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It's always so sweet when babies begin their "first attempts" at talking, crawling and then walking. But I find their first attempt at talking,even though it's way too early beyond cute. This is my six month old niece's first attempt! 



Chapter 3

Carly’s resolve to stolidly forge ahead was tested when she ran into Bo outside the Brady Pub a week later. Since their breakup she’d avoided the place all together guessing her presence wouldn’t be welcome so she and Melanie, who still held a grudge against Caroline for switching Parker’s paternity tests, always went to The Java or The Cheating Heart instead. Considering she’d helped out when Shawn senior had decided to change it from a fish market to a family pub it added more to the bitterness  already in her heart but she rather not have more hostile eyes staring at her.
Bo was just coming out as she passed by and instantly, brown eyes locked with green. Recovering fast, Carly walked on, increasing her pace when he called her.
‘Carly... Carly wait, wait!’  In swift strides, he caught up with her, grabbing her by the arm. He noticed the bandage. ‘What happened to your hand?’
‘None of your business; and let go of me.’ Carly wrestled her arm from his grip fiercely. ‘You don’t get to touch me again.’
‘So now it’s come to this... hostility?’ Bo asked, upset by her attitude.
Carly adjusted the sleeve of her jacket. ‘If it makes it easier for me to get over you, then so be it.’ 
‘Wait!’ he stopped her as she made to walk away. ‘We still have a lot to say to each other.’
‘We have nothing to say.’ Was the icy cold reply. ‘Everything you wanted me to say to you was said. And if you now want to justify what you did to me; save your breath.’
‘Carly,’ Bo shook his head. ‘We’ve travelled this road before. And that time we managed to stay friends all the same.’ 
‘Back then,’ Carly replied, her face hard. ‘You made it clear there could be nothing between us; that’s why. Now, how dare you think I could ever be friends or anything else with you after the way you lied to me.’
‘I didn’t lie.’ He denied quietly.
Will you stop saying that!’ she cried, infuriated. ‘And stop trying to make me listen to whatever you have to say to me because I don’t want to hear it. If you want to unload some of the guilt you feel about me, I’m not giving you that satisfaction; because you richly deserve to feel guilty.’
‘I didn’t lie.’ He grabbed her by the arms, shaking her. ‘I didn’t!
Disdainful green eyes staring up at him said it all. She didn’t believe him.
‘Carly, I’m so sorry.’
‘Don’t.’ She disentangled herself again. 
‘I didn’t mean to hurt you, I swear. But... you’ve got to understand it’s a very complicated situation...’
Carly gritted her teeth. I won’t cry again; I won’t! Instead she stepped away from him, refusing to look at his face. She’d never loved him more yet a part of her hated him as well.
‘I said don’t. Leave me alone.’
‘I can’t do that, Carly.’ Bo insisted. ‘Things can’t be this way between us.’
‘Exactly do you want from me? Haven’t you done enough already?’ she demanded. ‘Don’t kid yourself; I have no place in your life! I’m a distant memory and after a while, you’ll be and that day can’t come soon enough. Go back to your wife and stay away from me!’
Bo felt angry and helpless as she walked away from him. My poor princess... he whispered. Despite what she thought of him, she was constantly on his mind. He tried not to, which he hated himself for, for Hope’s sake; he truly wanted this latest reconciliation to work. But the morning after they made love, Carly’s face crept back to mind and he’d worked hard to make sure Hope didn’t suspect anything. While he told himself he never wanted to be without Hope again, the sight of Carly looking so unhappy and showing no sign of forgiveness got him so guilty and confused. For some reason, he still wanted to hold on to her.
Carly thought that unleashing some of the pent up rage would do the trick; but it only added to her pain. She still loved Bo Brady; she couldn’t deny it. But what sort of future was she heading towards, having to witness him so happy with Hope and nursing the stinging fact that their time together had been an interlude. Why oh why did she even allow him to go that far?

 ‘We aren’t exactly total strangers; we’ve done this before.’
And how... she thought, growing warm at the times they’d made love; his hands over her body, kissing every part of her. But still...
‘I know but shouldn’t we make sure that...’ she wondered how to put her fear across to him.
Bo regarded her solemnly, handsome eyes fixed on her. ‘You’re afraid I’m going to regret this.’
‘Yeah, I am.’ She looked at him squarely; relived he took the words right of her mouth. There was time to walk away before somebody got hurt; her.
‘You know what?’
‘Let’s leave the world outside. For you and me... here, right now... this is right. You know it as well as I do.’
‘I do.’ She whispered longingly.
Without a word, he resumed the passionate kiss, sucking her lower lip like he used to; pressing her hard against him, his mouth brutally devouring hers. With trembling hands she unbuckled his belt and he lifted her onto the bed, still kissing her, his large hands tenderly touching her. Memories of their past lovemaking flashed in her mind as he undressed her; their first time in Mexico when they became one person, the many times they did it on the boat, in his office... unleashing white-hot passion. She never thought they would be doing this again or feel his body against her. His eyes blazed over her as he parted her legs with his knee...

