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Wednesday, December 02, 2015


Nia Vardalos and John Corbett starred in the 2002 romantic comedy; My Big Fat Greek Wedding about a  Greek woman who fell in love with a handsome American school teacher, much to the dismay of her father (Michael Constantine) as Ian Miller was not the full blooded Greek boy he hoped Toula would marry someday. Ian's determination to be accepted by Toula's family and the cultural clash between the Millers and the Portokalos made the movie even more hilarious. My favorite scene was when Toula's brother Nick and their cousin Angelo tricked Ian into saying something very funny: 

However all well that ends well; the movie ending on a happy note for Toula and Ian after all. Which was a relief because Toula's family drove the couple so crazy I envisioned Ian eventually running away screaming! But no, the wedding went well and the last scene- in a several years later jump- showed Toula and Ian escorting their little daughter Paris to Greek school. 
In 2003, there was a T.V continuation of the movie; the  CBS sitcom; My Big Fat Greek Life; but sadly short-lived  as it was cancelled after 7 episodes. As it opened with Toula (actually her name was changed to Nia, the actress' real name) and Ian (changed to Thomas and now played by Steven Eckholdt) coming back from their honeymoon, their daughter Paris was not featured. However, there were a few notable guest stars while it lasted- veteran actor John Aniston  and International composer, Yanni. And personally, while I liked the sitcom, the movie was a lot better and I really don't see why Toula and Ian's names were changed and why Toula remained working at the restaurant instead of Aunt Voula's travel agency like in the movie. 

Now on March 25 next year, we are going to be treated to My Big Fat Greek Life 2; hence we are to brace ourselves for another wedding, besides witnessing Paris Miller's own struggles with her loud and interfering (but well meaning) family. OH... we must definitely brace ourselves!

The other movie to watch out for is RISEN, directed by Kevin Reynolds, a movie about Jesus Christ but with a different approach; instead of another screen reenactment of   his birth  or the crucifixion ; the move depicts the aftermath of the Resurrection. 
Joseph Fiennes  (Shakespeare In Love, Elizabeth)  and Tom Felton (Harry Potter 1-7, Belle)  play Clavius and Lucius- a Roman centurion and his aide who are ordered by Pilate to  find Yeshua's (Jesus Christ) body after it disappeared from the tomb and prevent an uprising in Jerusalem.  As this story is told in the perspective of a non believer for once; this is sure to be a gripping movie, for once it deals with the later events instead of events before the crucifixion and centered on a main character whose outlook will be changed forever. 

 RISEN will be released on January 2016.

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