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Saturday, July 22, 2017


After reading up on Chester Bennington after hearing about his death, I am still trying to understand the level of pain he must have being bottling that made him take such a sad step. It's always a tragic waste- taking one's own life. And Some people are strangely unsympathetic about suicide, while others wonder how on earth they could have missed the signs when their loved ones commit suicide.
Death is inevitable-no exceptions- and no one wants to die, yet those who feel there is no way out simply want the pain to stop and find some level of peace.
Some of us have such thoughts now and then- the ugliness of Clinical Depression.  But we must remember who and what we still have, have faith in God and do all we can to rise about the ashes.

You will be missed, Chester Bennington!

Feeling so alone, others not seeing,  
We are stung by words and actions,
Some numb, bottle or ignore the pain,   
Or channel it towards positivity,
Free yourself of the past and never look back,
However some scars are too close to the bone
And the pain is opened afresh,
Then you welcome the darkness,
Allowing it consume you,
Drowning in despair and agony,
But look to the light, it’s right there!
Don’t let the devil win!
Be brave and strive to forge ahead
Let the caring and sincere in,
Have faith in the One Being,
You are someone,
YOU are important

21/7/17 (written by me) 

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