Lost in her thoughts, Carly failed to see the oncoming car until it was too late. Bo screamed in terror as she went flying before landing on the sidewalk. Concerned bystanders were already bending over her by the time he ran up. 
‘Get back and give her some air! Somebody call an ambulance!’  He shouted, elbowing them aside angrily. ‘Carly, can you hear me, princess?’ he whispered, slipping his arm under her neck. Her forehead was bleeding.  Caroline came running out, disturbed by the commotion.
‘I’m so sorry,’ a contrite voice spoke up. ‘I honked loud but she walked right in front of me. Is she breathing?’
‘The only one who won’t be doing any breathing will be you if anything happens to her!’ Bo shouted at the culprit. The man looked his early fifties, dressed in an obviously expensive business suit and curiously spoke in a broad New York accent.
‘Bo, calm down; it was an accident!’ Caroline admonished him. ‘Has somebody called an ambulance?’
‘Let’s take her to the hospital in my car.’ The stranger said anxiously, bending over Carly. ‘It’s my fault so it’s the least I can do.’
No shit; Bo thought darkly but concern for Carly prevented him from bashing the idiot’s face in with his fist. Between them, Carly was placed on the back seat and they set off for the hospital.  


Chapter 2

When Lexie told Bo Carly had taken a leave of absence, fresh guilt washed over him like a tidal wave and for a while he wondered if Carly was coming back at all. What she had to put with more than half the town; including the family she once called her own was bad enough but from him; it was really unforgiveable. Daniel didn’t even have to point it out; he really hurt Carly terribly. After the love they’d shared, after the special moments and promises, he’d let her down. And he knew her very well; behind the stolid front she put up she was suffering. Much as he loved Carly; his long history with Hope couldn’t be ignored thus their reconnection on the run. And when they’d returned, Carly had calmly and tearfully released him. But what did he expect from Carly Manning? Her loved ones always came first; and always at her expense and her noble action had broken his heart; he knew the other reason behind it- he hadn’t given her any choice.

‘We both know that I was only there until Hope came back... or rather until you felt she needed you more than I did.’
He winced at the bitter tone in her voice and her appearance; she looked very pale and the green eyes has lost their lustre. She was suffering terribly because of him.
‘That’s not true.’ He denied. ‘My feelings for you were real; I loved you.’
‘I don’t believe anything you say any more.’ Her voice was harsher now. ‘Any more than I believe that when we were making love, you weren’t thinking about Hope! When you kissed me at the pier and said you loved me, you weren’t thinking about her!’
‘How can you actually think ...!’ he snapped, appalled.
‘I saw you both laughing and kissing at the pier; like nothing ever happened!’ she spat, tears pouring down her cheeks. ‘I was nothing but a stand-in; a convenient stand-in until she decided she wanted you to be her husband again! As long as you felt Hope didn’t want you, you were available!’
‘Oh my God...’ he reached out towards her but she shrank away from his touch. ‘Carly...’
‘You were the one who begged me not to leave Salem again; you said you wanted a future with me. And it was a lie!’ she sobbed finally. ‘All lies! I can’t believe that you, of all people would hurt me this way!’
Every reproach felt like a rock hitting him. He wanted to take her into his arms and tell her it wasn’t true; his love for her had been real; his promises sincere. But with what she’d seen how could he ever convince her?
‘I know I’ve hurt you.’ He said finally. ‘You don’t deserve all this; all that’s happened. I really wish things could have been different...’
‘Go straight to hell, Bo Brady.’ she shouted. ‘You used me and then cast me aside so the least I can do now is return the favour!’
Turning her heel, she opened the door and left, slamming it behind her.

I can’t believe that you, of all people would hurt me this way...  that sentence haunted him the most. But there was nothing to do about it; he’d made his choice and there was no going back; Ciara was thrilled they were a family again. He could only hope time would heal Carly and maybe somehow enable her find it in her heart to forgive him.

