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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Bo vowed to call a family meeting very soon to inform everyone- minus Hope-about how Carly lost her memory and on how to behave around her from now on; the main thing being not asking her questions that would definitely  confuse her. And he needed to talk very seriously with Victor too; there was no telling what his bio-father might do to endanger her life. As far as Victor Kiriakis was concerned Carly had treated him very badly, not the other way round and even after all these years he still hated her, from the way he’d addressed her as ‘that woman.’ What an asshole.
His mind drifted back to Hope. Roman was right, they  do need some time away to reconnect, maybe they could go sailing and do some fishing... surely that would soften her up and things will be back to the way they were before Ciara was kidnapped. Time and time again their marriage had been in turmoil but their love always amended it and made it stronger. A trip will definitely do them loads of good, including getting Hope away from someone who’s been irritating him very much lately. And as if his thoughts had conjured him up, his cousin Justin Kiriakis entered the cafe and seeing him immediately, walked up to his table.
‘Hi Bo. What are you doing here?’
‘What’s it to you?’ Bo said very rudely, glaring at him.
Justin frowned in return. ‘What’s with the attitude?’
‘Listen you and listen good.’ Bo burst out, incensed at Justin’s bewildered tone, the way Victor sounded even though he knew very well  what the other person was driving at.  ‘Just because your wife threw you out doesn't give you the right to move in on mine.’
‘Now hold on now...’ Justin denied, face red with anger. ‘All I did was support her in her time of need! Hope’s my friend and I can’t deny her if she needs help. Why are you so bent out of shape for?’
‘WHY COULD’NT YOU JUST LEAVE IT ALONE?’ Bo spat. ‘How dare you interfere with something that wasn't your business; I told Hope why she couldn't pay that ransom but you just had to convince it otherwise. You have no right!’
Justin snorted, not the least bit ruffled by Bo’s anger. ‘I got the right to state my opinion and I was right; things almost went wrong that night because of your stance about the ransom, not because of Dean after all. It was a hell of a risk...’
Bo got up to face him, his expression hard and ominous. ‘I’m warning you, Justin.’
Justin refused to back down, he wasn't scared of Bo; besides the Commissioner of Police can’t be seen beating someone up in public. ‘Whether you think so or not, you screwed up but thanks to Carly things ended well. By the way, how long is she going to be in town? ’
‘Her name’s Clarice and she’s none of your concern. Push me any further and you’ll definitely be sorry.’ Bo growled, one hand balled into a fist.
Justin shrugged nonchalantly. ‘Whatever. But by being there for your wife, I didn't do anything wrong. Maybe she wouldn’t be so ticked off with you if you’d  supported her more when she was so scared her daughter might  get killed.’
‘Go to hell.’
‘Suit yourself, Bo. I’m only giving you a piece of valuable advice.’ With that he turned and left. Just as well, because Bo was a few bars short of his self control.  Sitting down again, Bo pulled out a photo from his wallet; staring down at it. He Hope, Ciara and Shawn Douglas.
Maybe she wouldn’t be so ticked off with you if you’d supported her more....
‘ Exactly what have I been doing all  these years, Fancy Face?’ He said sadly, tracing  her features with his thumb. ‘Just what?’
‘Nothing much wrong with it Ma’am, the engine just flooded a bit.’ The mechanic the bartender had summoned said as he slammed the hood shut.
‘Thanks much.’ Clarice pushed some crumpled notes into his hand, got in and drove off, impatient to give her report to Bo and Roman. Pulling out her cell again, she glanced at the display. She didn't get any signal until she was half way across town.
‘Finally!’She dialled the station after slipping a wireless earpiece on her ear. ‘I need to speak with either Commissioner or Commander Brady, it’s very important.
‘Neither of them are here, Ms. Parker and by the way, the Commissioner said you should meet him at The Java soon as you get back.’ The dispatcher gave her the address.
‘Right... thanks for the information... no wait, give me his number... his home number too. ’ Clarice placed her foot on the pedal, thinking hard. What should she do; call Bo and warn him or meet him there? Hope needed to be told too, so she’d be on her guard. Picking up the phone she dialled, placing it back on the passenger seat  as it began to ring. Soon she heard Hope’s voice. ‘Hope Brady.’
‘Hope, it’s Clarice. Listen... Dean Hartman is the third guy.’
 ‘What?’ Hope said, her tone incredulous.
‘He’s been playing everyone for a fool... I’m  half way across town, please call Bo or Roman and tell...’
‘Did Bo put you up to this?’
‘What?’ Clarice exclaimed. ‘What are you talking about;  I’m telling  you Dean is a criminal...’
‘First Bo, now you; it’s nobody’s business what I do with my money! What proof do you have against him anyway within one day?’
Was this woman crazy? What money?
‘Hope, time’s running out! Call Bo so that he gets hold of Dean before he skips town and for God sake don’t let him anywhere near Ciara.’
