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Thursday, April 16, 2015


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I was very glad to read in The Punch this morning that the three Orekoya boys kidnapped by their nanny were found alive and reunited with their parents. After found abandoned at Shasha area of Lagos, the children were immediately taken to the hospital for a thorough check up and treatment. On hearing about their kidnapping last week, my heart immediately went out to the boys’ parents who were no doubt out of their minds with worry, especially after the kidnappers’ demand of 15 million naira for the safe return of their little boys. Just to show we should be more than careful about the hired help we bring into our houses! And what’s worse, the nanny was hired via; a popular online trading website.   No one could have possibly foreseen such a thing like this to happen and lord knows how’s owner or owners will get over this stain in its reputation.
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And even more good news; the “ Olx nanny”; who called herself Mary Akinloye when she was hired by the unsuspecting family was arrested last night; according to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Kayode Aderanti; thanks to the police investigators'  smart move of tracing her through the cell phone used to contact the children’s parents. Her accomplices, however, are still at large but hopefully the police will get them eventually; before they go after other children.
The Orekoya boys are safely back with their parents now and time and love will help them get over their 8 day ordeal. All’s well that ends well. But in the meantime it would be best to stick to buying and selling online; not hiring a stranger online to look after your kids.  

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