 Adrienne Kiriakis shrewdly observed that though her old friend’s emerald-green eyes still held a hint of sadness; her lovely face was rosy and serene again.  For that reason, she wisely didn’t bring up Bo’s name as they chatted over drinks at The Cheating Heart.
‘Will you and Justin be going back to Dubai any time soon?’ Carly asked.
Adrienne shook her head. ‘We talked about it but then we decided we’ll make Salem our home again. It’s always been; more than anywhere in the world.’
‘I know what you mean. And after all, your proficient description was what led me here in the first place, no?’
Adrienne chuckled. ‘Even with everything that happened here over the years; Salem has its charms. And the ones who leave it always find their way back.’
‘Well, I’m one example; on two counts.’
‘Two? Where you planning on setting up house in D.C?’
‘I seriously thought about it when Frankie asked me to live with him but in the end I couldn’t do it. Salem’s still my home and besides, I lost a lot of years with Melanie; I didn’t want to lose more now that we’re really close.’
‘I’m glad to hear that.’ Adrienne hesitated before asking the question on her mind. ‘How is she dealing with Daniel dating Jennifer?’
Carly was no fool; she knew what Adrienne really meant. ‘She likes Jennifer and she thinks it’s great Daniel’s found someone else after what Chloe and Phillip did to him. And so am I, if that’s what you want to know.’
‘I don’t mean anything by it, Carly. It’s just when you left, Jennifer sort of thought that it was because of them; that perhaps you had feelings for him; he being Mel’s father. She felt so guilty and worried.’
‘The fact that we share a daughter doesn’t automatically make him mine. He is and always has been my friend.’ Carly toyed with the glass in front of her. ‘If I was resentful of their relationship it wasn’t because I was jealous. It was because...’ she bit her lip. ‘Because everyone I knew were having a happy ending. Them, you and Justin... even Melanie’s gotten over Phillip and is now with Dario Hernandez. And Maggie, though she can do way better has Victor in her life.’ Carly bowed her head. ‘It would have been easy for me to stay in D.C after all but I suppose the other reason’s pride.’
‘No, not pride my friend.’ Adrienne squeezed her arm. ‘You’re a lot stronger than you actually realise; a much weaker person would’ve left without looking back. Even with what happened, you’re staying strong and I admire you for that.’
‘I hardly think your husband would agree with you. He and Victor probably think I’m the proverbial woman scorned.’
‘I know Justin acted like a jerk to you and I called him out on that when he told me. As for Victor he’s an old fool and his opinion doesn’t matter. There are still some people who still remember the real you. I’m one of them and I’m saying to you now... you’re the same Carly I know; wonderful, strong and loving.’

‘‘You’re a strong, confident; generous person. Hey...’ he held her face with his palm. ‘You’re still the same Carly Manning I fell in love with.”