‘Agent Parker; Dean’ s beyond approach and he’s getting the reward in spite of any self- righteous sob story Bo must have fed you, got that?’
You’re giving him the reward?’ Clarice gasped. ‘Are you insane, you can’t do that, Dean planned the whole thing with Brenda and Kyle, he was her...’
Click, the line went dead.
Fool! Stupid, stupid fool!’ Clarice slammed her hands  on the wheel, enraged. She must have wired the money to Dean’s account already and he might be heading to the airport... he had to be stopped before it was too late! Picking up the phone once again she dialled Bo’s number with shaking fingers.
At the Java, Bo ordered another cup of coffee, very worried about Clarice. She should have called in by now, he thought,  looking at his watch. But then again,  he smiled faintly, this won’t be the first time she would give him the slip; like the time in México so long ago when she’d taken a walk on the beach instead of staying hidden as instructed  and he’d gone after her...

‘You’re stubborn, you’re obstinate, you’re pigheaded!’ he shouted at her.
Carly glared at him.
 ‘You’re damn too independent for your own good and most guys can’t take that. Obviously there’s something wrong with me.’ Softening, he smiled at her, touching her cheek. ‘I like that challenge. Come on... I love you.’ 
Sighing, she shook her head. ‘What, what’s wrong?’
‘Nothing.’ she replied, shifting restlessly.
‘Carly, I just told you that I love you; I like you the way you are and you’re still angry with me?’
‘I’m not angry!’ Carly snapped, eyes flashing.
‘Yeah... you  sure could’ve fooled me!’
‘Well I wish I can fool myself but I can’t anymore.’ To his distress, she looked ready to cry. ‘I’m scared, I’m scared to death!’
Bo took her in his arms, consoling her. Carly hardly showed any fear; the last time was when he was stricken with the virus, she’d been terrified of losing him forever.
‘Listen... it’s okay to be scared.’ He said soothingly. ‘Hell I’m scared too.’ Pulling away he saw she was now smiling faintly.
 ‘You’ve never been scared of anything... or anyone.’ She said softly.
Bo chuckled, shaking his head.
‘Where’s  Commissioner Brady?’ Dean asked as Hope closed the door behind him.
‘He stepped out. Look...  I’m so sorry about earlier, that you had to see that.’ she apologised.
‘No, it’s okay; couples have tiffs now and then. But I sure hope it wasn't about me.’
‘No!’ Hope protested, shaking her head firmly. ‘It has nothing to do with you. And I got some good news, the money has been transferred into your account.’
‘Thank you Hope, I really appreciate this...’
‘Not at all; you need to take some time off anyway.’
‘Actually,’ Dean shrugged as  nonchalantly  as he could, ‘With everyone giving me beef at the station, I’m not sure if I’ll come back. I know I screwed up but I really wanted to help you guys...’
‘And you did, as best as you could. It wasn't your fault and my daughter’s safe.’ Hope assured him as Ciara came into the room.
‘Hi Dean.’ She greeted, smiling.
‘Hey kiddo. Good to be back home, eh?’ he ruffled her hair. A cold chill went through Ciara’s body. His touch was eerily familiar.
‘Yeah.’ She nodded, trying not to flinch.
‘Well, you know what they say...’ Dean said as Hope moved to the phone that began to ring again, pulling something from his pocket, ‘Home’s really where the heart is.’ Slipping a cigarette in his mouth, he fumbled with his stubborn Zippo lighter. 
Ciara stared at him, feeling her heart beat with terror at the sound coming from the lighter; Click, Click, Click.... The sound she heard at the cabin!
 ‘Man, I got to get me a new lighter...’ he grumbled, not noticing the look on the child’s face.
‘No Aunt Maggie...’ Hope glanced at him and frowned. ‘Dean, I’d rather you not light that in here.’
‘Oh sorry.’ Dean pocketed it, inwardly cursing her. This is the last day you’ll be telling me what to do, he thought. Picking up a magazine from the coffee table, he flipped through the pages without much interest. With shaking legs, Ciara edged close to her mother, tugging at her jeans leg.
‘Hmmm...?’ Hope looked down inquiringly. ‘ Mummy’s on the phone right now.’
Ciara tugged harder,  turning to look at Dean who wasn’t paying any attention to her.
‘Aunt Maggie, I’ll call you back.’ Hanging up the phone, Hope picked her up. ‘Now what is it, sweetie? Aren’t you feeling okay?’
‘Him...’ Ciara’s voice shook but she kept it low enough for Hope’s ears alone. ‘Mummy, he’s one of them...’
Hope stared into her daughter’s eyes; wide eyed with terror, her own hands shaking. After all that time in captivity at the cabin Ciara couldn’t be mistaken; she’s always been observant and oh God... Clarice Parker had warned her... what in heaven’s name was she going to do now?
Dean dropped the magazine with a sigh then noticed their scrutiny before they could mask it. ‘Is something wrong, Hope?’ he asked.

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