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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Message From Danielle Steel

March 2008

Dear Friends,

March can be a blustery month, with spring seeming to embrace us one day and retreating back into winter the next. St. Patrick's Day is a major event to some, although as I mention every year, there is no Irish blood in my family, so I can't claim it as "my" holiday. But those who do seem to enjoy it a lot!

Easter also comes in March this year... I've always loved coloring eggs and having Easter egg hunts with my kids. Religiously, the notion of resurrection and being reborn is very meaningful to me. After the dark days of Lent, Easter is a time of hope!

My newest hardcover, HONOR THYSELF, will come out this month. I love the book, which is about a woman who pieces her life back together--with the help of those who love her--after a terrorist attack in Paris. It is as much about finding and honoring oneself as it is about healing in important ways. I hope you love it, too! And I hope that March is a great month for you.



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