Carly blinked, forcing the memory away. Memories only broke the heart. ‘Thanks. In many ways it’s easier to talk to you about all this than with Jen. I still love her but her loyalties are now divided and I don’t want her getting caught in the middle. I’ll let her know that I’m happy for her and Daniel, that she has nothing to worry about... or feel guilty about.’
‘That will certainly be a load from her mind. I think she’s finally gotten over Jack.’
‘Daniel’s a keeper; unlike Jack Devereaux.’ Carly sipped her drink, glancing at the door then cursed.
‘What?’ Adrienne turned to see who had just arrived. It was Vivian, along with her henchman who was now a familiar sight in town. ‘What is she doing her of all places?’  
‘Maybe she got thrown out of the places she usually prefers to plot against her enemies.’ Carly replied, bitterly. She hadn’t lain eyes on Vivian since she got back and wasn’t sure if she was ready to stomach her right now. She and Adrienne were in a booth at a far corner so chances were Vivian hadn’t noticed her. However, Gus had and whispered something to his boss. Within two swift minutes, Vivian was descending on them, Gus in tow.
‘Carly dear, you’ve been scarce for a while. How’ve you been?’ she gushed.
‘Fine until you walked in.’ was the cold answer. ‘What are you doing here?’
‘Unless I’m wrong, this is a public place and I’m just here to get a drink.’
‘If that’s the reason why you came, choose a table and a waiter will take your order. Otherwise, get out.’ Adrienne said sharply.
‘Is this the usual way you treat your customers?’
‘Only those who aren’t here to cause trouble.’ Getting up, she stared the older woman down. ‘You’re not welcome here.’
‘This is a free country, Adrienne.’
‘And this is my establishment; a decent establishment who doesn’t allow in lowlifes like you and your eunuch. Get your drink if that’s why you came and leave.’
Vivian smiled maliciously, glancing down at Carly. ‘Congratulations are in order, Carly. You have male and female defenders... oh I forgot, one of those men has changed sides now, isn’t that right?’
‘That’s it. Get out of my place or I’ll have you thrown out!’ Adrienne shouted. ‘Get out; both of you and don’t ever come back.’
‘Don’t worry, I won’t.’ Vivian said smoothly. ‘The ambience here isn’t top notch anyway.’ With one last malicious look at Carly, Vivian flounced away, with Gus at her wake.
Bitch!’ Adrienne exclaimed, sitting down again. ‘Another minute and I would’ve placed my fist on that expensively modified face of hers. Are you okay?’
Carly’s expression was impassive, her slim fingers wrapped round her glass in a vice grip. ‘Yes. And thanks for sticking up for me like that.’
‘Nonsense; what else would I do?’ she glared at the door. ‘The sooner that woman leaves town, the easier we can all breath again. ‘
Carly was about to reply when a couple entered the bar. Her heart lurched as she saw who they were. Bo and Hope; arm in arm.
‘Oh no...’ Adrienne groaned, glancing at Carly. Carly’s face was now pale; her expression a look of anguish and despair.  Her eyes didn’t leave Bo as he held out a chair for his wife then sat beside her, laughing at something Hope was saying before holding her face; kissing her.
Carly!’  Adrienne shrieked, grabbing hold of her hand. Carly had gripped the glass so hard that it shattered in her hand; leaving a deep gash. Fortunately, the music playing was loud enough to drown out her yell; Bo and Hope were too wrapped up with each other anyhow.
Swiftly, Adrienne grabbed some napkins and pressed them against the wound to stanch the bleeding. ‘Come on...’ she took Carly’s arm, pulling her to her feet. ‘Bathroom.’ Signalling to a waiter, she pointed at Bo and Hope then shepherded her friend to the ladies’ room.
Carly didn’t make a sound as Adrienne washed her hand under the sink, carefully removing a small shard. ‘I think you’re going to need stitches; it’s deep.’ Glancing at Carly, she saw tears falling down her cheeks. ‘Oh honey...’
Carly burst into tears; bitter sobs that shook her body. Distressed beyond measure, Adrienne hugged her tight; unable to find the right words to comfort her.
‘I thought I’ve let go most of the pain...’ Carly cried against Adrienne’s shoulder. ‘I’m not strong at all.’
‘There now, it’s okay. Let it out.’ Adrienne whispered, stroking her hair. ‘And you’re so wrong.’
‘Yeah?’ Carly raised her head, eyes wet and bloodshot. ‘Then why am I still hurting so much?’
‘Because you have a heart; because you’re human. And it’s not fair, what you’re going through. I thought you and Bo were back to the way you were back then.’
Carly’s sobs died down, brushing back her hair from her cheeks. ‘Bo reminded me, before we hooked up again that it was a long time ago and a lot of things have changed. I should have remembered that when he asked me to move in with him. Back then we were young and he thought Hope was dead. He wouldn’t have looked at me twice if she’d been alive when I moved to Salem. He loves her more than life itself. I know she’s your friend but...’
‘But you’re my friend too.’ Adrienne’s voice was harsh. ‘Hope and I are family but that doesn’t mean I’m blind to her faults like the others are. Not only did she refuse to accept responsibility for her marriage hitting the rocks, she heaped the whole blame on you and making Bo feel guilty enough to go back to her; even after what she did to him and Justin and the others! She got off easy and here you are... suffering!’
‘She didn’t have to make him feel guilty.’ Carly sniffled, wiping her eyes with a tissue Adrienne handed to her. ‘The whole time he wanted her back. They have children and a long marriage. Once he knew she still loved him, he didn’t need me to stay with him anymore.’
 Adrienne slipped her arm round her shoulders. ‘Is that what you think?’
‘It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? I’m out in the cold, just like Billie was.’
‘Don’t you dare put yourself in the same level as Billie Reed! She eventually gave them her blessing when Hope came back but it was all show; she turned out to be a vicious, two faced cow; she did all she could to destroy their marriage, you would never have done that to him! And who’s to say he would have left you then? He and Shawn D loved you so much, you went through a lot just to be together.’
‘I don’t know what to believe anymore, Adrienne.’ Carly rubbed her fore head with her good hand. ‘Billie may’ve turned out a prize bitch but she and Bo still share Chelsea.’ Her eyes filled again at the thought of the unborn child only she and Frankie knew about; the child she’d miscarried at the rehab clinic in D.C.  Thanks to her substance abuse she’d killed Bo’s baby. She hadn’t even known she was pregnant. ‘I never gave him a child... and I lost precious years with Nicky and Melanie.  My God, will this pain ever go away?’ 
‘I wish I can tell you it’s going to be easy.’ Adrienne said, wrapping Carly’s hand securely with her handkerchief.  ‘But you’re not alone; you have me... and Jennifer, Melanie, Daniel and Frankie. Time and love are great healers you know. Who knows... maybe you might find someone else and be happy again.’
But Carly shook her head. ‘I was a coveted trophy to two husbands and second place with the only man I ever loved. I’m not destined for love, Adrienne. I’m done with love and fairy tales. It’s all over for me.’
Adrienne winced but chose not to argue. Instead, she wiped Carly’s eyes. ‘Come on... let’s see what we can do about this hand.’
At the hospital, Carly’s hand was stitched and bandaged and she managed to convince Melanie and Jennifer that the accident was due to carelessness on her part. If Lexie suspected there was more to it, she didn’t voice it; she noticed Carly’s red eyes when she returned supported by Adrienne. Instead she calmly told her to take the rest of the day off.
Back in her loft, which strongly reminded her of the one she’d shared with Isabella; Carly put on some music, reclining on her bed. It was ‘Cut’ by Plumb and she paid more attention to the words than she’d ever done before.

