers before she got more confused.
‘Bo, Clarice.’ Lexie came out.
‘How is she… she going to be okay, right?’ Clarice asked anxiously.
‘Oh yes.’ Lexie beamed at her, squeezing her shoulder. ‘She’s very lucky you were there to help her the way you did; speaking as a doctor I’m really impressed. Maybe you should consider a career change like I did.’
Clarice chuckled, not noticing Bo’s frown. ‘Can I see her?’
‘In a few minutes; she’ll be moved to Recovery in a few minutes. Have you contacted her family?’
As she spoke, a plump woman dressed in a faded blue sweater came out of the elevator and hurried to them, her face agitated and anxious. ‘Excuse me; I got a call from the police about my niece Linda Hagen. Is she alright?’
‘She just came out of surgery ma’am; she’s going to be fine.’ Lexie swiftly assured her.
‘Oh thank God! I would’ve been here a lot sooner but I had to find somebody to mind the kids. Where is she, can I see her now?’
‘Her room’s this way; follow me.’
Bo stopped Carly from going with them. ‘Let her see her alone for today, princess. You can come back tomorrow to check up on her, okay?’
‘I guess you’re right.’ Clarice glanced at her watch. ‘Well, let’s head back to the station. I have to write out the report before I go home.’
‘Wait a bit; I need to talk to Lexie about something.’  Walking down the hall, he found the victim’s room and signaled Lexie to come out.
‘What is it?’ she asked, closing the door behind her.
‘You need to be more careful about what you say to Carly; none of us can afford to make mistakes.’ Bo snapped.
‘Why, what happened?’ Lexie asked in surprise. ‘I only said…’
‘She suspects something or I think she suspects something.’ Bo related to Lexie about Carly’s obvious confusion over her sudden medical expertise. Lexie listened, looking thoughtful.
 ‘Is it normal for an amnesiac to still have trained skills from a past life?’ he asked.
‘A person with Carly’s type of amnesia; it’s not common but not unheard of either. It takes years before they display skills they had prior to the amnesia; usually that happens when a certain situation they find themselves in forces them to act on instinct and then it comes. Carly’s been in law enforcement for years; leading a far different type of life from the one she led when she was here; she suddenly found herself with an emergency in her hands so her past skills  suddenly came to her at that moment.’
‘But she’s got to have helped victims who’d been attacked before now.’ Bo pointed out.
‘Obviously not like the one she rendered today since you said she’s confused about what she found herself  able to do. For a few minutes she was Dr. Manning, maybe living in Salem again for the past few months helped.’
‘Then I’m sure glad I was able to keep her here!’ Bo sighed deeply. ‘She may start remembering some things next…I sure hope so.’
‘Bo…’ Lexie said hesitantly. ‘Are you involved with her again?’
Bo leveled her with a cool look. ‘If I am, so what? You’re going to dish out your objections?’
‘Are you?’
‘Yes, I am. We fell in love again and I’ve never been happier.’
‘But what about Hope?’
‘I think you’re getting a little bit of amnesia yourself, Dr. Carver; the divorce was final a few days ago and I don’t owe you any explanations.’
‘Bo, this isn’t far to Hope. She doesn’t know Clarice is your ex, she’s going to blame her for the divorce when she finds out about you two!’ Lexie insisted.
‘Eventually she’s going to find out I’m dating her but not about her past life here; not until Carly starts getting her memory back. And if you’re still my friend Lexie, you’ll keep your mouth shut. Got it?’
‘Hope’s my friend too. Keeping this from her doesn’t sit well with me.’
‘I’m more concerned about protecting Carly than Hope; Hope’s not my wife anymore and never will be again so clear your mind from that thought. Carly’s going to get her life back, without anything or anybody upsetting her; I’ll make sure of that. Not one word from you Lexie, I mean it.’
‘Then you be the one to tell her yourself.’ Lexie snapped, annoyed by his attitude and the way he was speaking to her.
‘I will, on my own time, my way.’ Bo emphasized, giving her a long, cool look before walking away.
For appearances sake, Clarice didn’t wait for Bo when it was time to leave but he told her not to start dinner as he was going to bring home takeout from The Brady Pub. The strange episode she’d had still puzzled her and was more difficult to shake off than the man with the tattoo in her dream; where and how did she suddenly acquire the skills of a doctor; how was she able to know exactly what to do when treating Linda and so confidently too?
‘Maybe I am going crazy.’ She muttered as she lay on her bed, one arm over her eyes, waiting for Bo to come. He spent a lot of time at the loft with her, refusing to stay in the house Hope had let him have and she in turn was reluctant to move in with him. Not that living with Bo wouldn’t be heavenly but not in a house he once shared with his wife; that would be far too weird and uncomfortable for her. Turning to her side, she closed her eyes and dozed off…
She was on a carpeted floor, bleeding from the mouth; her eyes ringed with purplish bruises. ‘Please stop… please…’ she begged, cowering as a shadow moved over her.
‘Until you learn.’ An icy cold voice replied. ‘That nobody crosses me, especially you.’ It reached down and dragged her up by the hair before holding on to her neck with both hands. ‘I can snap you like a twig so easily; which is precisely what I’ll do if I have any more of your behavior.’
Her head snapped back from the impact of a stinging slap and then another and another…
Princess, wake up… wake up!’
She cried out, frantically pushing away the hands shaking her. ‘Stop, get away!’
‘Honey, it’s me; Bo. Just me, okay?’ Bo’s handsome face hovering over hers was filled with worry. ‘Calm down.’
Clarice gasped, one hand resting on her heaving chest.
‘A nightmare?’ Bo asked, touching her face. ‘You want to tell me about it?’
She sat up, reaching for Bo; reveling in the warmth of his strong arms.  Bo stroked her hair, waited for her to speak.
‘A man was hitting me; I couldn’t see his face.’ She whispered against his chest. ‘It was horrible and felt so real… ’
Lawrence… Bo thought grimly. Of all the things she had to dream about it just had to be one of her terrible moments with that beast.
‘Did he say anything?’ he asked gently.
‘Something about making me pay if I cross him again, or something.’ Clarice shook her head. ‘I don’t understand why I would have a dream like that.’
He couldn’t possibly tell her the truth, not yet anyway. Bo fervently wished Marlena was around, she would know what to do about this.
‘Don’t worry, I’m here, princess. Right here with you; it’s only a dream, okay?’
She nodded, her terror subsiding. ‘Right. Just a dream.’ She raised her head. ‘Thank you.’
‘Hey, you don’t need to thank me. I love you, you know that; I’m here for you- always.’ Bo kissed her; thoroughly exploring her mouth. ‘You’re hungry?’ he asked as he pulled away.
Clarice shook her head. ‘Not right now. Just lie here with me if you don’t mind.’
‘Sure, whatever you want.’ Kissing her again, Bo settled in bed spooned against her; wrapping his arms below her breasts.
‘I love you Bo.’ She said softly, rubbing the arm encircling her. ‘Very much.’
Bo smiled tenderly, kissing the back of her neck. ‘I love you too.’

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