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Friday, January 16, 2015


I just had to write a few words on this. What happened in France recently was a terrible tragedy and as I continue reading the news posts on the Net and following it on T.V; I keep thinking how it could've been avoided.
Journalists are known to take risks, they do anything to get a story, they protect their sources and live up to the ‘Free Speech Act’ and the ‘Freedom of the Press thing’; that’s no news. But surely there has to be a time when they do not cross the line and put their lives at risk. I am not defending what those terrorists did. In every religion, you will find the fanatics and extremists who think they are fighting for a right cause and then proceed to take things too far by “killing in the name of God.”  The cartoon depicting the Prophet was a slap on the face of Islam; and they had no right to use ‘Freedom of Speech’ to insult the Muslim faith.
But Islam deploys violence and is definitely notaffiliated with terrorism. The magazine insulted the Muslim faith via that published cartoon but the loss of life WAS NOT JUSTIFIED. Will the Prophet (Peace be unto him) be happy at such a blatant disregard of human life?  No!  Would God approve of this terrible attack? NO!!!
This is not the first time the Prophet was depicted in a drawing and the cartoonist behind it had to go in hiding after the death threats behind. One would think from then on, ‘publications’ like that would be avoided completely. Freedom of Speech is one thing but maintaining peace is another. What exactly where they trying to prove by publishing it in the first place, if their intention was not provocation? And how does killing the Charlie Hebdo staff make things right, except further blacken the name of Islam, Muslims accused of being terrorists and the families of the slain staff suffering under a great loss.   
I am very sad and heartsick about the whole matter. When will it all end; news about terrorist’s attacks, shootings, bombings where lives are taken and people left to grieve and speculate by asking that one question… why?

God help us all. 

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