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Monday, November 28, 2011


Let's just face the cold hard fact folks; soap operas ARE dying out. The longest running soap in history GUIDING LIGHT ended in 2009 after  72 years glorious years in radio and TV; but before then many wonderful ones got cancelled thanks to bad writing and over development resulting in low ratings. The list is endless...







With ALL MY CHILDREN recently cancelled and ONE LIFE TO LIVE airing its final episode next year after 44 years; what then... should viewers worldwide wait with bated breath for  the few remaining soaps like GENERAL HOSPITAL, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS & THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL to go too because these days we no longer know what to expect. Speaking of which, of all the soaps I'm not going to miss would be DAYS OF OUR LIVES, it can rot for all I care; with their so called revamped story lines  and sudden write off of memorable characters like Dr. Carly Manning (b y the way,the splitting of Carbo was THE  MOST UNFAIR THING to ever happen in a soap since the splitting of Shuis in PASSIONS)- I'm yet to see how they expect people to watch that garbage of a show after that; I'll never forgive Ken Corday for firing Crystal Chappell and the others and letting such a wonderful love story fade away.
If this keeps up, we'll all be stuck with game or reality shows and the only thing worth watching would be telenovelas and webseries. The world is changing everyday but that doesn't mean our T.V programs should change so drastically! What would be the point of watching T.V at all???

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