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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


After seeing a classic like Ben-Hur (1959); especially the epic chariot race scene , who would think such a movie would have a remake decades later? I certainly didn't! So it was to my great surprise on hearing about this upcoming movie- which will be released in August this year.
Ben-Hur starred Charlton Heston (The Ten Commandments, Planet Of The Apes, El Cid) as Judah Ben-Hur- a Jewish prince and merchant who was falsely accused of attempted murder  by his so-called best friend Messala (Stephen Boyd). His mother and sister are thrown into prison, he is enslaved and his property seized. Of course, Ben-Hur is more than justified to plan towards getting his revenge on Messala. This epic movie  won 11 Oscars (Charlton Heston bagged an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role, his co-star Hugh Griffith who played Sheik IIderim was awarded an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and William Wyler for Best Director),  3 Golden Globe Awards and the BAFTA Awards for Best Motion Picture, Best Director and Best Supporting Actor- which went to the actor who played Messala, Stephen Boyd. With such wins, why do a remake of this epic... it's like doing a remake of Gone With The Wind.


However, in spite of my disapproval, it's a movie I can't wait to see and review. It's coming out in August and stars Jack Huston  as Judah Ben-Hur (let's see how he's going to fill Heston's hard-to-fill shoes), veteran actor Morgan Freeman  as Sheik IIderim, Toby Kebell as the Roman Tribune and Ben-Hur's betrayer Messala and Nazanin Boniadi as Esther, Ben-Hur's love interest. 


Then there's a memorable character coming back to the screens since her last appearance in 2004. And that is Bridget Jones; played by Zene Zellweger, who will be reprising her role in Bridget Jones' Baby. Ah... our Bridget is going to be a mother. Only, she would be in a dilemma over who the father is as she is no longer with Mark Darcy (Colin Firth).  After settling their issues in Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, what could be the reason... did he get too boring for you, Bridget?
Now she's with a new beau; this time an American, Jack Qwant, played by Patrick Dempsey- at least she's not going to hook up with that two faced Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) again! This is another movie  to watch out for, especially since I'm anxious to know which story Helen Fielding adapted this from. Fans of Bridget Jones (both the books and the previous movies) will remember that Bridget Jones' Diary was adapted from Pride and Prejudice and its sequel was somewhat like Persuasion, both by Jane AustenAnd it's going to be a very long wait as well... as Bridget Jones' Baby won't come out until September! Ah... who will emerge as the baby daddy???! Gemma Jones will reprise her role as Bridget's self absorbed mother, Jim Broadbent as Bridget's long suffering father and the happy addition of Emma Thompson as Bridget's doctor. 


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