I may seem crazy
Or painfully shy
And these scars wouldn't be so hidden if you would just look me in the eye
I feel alone here and cold here
No I don't wanna die
But the only anaesthetic that makes me feel anything
Kills inside

I do not wanna be afraid
I do not wanna die inside just to breathe in
I'm tired of feeling so numb
Relief exists I find it when
I am cut...

Love’s beautiful yet so agonising painful... thought Carly miserably, closing her eyes.  Well, love doesn’t live here anymore.  


Carly Manning tried very hard to move on with her life after the painful breakup with Bo but each day brought more sadness and misery to her. After losing a young patient and witnessing Bo and Hope kissing at the pier, it was the last straw. She began having nightmares, terrible headaches and visions of her dead husband taunting and laughing at her. In despair, she began taking anti depressants and fell into deeper depression, with no one having a clue of her inner strife.
Finally deciding to help herself and save her medical career, she took a long leave of absence and flew to Washington D.C where her brother Frankie checked her into a rehab clinic under their family name, where she stayed under treatment for two months.  

Chapter 1
Carly Manning a.k.a Lady Katarina Von Leuschner and Frankie Brady a.k.a Lord François Von Leuschner sat on the steps of the Thomas Jefferson memorial, watching the sunset over the river, the sweet smell of the cherry trees enveloping them.
‘So when are you leaving?’ Frankie asked quietly.
‘Day after tomorrow.’ Carly glanced at him. He didn't have to express his views; the look on his averted face said it all. And she knew why. If she hadn't been such a mess when she first arrived at his doorstep, she wouldn’t have revealed half of the things she told him. But once she’d felt her brother’s comforting arms round her, all the pain and misery she’d suffered for so long came tumbling out in an endless stream of words punctuated by wracking sobs; Bo leaving her, their breakup, the family’s hostility, Lawrence’s abuse, the drug use, the nightmares and hallucinations. And like he’d done when they were children, Frankie held her tight in his arms; listening to her tale and soothing her quietly before leading her to the guest room and tucked her into bed, driving her to the expensive, private rehab clinic the next day and checking on her progress often. When she was finally discharged, he’d gone  out of his way to dispel any lingering sadness by being her tour guide; taking her to many of the city’s historical places, escorting her to the  movies, plays, taking her to dinner and lunches and bonding with her like of old. While she was more than grateful to him for taking such good care of her, she felt now was the time to pick up the pieces by going back to Salem.
‘I’m sorry you’re not happy with my decision.’
Frankie grunted, turning to look at her. He looked very much like their father; handsome with soulful blue-black eyes. ‘You can hardly expect me to be thrilled about it. Considering all you went through there... at the hands of those people, especially him.’
Carly winced at the bitter tone of his voice. ‘They are your family- he’s still your brother.’
‘Not anymore they’re not!’ he spat, eyes now flashing with anger. ‘Not anymore! And tell me something Carly, why didn't you call me when things got really bad? How could you just bear all that?’
‘I don't know why...’ Carly hung her head. ‘There were just so many things to process,’ she looked up, ‘and you are more of a Brady than I am, I couldn't let you get caught in the middle...’
Carly!’ Frankie exclaimed angrily, ‘you’re my flesh and blood; like I don't know where my loyalties lie!  I still can’t believe they all treated you like an outcast; you had nothing to do with Bo and Hope’s marital problems and it wouldn't be the first time they had problems! And Bo, I’ll never forgive him for using you.’
‘Bo didn't use me...’
Like hell he didn't!’ Frankie snarled. ‘He didn’t want that divorce in the first place, just someone to hold his hand and then some until his precious Hope came back to him.’
Which was more or less the conclusion Carly had drawn when Bo returned with Hope. ‘It’s just the classic case of some ties always remaining connected. That’s the main reason why I needed to get back on my feet, what was the point of crying over someone who doesn’t love me, at least not the way he loved me so many years ago.’ Carly shook her head sadly. ‘Now I know the answer to the question that bothered me for so long... what would have happened if Hope came back when Bo and I were married. I would be in this same position now.’
