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Wednesday, July 01, 2015


I was very sad to hear that a veteran Mexican actress passed away this year; on the 12th of March, at the age of 83.  I’m talking about Magda Guzman who played the role of Victoria Lombardo; mother of the antagonist Max (Salvador Pineda) and stepmother of the protagonist Antonio (Andres Garcia) in the c 1985 telenovela, Tu O Nadie (which happen to have three remakes). She had roles in several other telenovelas during her life time but I was only lucky to see her in two others besides Tu O Nadie. One was Rosa Salvaje (Wild Rose), where she played the role of Tomansa (her name in the English dubbed version was Samantha), devoted nanny and guardian of the titular character (Veronica Castro of The Rich Also Cry fame) and years later as the household’s housekeeper, Fidelina in La Usurpadora (The Usurper).
While I’m sure her other roles were memorable, I’ll always remember her as Victoria Lombardo. The character she played in Tu O Nadie was one anybody would sympathize with. Victoria was a woman who fell in love and married for the second time (a very rich man with two kids of his own) but got stuck in the middle when the son from her previous marriage was  determined to hate his new stepbrother, who only tolerated him for her sake. Victoria got further stuck in the middle after Max attempted to murder Antonio, using his unsuspecting girlfriend as a means to get Antonio’s money. And when the battle between the two ‘brothers’ went on, poor Victoria’s loyalties were cut into two! She loved her stepson dearly but could she stomach listening to the accusations of attempted murder and fraud levelled against Max;  her flesh and blood? As the soap reached the final conclusion-where Max’s crimes was exposed at last- we all dreaded how it was going to affect Victoria- who experienced what no mother should experience. For Tu O Nadie recaps, CLICK HERE.
Magda Guzman will be sorely missed. May she rest in peace.

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