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Monday, March 24, 2014


 It's been a huge gap between books. My first two came out in 2006 and this year 2014, I'm finally working on my (hopefully) third children's book. Let me clear this up; it has nothing to do with laziness- writing is my calling and something I've always wanted to do since I was a child and my father buying us African and Non African works in the hope that his children's English will be impeccable. I can't say if my English is just that but I know that I'm hardly short of words when I speak to people. But I'm digressing here.
Why haven't I written more for over 6 years? Lack of motivation. With my first two, I worked very hard on them; making sure that no old stories will be 'recycled', I wanted  to give my young readers original stories; not ones they've come across before and I was able to.

But as the years went by; I stopped. While I was still able to write DAYS OF OUR LIVES fanfiction and post them at a fan site and received many kind comments and maintaining two blogs; I found myself uninspired and smarting under a huge case of writer's block. When I summoned up the will to try again, I decided to try writing my first novel. But after a few pages I discarded them, feeling like I was simply writing something people would regard as drivel and rubbish.
But this year- on New Year's Day actually- I prayed to God to make this year my year of triumph and for guidance in writing more books that will be my legacy. So, I started again, children's genre this time but something again held me back. This time it was fear, fear the readers will find it mediocre or rather I would be regarded as mediocre compared to Chiamanda Adichie who recently won another writer's award for her new novel "AMERICANAH".
 How on earth could I ever compare?
But then I got some valuable advice from a lady who is like a sister to me. She said "Don't let fear stop you from attaining your goal, do NOT sell yourself short!" And another from my uncle, "Let the readers be the judge, NOT you."
So currently, I'm working on my new book with renewed energy and motivation and I don't plan to let anything stand in the way of success. Everyone please wish me luck!

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