Frankie slipped his arm round Carly, hugging her close. She sounded resigned but he sensed she was still hurting.
‘I still don't understand why you still want to go back.’
‘I went back to Salem in the first place because of Melanie...’
‘Melanie’s a grown woman and she has Daniel, you told me they’re pretty close. Don't go... stay here and live with me, I have connections- you’ll get a job here in no time at all. We’ve spent so many years apart from each other, even Audra agrees with me.’
Audra was Frankie’s girlfriend, a sweet, beautiful woman whom he’d met at a country club where she worked as a masseuse.  Carly liked her very much and hoped the relationship would eventually lead to marriage.
‘It’s best for me to go back, Frankie. The whole time during rehab I did a lot of thinking; how I allowed what happened to weaken me and turn me into an addict. I guess I want to show everyone, especially Vivian and Victor that I’m a survivor... that nothing can break me. And I really need to be around my daughter, Daniel or not.’
‘And Bo?’ asked Frankie. ‘I can’t imagine you remaining friends and pretending nothing happened.’
For a brief, bitter moment Carly flashed back to the day she’d seen Bo kissing Hope at the same spot he’d kissed her... where he’d vowed he would never let anyone take her away from him again. The whole time she’d been living a lie; she’d been nothing but a stand-in.
‘No we can’t, especially since I have no place in his life now- his main priority’s Hope and Ciara. But now I can bear it, I still have Melanie... maybe Nicky afterwards.’
Frankie didn't feel any warmth towards his nephew whom he regarded as a spoilt, unreasonable punk but for his sister’s sake hoped the young man would eventually come to his senses and ask his mother’s forgiveness.
He stroked Carly’s hair, kissing her brow. ‘What about you and Daniel... any hopes there?’
 ‘Match making now?’
‘He sounds like an okay guy and I can’t stand the thought of you alone.’
‘Daniel and I don't feel that way for each other. That one night we spent years ago, we were lonely and had too much to drink... it never went deeper than that emotionally. Besides, he and Jennifer are an item now.’
Frankie’s eyes widened. ‘Jennifer? What happened between her and Devereaux?’
Carly explained Jack’s out of the blue “walkabout”, making her brother snort in disgust. After Jennifer had chosen Jack over him, he’d truly hoped that she would be happy but apparently Jack Devereaux simply couldn't get rid of his overgrown school boy ways; he was the complete opposite of his half brother Steve Johnson. At least Daniel Jonas sounded more dependable; Carly had described him as a good man and a very good friend. If only she would have her own happy ending.
‘I’m still not thrilled with the idea of you going back to Salem, especially with that old bitch still there.’
‘You don't have to worry about that; these days she couldn't care less about me or Melanie; all she’s been doing is throw zingers at me whenever we run into each other. Really Frankie, I’m going to be alright. I have Mel, my work... I’m going to buy a small cottage on the beach, somewhere to hide out on weekends and during my days off- where I can relax and probably do some fishing; you know I’ve always loved the sea, it will do me a lot of good.’
Frankie sighed. ‘Okay, if it’s really what you want. But no more keeping things to yourself Carly; if you need me you call me or better yet, come back here to live. It’s my fault; half of the things you went through wouldn't have happened if I’d been there for you more...’
‘Don’t talk crazy- you’re not to blame for anything. And I’m cured now because of you, you really took care of me and I can never thank you enough.’
‘Don't even bother trying. You’re my sister and I love you.’ Frankie held her tight. ‘Just remember I’m always here for you.’
‘I know. And I love you too.’
Frankie kissed her again, thinking how absurd it was that he’d finally found love yet his beautiful, amazing sister was still alone. Much as he hoped she would eventually find someone else, he couldn't imagine her loving another man as much as she still loves Bo.

