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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Raquel confesses

Tonio and Raquel mend their tentative friendship as the days go by during their trip. Back in Acapulco, Maura persuades a broody/nervous Max to seduce Raquel away from Tonio when they return. Tonio gives Raquel money to go shopping, (in spite of her protests) and goes to the apartment building she had described and the manger confirms there had been an Antonio Lombardo living there months back, but went on business trips often.
Don Daniel is invited back to stay with them for a while and is put up in one of the guest bungalows (Seriously, Money is good o!).
Tonio assures a relieved Victoria that he and Raquel have ‘made up’. Camilla and Maura notice Raquel leading her father to the bungalow; Camilla makes a derogatory remark about it to Victoria, overhead by Raquel who brushes past Tonio in tears. Tonio forcibly takes his sister upstairs and forces her to apologise to his wife,which she sulkily does. Martha is delighted to see her father.
Tonio tells Oscar, his father’s old friend and family doctor that he’d thought Daniel had been the one to make Raquel do what she was doing but found him to be a sentimental and humble man.
Evil Max angrily asked Raquel what Tonio had done in Guadalajara  and if he did some investigating, when he finds her alone in the room. She said she didn’t know and is furious when he asked her if she and Tonio had slept with each other; she said he had no right to ask her that and defiantly asked; ‘what if I did? He’s a thousand times better than you!’
Max threatened to tell Tonio everything and damn the consequences if she dared and is furious to see Daniel walk in. Tonio sees Max and Raquel leave the room to talk in private, he allows Daniel to entertain him and Martha with anecdotes. Max swears to Raquel that he hadn’t caused Tonio’s accident but she still doesn’t believe him.
The family go in to dinner as Raquel comes in, alone. She shyly shows off the dress she has on to Tonio, asking if he liked it, feeling ashamed for spending all the money he’d given her but he assures her it was okay and the dress was pretty. He notices Max entering, then grabs a surprised Raquel and kisses her, to Max’s fury and refuses to join them for dinner. Later on, Max again tries to convince Raquel and Martha to leave Acapulco with him but Raquel refuses and storms back into the house with Max and Martha close behind; Tonio is still in the room and demands: ‘who is chasing who?’
Raquel nervously said she was going to bed, Tonio orders both girls to bed, but makes Max stay behind and confronts him finally. Max denies everything and called him crazy, then in a moment of intense anger when Tonio grabs hold of him and accused him of trying to kill him shouted, ‘I wish I did! Nothing could make me happier than to see you dead!’

Victoria suddenly appears and is told but Max still angrily said Tonio was insane and goes upstairs. Tonio consoles Victoria then goes upstairs to Raquel’s room, guessing correctly that Max had been there earlier to warn her. After a lot of pressure, Raquel cracks tearfully and told him the whole story. Tonio consoled her and sent her back to bed. Victoria suggests Max should go on an extended vacation. Maura’s younger sister, Carla, pays a visit to the house, to see how Tonio’s wife looked like and is introduced to Martha and Daniel. She invites Raquel to a party Maura is throwing, showing scorn when Raquel replies she would have to ask Tonio first. Carla urged her to come as she didn’t need her husband’s permission all the time. Martha and Daniel leave with Carla who gives them a lift to town. Max angrily grabs Raquel to find out what had happened the previous night but Victoria comes in, giving her a chance to escape. Max sulkily  said he only wanted Raquel to go on a boat ride with him; Victoria scolds him for asking Raquel of all people,  Tonio’s wife, such a thing. Tonio makes more inquires, with Pablo’s help.
Victoria and Raquel talk; she advises her to ignore Max if he bothered her again. Tonio returns from work and takes Raquel to the study to confab on the next line of action. Max comes in with some papers and asks where Tonio was. Victoria gets angry when he also asks her about Raquel, ‘why are you always asking about her?’ she demands.
Max interrupts their discussion, for Tonio to sign a check. Raquel feels like a pawn between them and warns Tonio she won’t let him take advantage of her, as she was not like Maura or any of his other lovers, which makes him wonder if she was jealous.
Max annoys Raquel during lunch, which makes her leave the table in anger but Tonio follows her up to console her and takes her out to dinner again, where he admits he was sexually attracted to her but at the same time liked and respected her enough NOT to take advantage of her like she feared. Max and Maura come up with a plan.
Tonio and Raquel return home hand in hand and warmly bid each other goodnight. To Raquel’s horror, Max enters her room through the open French windows and manipulates her not to trust Tonio (not realising she had told on him).
In his study, Tonio opens a box and brings out a fabulous diamond bracelet. Eagerly, he goes upstairs to present it to Raquel, but alas, sees Max leaving her room…

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