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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


SO VERY, VERY SORRY folks for the long break in transmission; I’ve been very busy; being a
teacher is demanding work and I’m currently working on another book; by the Grace of Allah,
will be my first for older readers. From now on I’ll do my best to publish my posts more often.
This month is special to me since this blog was created on the 10th of May, 2007; the first post
FAVORITE THINGS' is a year old and I thank the Almighty God for keeping this blog on for so
long; in the beginning when there had been no visitors, I’d considered deleting it but my love for
writing prevailed. Many thanks to the visitors, most especially fellow blogger, Mrs. Philomena
Ojukutu and those who had left comments, I only pray this blog gets more interested readers
before its second anniversary.

Now to business… where I stopped on Tu O Nadie (No One but You).

Tonio didn’t confide in Maura when she confronted him; reminding her that their relationship had
been more physical than loving. He later apologized to Raquel, excusing his initial harshness and doubts due to his amnesia, an excuse she accepts out of shame. A new wardrobe is ordered for her and Tonio takes her out to dinner, where she loosens up around him; smiling and laughing for the first time. Tonio spied Max at the entrance and leaves Raquel to find out what was going on, but Max sullenly makes an excuse and leaves, planning on taking Raquel and Martha away that night once she got  back. On getting back home, Tonio offers Raquel a pearl necklace he’d offered her before but again she refuses it. He kisses her for the first time but Raquel, though drunk, doesn’t allow it to go further. Max tries to enter Raquel’s room but it’s locked on both sides.The following morning, Tonio’s lazy brother-in-law, Claudio, sees Max furiously shaking Raquel by the shoulders, beside the swimming pool. He suspects they must have already known each before, especially by the way Max angrily brushes him off and later tells Camilla, who then tells Maura. Tonio is more and more suspicious of Raquel; they have another fight and he tells a shocked Victoria of his suspicions, that Raquel was an adventuress deceiving them all, but she
doesn’t believe him. He abruptly takes Raquel to Guadalajara and gets acquainted with Don Daniel, who is nervous around him.


  1. Honey, this is simply great.....I found the snippet map..I am now currently copying them down ..and are Muslim?...and a great writer too!!

    1. Jazzaqallahu fiika yaa Amina- much appreciations from me !.


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