Melanie Kiriakis gripped her cell phone tightly. ‘Mum, is that you?’ Since Carly’s leave of absence she hadn't heard from her at all and she’d grown very worried. Carly told no one where she was going and Melanie had gotten the sinking feeling that maybe she’d left Salem for good to nurse her broken heart.
‘Yes, honey- it’s me.’ was the reply.
‘Where have you been?’ Melanie burst out. ‘No call, not even a postcard... I’ve been worried sick!’
Carly sighed. ‘I’m so sorry about that, Mel. I was going through a very rough time and I just needed sometime alone, I had to get away for a while.’
‘I can understand that, but I thought you would at least tell me where you were going. But I’m glad you’re okay, where are you?’
‘In D.C but please don't tell anyone that’s where I am.’
‘Why not?’
‘Because I’ve been staying with Frankie.’
‘What’s that got to do with... oh.’ Melanie knew that her uncle, along with Max, had been adopted by the Bradys long before Carly moved to Salem. Frankie probably now knew all that happened to Carly since her return, if word got out the Bradys would probably turn on her again, accusing her of  deliberately turning Frankie against them.
‘Did you... does he know about...?’
‘About what?’
Melanie swallowed uncomfortably, shame at her former attitude towards her mother hitting her with full force. ‘You know... the mean way I acted, what an ungrateful brat I was...’
‘I never described you to Frankie like that.’
‘I’m surprised you didn't because that was exactly what I was for a long time. I’d give anything to turn back the clock, Mum.’
‘Mel, I love you. I never thought of you as anything but the little girl I was forced to give up, I’d give anything to be able to turn back the clock too. I hold no grudge whatsoever.’
Melanie brushed back her tears, deeply touched. ‘Well...are you coming back to Salem anytime soon?’ she asked as Jennifer walked up to her. Jennifer caught the tail end of the sentence and her face lit up. Carly? She mouthed and Melanie nodded.
‘I’m flying back day after tomorrow so please let Lexie know, okay?’
‘I will. I can’t wait to see you.’
‘Me too, honey... me too. See you then.’
‘Okay, bye. Love you Mum.’
‘Where is she? Did she tell you why she didn't call at all?’ Jennifer demanded as Melanie hung up.
‘She’s in Connecticut.’ Melanie lied swiftly.
 Before Carly left, she’d been acting very strangely and Jennifer couldn't help the nagging feeling that she’d resented her and Daniel being a couple, considering he was the father of her daughter. ‘Did she happen to say why she left in the first place for so long?’
‘She just said she needed some time to herself.’ Melanie detected the tone in Jennifer’s voice. ‘Did you think it had something to do with you and Dad?’
‘I just felt she wasn’t okay about us, she acted so jumpy and snappy around us.’
Melanie thought that for an intelligent woman, Jennifer Devereaux could be very stupid sometimes. ‘The same lady who asked you to back off when you tried matchmaking her with Dad, you actually thought she was jealous? If she was upset over someone, I really doubt that person was Dad.’
Jennifer was silent, face going a deep red.  Melanie was suddenly furious. How could she actually think her mother had been jealous of her and Daniel when it was obvious to all who really held her heart. Only Daniel’s restraining arm had stopped her from marching to the station house to scratch Bo's eyes out. During the time he had accused her of killing Trent, Mel had disliked Bo immensely. Now she really hated him.
 ‘Why don't you stop pretending you don't know who Mum’s been hurting over, Jennifer?’ she snapped. ‘Everyone in town knows the love of my Mum’s life is Bo; that son-of – a- bitch who isn't fit to wipe her shoes!’
‘Don’t talk about Bo that way!’ Jennifer admonished, shocked.
‘I’ll say what I want to say about him!’ Melanie fired back, infuriated. ‘But of course you’ll defend him because you didn't like the fact he was dating her!’
Jennifer ‘s face flushed again. ‘I admit I didn't. But understand, their relationship put me in a very difficult position; Hope’s my cousin.’
‘Who walked out on her husband...’ Melanie laid heavy emphasis on each word, ‘who took his daughter away from him, threatened him with sole custody, even  tried to kill him... what exactly do you want me to understand? Is that why you kept trying to fix her with Dad, to show you’re her friend by handing her over to another man as compensation?’
‘You have the totally wrong idea about me, Mel. Bo and Hope have been married for a very long time- and then Carly suddenly came back. If I didn't approve, it’s because  I didn't want her to get hurt.’ Jennifer protested.
‘Okay... I’ll buy that. What I don't buy is how the hell do you think setting her up with Daniel could make up for the great love she just lost.’
‘He’s your father.’
‘What the hell’s your point?’
Jennifer bit her lip and turned away.
‘Yeah, that’s what I thought.’ Melanie said bitterly. ‘You would think after living with a man like Lawrence Alamain, Mum would finally be happy but...’ she shook her head, pent up rage finally erupting. ‘everybody in town treated my Mum like trash; including me but that was because I didn't know her- they did, and still they all ganged up blaming her for something that wasn’t her fault to begin with! And Bo... He promised, he promised to always be there for her and the first chance he got he left her standing there! I hope you’re happy now, Jennifer... your undeserving cousin got her puppet back! Keep pretending that’s not the real reason Mum’s been so miserable... some friend you turned out to be!’
Melanie stalked away, ignoring Jennifer’s voice calling her. She’d  never believed  the story about those stupid sleeping pills; Hope knocking  D.A Woods, Abe, E.J, Justin, Brady and Roman out cold but then choosing to burn her husband alive didn't sound like a medical side effect to her; it was the pent up rage of a woman scorned. Hope had set out to punish Bo for falling in love with Carly and took it out on the rest of the men in Salem. And then ended up back with Bo and her Mum out in the cold. And to think she had accused Carly of ruining Hope’s life and called her a horrible person after Hope’s public outburst at Mickey’s wake.... despite Carly’s assurances, she could never live down the shame. But Carly had sounded much better over the phone; being with Frankie must have done her a whole lot of good and probably healed her broken heart. She couldn’t wait to have her back; she was going to do her own part at being there for her from now on.
Carly did some shopping on her last day in D.C; some perfume and Hermes silk scarves for Melanie, Jennifer and Adrienne,  some books for Daniel,  a watch for Maxine whose birthday was coming up and several new clothes for herself before going to a beauty salon to get her hair done. Part of her was still hurting but no sign of the deep, heavy despair she’d felt for a long time and no more nightmares or hallucinations of Lawrence. She was human but also strong and no drug was ever going to make her prisoner again. 

Monday, March 24, 2014


 It's been a huge gap between books. My first two came out in 2006 and this year 2014, I'm finally working on my (hopefully) third children's book. Let me clear this up; it has nothing to do with laziness- writing is my calling and something I've always wanted to do since I was a child and my father buying us African and Non African works in the hope that his children's English will be impeccable. I can't say if my English is just that but I know that I'm hardly short of words when I speak to people. But I'm digressing here.
Why haven't I written more for over 6 years? Lack of motivation. With my first two, I worked very hard on them; making sure that no old stories will be 'recycled', I wanted  to give my young readers original stories; not ones they've come across before and I was able to.

But as the years went by; I stopped. While I was still able to write DAYS OF OUR LIVES fanfiction and post them at a fan site and received many kind comments and maintaining two blogs; I found myself uninspired and smarting under a huge case of writer's block. When I summoned up the will to try again, I decided to try writing my first novel. But after a few pages I discarded them, feeling like I was simply writing something people would regard as drivel and rubbish.
But this year- on New Year's Day actually- I prayed to God to make this year my year of triumph and for guidance in writing more books that will be my legacy. So, I started again, children's genre this time but something again held me back. This time it was fear, fear the readers will find it mediocre or rather I would be regarded as mediocre compared to Chiamanda Adichie who recently won another writer's award for her new novel "AMERICANAH".
 How on earth could I ever compare?
But then I got some valuable advice from a lady who is like a sister to me. She said "Don't let fear stop you from attaining your goal, do NOT sell yourself short!" And another from my uncle, "Let the readers be the judge, NOT you."
So currently, I'm working on my new book with renewed energy and motivation and I don't plan to let anything stand in the way of success. Everyone please wish me luck!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Oscars' Report

This year's Oscar awards was a good one for one of my favorite Hollywood actors-Matthew McConaughey- (The Wedding Planner, Sahara, How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days) as he won the Best Actor Oscar for his dramatic and moving portrayal of Ron Woodroof in the biographical film THE DALLAS BUYERS CLUB about an AIDS patient who had to smuggle unapproved medication to curb his symptoms as well as of his fellow sufferers of the deadly disease. Since McConaughey lost about 47 pounds to play his role authentically (far more than I'm YET to do), topped with his brilliant acting, he really deserved this honor; I liked him especially as the  adventurous/humorous Dirk Pitt in SAHARA, so I'm saying a hearty congratulations to him.
I'm also happy that 12 YEARS A SLAVE earned a nomination for  Nigerian British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, for his portrayal of Solomon Northup; who by the way really existed. He was a free slave who was kidnapped and sold into slavery and he spent several years away from his family until he was found. I didn't watch it but I did watch an earlier version of Solomon's story as a child, a 1984 television movie starring Avery Brooks - SOLOMON NORTHUP'S ODYSSEY. Ejiofor may not have won the Best Actor Oscar but he did win the BAFTA award so congratulations to him and the people behind the making of 12 YEARS A SLAVE too and let me not forget his co-star,  Lupita Nyong'o, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Patsey (and it was her acting debut!). If SOLOMON NORTHUP'S ODYSSEY could make me cry, I can imagine how tearful 12 YEARS A SLAVE must have been to the audience.

Other winners include.. .

FROZEN- Best Animated Picture

JARED LETO- Best Supporting Actor (The Dallas Buyers Club)

CATE BLACHETT- Best Actress in a Leading Role (Blue Jasmine)

GRAVITY-  Best Visual Effects

CATHERINE MARTIN - Best Costume (The Great Gastby)